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#9687 $.getScript() equiv $.ajax() with timeout - timeout elapsed, error() fired, script still executed anonymous bug low ajax 1.5.2
#10202 `data` attribute disappears from settings for ajax GET requests bug low ajax 1.6.3
#10270 (any) attribute selector does not match if value contains '\' timmywil bug low selector 1.6.3
#6705 focus() causes focus event to be handled twice in IE8 dmethvin bug high event 1.6.4
#10332 a lot of js error on this page bug low web 1.6.4
#10338 getResponseHeader() broken for CORS requests in Firefox 6 bug low ajax 1.6.4
#10346 Customized Selector loop over uneccesarry elements in IE (browser can be frozen) enhancement low selector 1.6.4
#10365 onprogress ajax jaubourg enhancement low ajax 1.6.4
#10368 IE's .data() returns empty object Rick Waldron bug low data 1.6.4
#10416 defaultDisplay returns block instead of table-row for a tr in FF bug low effects 1.6.4
#10462 animate with stop calls in succession react synchronously to asynchronous actions fracmak2 bug low effects 1.6.4
#10568 Animate width of hidden inline element bug low effects 1.6.4
#10569 :focus in Chrome bug low selector 1.6.4
#10623 .addClass/.removeClass has inconsistent behavior when using space-separated classnames Rick Waldron bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10636 Inconsistent behavior with delegate and change in IE8 bug low event 1.6.4
#10644 jQuery performce issue in support function timmywil bug high support 1.6.4
#11059 hide(0) / show(0) extremely slow Rick Waldron enhancement low effects 1.6.4
#4434 access :hover css properties of an element via jquery pixeline feature low selector 1.7
#10608 1.7 rc1 crashes phonegap blackberry [email protected] bug high support 1.7
#10729 rmouseEvent & mouseHooks missing drag* events bug low event 1.7
#10755 e.timeStamp (JQ 1.7) wrong value in Firefox, Opera dmethvin bug low event 1.7
#10840 $("input[type=radio]") also selects checkboxes. dmethvin bug high event 1.7
#10882 Cannot fire/handle custom hover event in jQuery 1.7 bug low event 1.7.1
#11056 1.7.1 incorrect length as result of manipulation in IE7* Rick Waldron bug high manipulation 1.7.1
#11110 Firefox reports incorrect left position when margin is "auto" petro bug high offset 1.7.1
#11123 jQuery.support.checkClone and all associated code should be removed from jQuery enhancement low manipulation 1.7.1
#11164 document all support tests mikesherov feature low support 1.7.1
#11185 isPlainObject gives wrong result in IE6/7/8 when constructor adds properties bug low core 1.7.1
#11292 Error During Done Function on a Promise Is Skipped on Subsequent Runs bug low deferred 1.7.1
#11397 $('#some_select').val() results in "use of attributes specified attribute is deprecated" warning on Firefox 7+ glob bug low attributes 1.7.1
#11400 The .find function fail when nodes have an ID containing a \ timmywil bug low selector 1.7.1
#11552 Add support for :nth-of-type() feature low selector 1.7.1
#11611 on IE8 `cache: false` needs to be obeyed in all ajax requests or maybe even forced jaubourg bug low ajax 1.7.1
#11535 Inconsistent behavior between .val() and .prop("value") for <select> timmywil bug low attributes 1.7.2
#11558 Invoking $.data("name", undefined) does not remove data as documented Rick Waldron bug high data 1.7.2
#11568 unreliable behaviour with selecting tabIndex with attributes selectors bug low selector 1.7.2
#11623 $(document).width() miscalculation in FF 10.0.1 [email protected] bug low dimensions 1.7.2
#11649 delegated form submit event handler does not fire after being removed and re-added in IE7/8 bug low event 1.7.2
#11671 .offset() setter handles fixed positioned elements incorrectly in Chrome fracmak2 bug low offset 1.7.2
#12008 Element is reflowed once $.outerWidth(true) is called (when $.support.reliableMarginRight = false) mikesherov bug low dimensions 1.7.2
#12224 scrollbarDarkShadowColor inappropriately camelCased mikesherov bug low css 1.7.2
#12171 Event binding on disconnected element causes memory leak in IE7 bug low event 1.8rc1
#12250 Accept header for dataType: json bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12267 investigate Making “offset” and “dimensions” modules independent of “css” module mikesherov feature low build 1.8.0
#12310 $(window).height() and .width() do not work in IE6 and IE7 ebradsha bug low dimensions 1.8.0
#12352 $.fn.css() return values don't match across browsers bug low offset 1.8.0
#12447 Slide animation dont work correctly in 1.8.0 gibson042 bug high effects 1.8.0
#12512 IE8/IE9 no longer fires "change" event when pressing enter key in a text box bug high event 1.8.0
