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#14659 Avoid use of Object.keys() in cleanData() m_gol feature low manipulation 2.1.0-beta2
#14683 ajax: Exceptions thrown synchronously by xhr.send are not caught jaubourg bug blocker ajax 2.0.3
#14746 Remove special case try/catch in isPlainObject Rick Waldron bug low core 2.1.0-rc1
#14756 Simplify an option hook markelog feature low attributes 2.1.0
#14794 String.prototype.trim doesn't trim Unicode whitespaces in Android <4.1 m_gol bug low core 2.1.0
#14836 Css -webkit-transistion, transition not set under Chrome m_gol bug high css 2.1.0
#14897 Android 2.3 doesn't pass isDefaultPrevented value to bubbled events m_gol bug low event 2.1.0
#14901 "Unsafe HTML" warnings in WWA gibson042 bug blocker support 1.11.0
#14902 Use element.matches in alternate selector engine if it's available feature low selector 1.11.0
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