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#9233 getPixelVaue method in jquery timmywil bug low css 1.6
#9338 jQuery .css() does not return properties for div elements not yet appended to DOM in Chrome mikesherov bug low css 1.6.1
#9377 jQuery static Color class would be useful for cross-platform color comparison enhancement low css 1.6.1
#9509 CSS extremely slow in IE9 artur.herczeg@… bug low css 1.6.1
#9586 relative CSS value does not work for "right" bug low css 1.6.1
#9659 CSS "left" value is incorrect when set to "auto" in FF4 bug low css 1.6.1
#9667 jQuery .css can't read z-index value on Webkit browsers bug low css 1.6.1
#9773 getComputedStyle fails for an element created in another window because elem.ownerDocument == undefined bug low css 1.6.2
#9783 Getting dimensions of a cached picture anonymous bug low css 1.6.2
#9836 IE7 outerHeight() bug. bug low css 1.6.2
#9839 Returning an empty string when using .css('border') bug low css 1.6.2
#9842 .css(property, null) should work like .css(property, '') Rick Waldron enhancement low css 1.6.2
#9945 Percentage Width Elements in Hidden Divs bug high css 1.6.2
#10617 Type coersion wrongly placed Rick Waldron bug low css 1.7b2
#12224 scrollbarDarkShadowColor inappropriately camelCased mikesherov bug low css 1.7.2
#8093 .data() or .userData() should use DOM lvl3 getUserData/setUserData hungry.rahly@… enhancement low data 1.5
#8149 changeData event should fired on properties that are changed when calling .data(object) bug low data git
#8191 removeData() does not remove data-* attribute speednet bug low data 1.5
#8201 the behavior of data api in jQuery 1.5 has changed bug low data 1.5
#8288 .data(key) no longer returning null? bug high data 1.5
#8314 acceptData does not check if elem is defined bug low data 1.5
#8326 Camelize problem with jQuery.fn.data() bug high data 1.5
#8335 .data leaks when used on a comment node. bug low data 1.5
#8356 data property is infinty with the value: bug high data 1.5
#8530 animation fails on svgs wholcomb bug undecided data 1.5.1
#8671 .parseJSON can't decode a new Date bug undecided data 1.5.1
#8798 jQuery appends some weird string on the data sending to server bug undecided data 1.5.2
#8986 element.data() returns undefined for given key! bug low data git
#9066 $(element).data() breaks with camel case "data-" attributes bug low data 1.6
#9196 parseJSON enhancement undecided data 1.6
#9249 data method called on a jQuery collection only returns the data value of the first item enhancement low data 1.6
#9270 difference between $.data() & .data() Rick Waldron bug high data 1.6.1
#9461 removeData not working for names with a "-" bug high data 1.6.1
#9476 Calling jQuery("html")[0].removeAttribute throws exception in IE <9 Rick Waldron bug low data 1.6.1
#9487 Calling data on a jQuery object with HTML5 data attributes has strange behavior if attribute names contain singular letters. bug low data 1.6
#9502 provide .hasData() method for consistency shikakaa@… enhancement low data 1.6.1
#9688 `data` and `attr` inconsistencies with numbers bug high data 1.6.1
#9691 version 1.6.1 - data method will camelize data key if "-" is used Rick Waldron bug low data 1.6.1
#9792 data() not saved when using '0' as data and hypernated key bug low data 1.6.2
#10031 .data() passing an object causes errors whereas passing each piece individually works perfectly stuart little bug low data 1.6.2
#10368 IE's .data() returns empty object Rick Waldron bug low data 1.6.4
#10560 removeData failing on line 1821 using "in" on true which is not an object mail.dwat001@… bug undecided data git
#11558 Invoking $.data("name", undefined) does not remove data as documented Rick Waldron bug high data 1.7.2
#8256 $.when should accept an array of promises enhancement low deferred 1.5
#9016 .then() should return a new promise enhancement undecided deferred 1.5.2
#9246 IE debugger does not like the last curly bracket shown here bug high deferred 1.6
#9446 Chained Deferred.pipe functions don't keep the original context from Deferred.resolveWith jaubourg bug low deferred 1.6.1
#9517 no catch praise in 997 line jaubourg bug low deferred 1.6.1
#9718 IE Bug in try..catch..finally bug low deferred 1.6.2
#9846 .done() does not fire when animation has complete callback bug low deferred 1.6.2
#10836 $.when().always() only passes results of rejected promises bug high deferred 1.7.1rc1
#11292 Error During Done Function on a Promise Is Skipped on Subsequent Runs bug low deferred 1.7.1
#4146 jQuery width inconsistency with buttons bug high dimensions 1.5.2