#11635 Explicit overflow:auto is overridden by inline overflow:hidden during animation petro bug high effects 1.8.2
#12733 jQuery incorrectly handled event attaching/detaching if event argument contains trailing spaces bug high event 1.8.2
#12754 jQuery.load() can render the page useless in IE7 bug low ajax 1.8.2
#12838 domManip script evaluation doesn't tolerate ajax implementations with alternate signatures gibson042 feature low ajax 1.8.2
#12868 jQuery 1.8.2 $.fn.focus triggers events in incorrect order as compared with Javascript focus calls. dmethvin bug high event 1.8.2
#13251 substring() in v1.9 bug low unfiled 1.9.0
#13283 Remove .andSelf() alias bug low traversing 2.0b1
#13417 domManip ignores empty strings gibson042 bug low manipulation 1.9.1
#14045 IE8: empty() leaks children if they were attached via DocumentFragment bug low manipulation 1.9.1
#4028 ".className:not(:first)." incorrect in IE john bug major selector 1.3.1
#8066 Element order not maintained correctly if chaining find and parents [email protected] bug low traversing 1.4
#8684 Back button doesn't trigger $(window).load() in Firefox on jQuery >= 1.4 bug undecided unfiled 1.4
#8756 fadeIn and fadeOut for JQuery-1.4.1 not working for Firefox 3.6 bug undecided unfiled 1.4
#8862 verticalmenu Menu is not working in IE8 bug undecided unfiled 1.4
#8953 html() remove <script> tags from HTML string [email protected] bug low ajax 1.4
#9574 jqTransform & datePicker doesnt work... bug undecided misc 1.4
#5995 jQuery.filter inline with ES5 feature low traversing 1.4.1
#6133 :checked fails on dynamically generated checkboxes in Opera 10 bug low selector 1.4.1
#8071 jQuery Core [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.4.1
#8625 $(window).height() within iframe [email protected] bug high dimensions 1.4.1
#2457 fadeIn Effect causes text to loose TrueType in IE7, solution included chris1234p bug low effects 1.4.3
#5020 Attribute selector with filter fails john bug major selector 1.4.3
#5048 Memory leak when jsonp $.ajax() request fails. bug low ajax 1.4.3
#5766 jQuery.support.classList Rick Waldron enhancement low attributes 1.4.3
#6004 Attribute equals selector doesn't work in IE8 with empty value attribute bug high selector 1.4.3
#6159 "change" events misbehavior with <select multiple="multiple"> and ie6 bug high event 1.4.3
#6238 All "each" style callbacks should pass consistent arguments. enhancement low effects 1.4.3
#6841 IE<9 stylesheets with filter rules break when setting opacity bug high css 1.4.3
#7160 only set overflow in $.fn.animate when the default overflow is visible bug low effects 1.4.3
#7200 Add .jquery to the official API enhancement low core 1.4.3
#7276 Inconsistent element selection in IE bug high selector 1.4.3
#7319 IE: event.pageX and event.pageY not using scroll if element belongs to a different document bug low event 1.4.3
#7343 .offset() setter works incorrectly in Opera bug low css 1.4.3
#7358 Error object needs to be added to class2type map enhancement low core 1.4.3
#7389 change .selector property into .selectors array enhancement low selector 1.4.3
#7440 Can't bind global Ajax events to window object bug high ajax 1.4.3
#7953 Bug in Jquery Mobile Select Menu bug undecided unfiled 1.4.3
#7968 Can't specify false as .bind() eventData parameter bug low event 1.4.3
#8004 focusout not triggered when focus()ing another input bug undecided unfiled 1.4.3
#8026 .removeClass(className) removes every class version 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 [email protected] bug low attributes 1.4.3
#8030 slideToggle callback does fire before Animation is complete [email protected] bug low effects 1.4.3
#8046 $().find() triggers DOMSubTreeModified events bug low selector 1.4.3
#8078 jQuery 1.4.3+ causes large resizable lists to hang in IE7 bug undecided unfiled 1.4.3
#8169 Change does not fire on input[type=number] on Chrome [email protected] bug high event 1.4.3
#8279 passing array as data in .load() method not recognized in controller bug low ajax 1.4.3
#8428 ajax.timeout documentation should mention the xhr object is in an invalid state kswedberg bug low ajax 1.4.3
#8437 Using Multiple Selectors to search by tag name is significantly slower since 1.4.3 [email protected] bug undecided selector 1.4.3
#8944 jQuery("#A").html(htmlStr) doen´t work in IE bug low manipulation 1.4.3
#9176 Fly out menus: hover() won't work correctly with versions above 1.4.2 bug undecided effects 1.4.3
#9407 append with html tags not working in IE8 bug low manipulation 1.4.3
#9660 jQuery selector "[value=foo]" doesn't work if value set on runtime bug low selector 1.4.3
#4013 :enabled no longer finds hidden elements john bug low selector 1.4.4rc
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