#4560 .position().left incorrect in Chromium (possibly webkit) bug low dimensions 1.3.2
#6610 Inconsistent behavior setting dimensions with .height(val) and .width(val) bug low dimensions 1.4.2
#7782 Cannot get width of table column in Chrome anonymous bug low dimensions 1.4.4
#7928 Firefox gives wrong height and width for percentage-styled elements within a hidden iframe bug low dimensions 1.4.4
#7948 .offset() does not take body border into account bug low dimensions 1.4.4
#8002 Issues in Safari/Chrome to calculate position, innerWidth when an image without a declared width is in the layout scannercf bug low dimensions 1.4.4
#8043 Filter function does not fire on all items in AppleWebKit leomrozek@… bug low dimensions 1.4.4
#8048 overflow:scroll gives wrong width in IE8 bug low dimensions 1.4.4
#8051 col .width() of a colgroup returns 0 bug low dimensions 1.4.4
#8207 outerWidth(true) returns width of parent in Chrome9 bug high dimensions 1.5
#8325 $("select"). [width/innerWidth/outerWidth] incorrect in Safari 5.0.3 Win bug low dimensions 1.5
#8345 document width includes scrollbar in IE but not in FF bug low dimensions 1.5
#8362 postion and offset differing in browers when CSS transforms in use moronicbajebus bug low dimensions 1.5
#8552 width() en height() functions return element's percentage value minus %-sign when parent's display is 'none' bug low dimensions 1.5.1
#8625 $(window).height() within iframe juancaaltamirano@… bug high dimensions 1.4.1
#8638 [IE9] Function height() not working contact@… bug undecided dimensions 1.5.1
#8663 outerWidth Bug in Chrome and Safari kadishmal bug undecided dimensions 1.4.4
#8797 jQuery innerWidth() throws ownerDocument is null Rick Waldron bug high dimensions 1.5.1
#8816 Google Chrome .height(), .innerHeight(), .outerHeight() sometimes return Same values Chaoser bug undecided dimensions 1.5.2
#8903 outerWidth(true) Causes Window location to jump to top of window in Chrome anonymous bug low dimensions 1.5.2
#8952 outerWidth calculated differently in FF4 and IE8 (jQuery 1.6b) bug low dimensions 1.6b1
#9331 $(document).width(), $(document).height() unreliable in IE6, 8 and 9 bug low dimensions 1.6.1
#9417 dimensions are unretrievable on an element whose parent is hidden and does not have any styles set bug low dimensions 1.6.1
#9441 innerWidth, innerHeight, outerWidth, outerHeight are inaccurate for child of hidden parent bug low dimensions 1.6.1
#11623 $(document).width() miscalculation in FF 10.0.1 cavo@… bug low dimensions 1.7.2
#12008 Element is reflowed once $.outerWidth(true) is called (when $.support.reliableMarginRight = false) mikesherov bug low dimensions 1.7.2
#12310 $(window).height() and .width() do not work in IE6 and IE7 ebradsha bug low dimensions 1.8.0
#1123 The border and padding venish immediatly in animation timmywil bug low effects 1.6b1
#2457 fadeIn Effect causes text to loose TrueType in IE7, solution included chris1234p bug low effects 1.4.3
#3260 Weird IE7 behavior when focussing on a text input inside a div with padding bug low effects 1.2.6
#3723 jquery fx unit tests fail on resource contrained devices john bug high effects 1.2.6
#3986 slideUp/slideDown clobbers inline overflow-x/y flesler bug low effects 1.3.2
#4171 Allow animation of CSS Transform Properties feature low effects 1.6.1
#4681 Hide/Toggle functions fail inside a hidden element bug low effects 1.3.2
#4692 div reverts to original size after animation (webkit only) bug low effects 1.6b1
#4849 stop() and multiple timers/queue collisions? bug low effects 1.4.4
#4860 slideToggle not working with height: auto and all floating elements bug low effects 1.4.4
#4872 Animate function and flash move in Firefox Nyro bug low effects 1.5.2
#5033 fade not working on inner divs in ie8 bug high effects 1.6b1
#5473 animate fails in IE with very small floating point values bug low effects 1.4.4
#6238 All "each" style callbacks should pass consistent arguments. enhancement low effects 1.4.3
#6496 .fadeIn() breaks when using .dequeue() rapidly bug low effects 1.4.2
#6767 Using focus() after slideDown() causes element to disappear in IE6 & IE7 bug low effects 1.4.2
#6772 $.slideToggle() & $.hover() animation issues bug high effects 1.4.2
#7160 only set overflow in $.fn.animate when the default overflow is visible bug low effects 1.4.3
#7174 Animate background-position works for left but not top enhancement low effects 1.5
#7442 slideDown/slideUp "jump" when surrounding elements are margin collapsing bug low effects 1.4.4rc
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