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#9610 changed language protocol? bug low support 1.6.1
#9611 Selectors don't work properly on Chrome David bug low selector 1.6.1
#9612 $.attr('defaultSelected') returns undefined instead of true/false bug low attributes 1.6.1
#9613 $.ajax is not launching error callback on 400 Bad Request when jsonp request is made bug low ajax 1.6.1
#9615 replaceWidth does not work with document.createElement bug low manipulation 1.6.1
#9616 Search for plugins not working as supposed bug low web 1.6.1
#9618 invalid attribute selector works in IE9 when it should fail bug low selector 1.6.1
#9619 toLowerCase anonymous bug low unfiled 1.6.1
#9620 Events Exception on IE mapher87@… bug low event 1.5.1
#9621 animate of backgroundPositionX and backgroundPositionY fails in Firefox bug low effects 1.6.1
#9624 class value passed to value functions in class methods when no class is present switched from empty string to undefined bug low attributes 1.6
#9626 throws exception in ie 5.5 bug low support 1.6.1
#9627 Adding Object.toString causes $(handler) not to run handler bug low support 1.6.1
#9629 Cloning a radio button Nik bug low manipulation 1.6.1
#9631 i want to register to submit a new page using jquery ... DeFoE <admin.sixsoft@…> bug low web 1.6.1
#9632 Fixed: jQuery.ajax() method doesn't support res protocol bug low ajax 1.6.1
#9633 Error in IE8 bug low misc 1.6.1
#9635 Trable, when selector XML wich have the prefix George bug low selector 1.6.1
#9638 Suggestion for new Traversal function: orChild() feature low traversing 1.6.1
#9641 toggleClass failed on element with id set. activex88 bug low effects 1.6.1
#9642 .attr("value") returns undefined when attribute is actually named 'value' bug low attributes 1.6.1
#9643 Executing .click() method directly after unbinding an event fails to "click" in IE dygerati@… bug low event 1.6.1
#9644 jquery 1.6.1 $('form').attr('tagName') con't get the right value xu.huan.web.master@… bug low attributes 1.6.1
#9647 .append() fails when jQuery object in array bug low manipulation 1.6.1
#9649 Change events not fired on checkbox in Opera 11.50 when clicking a label element bug low event 1.6.1
#9652 jquery 1.6 breaking background image on html element bug low support 1.6.1
#9655 No Option to Creat an new Account on Jquery.com bug low web 1.6.1
#9656 #[id] selector selects too much in Safari when working with cloned elements bug low selector 1.6.1
#9657 Extend .hasClass to similar .hasClasses waynepurtonsmith@… feature low attributes 1.6.1
#9658 $.ajax should not prepend & to query string data when joining it to a url ending with ? abarrett bug low ajax git
#9659 CSS "left" value is incorrect when set to "auto" in FF4 bug low css 1.6.1
#9660 jQuery selector "[value=foo]" doesn't work if value set on runtime bug low selector 1.4.3
#9664 jQuery minified package > 1.5.2 bug chris@… bug low build 1.6b1
#9666 Cannot detect when an IFRAME has finished loading with .delegate and .live bug low event 1.6.1
#9667 jQuery .css can't read z-index value on Webkit browsers bug low css 1.6.1
#9670 selectedIndex returns undefined alex.rdv@… bug low attributes 1.6.1
#9672 Access to event.relatedTarget causes "Permission denied" exception in Firefox 3.5.x bug low event 1.6.1
#9675 jQuery causes a second HTTP GET request on @font-face files on Firefox jdhoek bug low misc 1.6.1
#9676 .toggle() on IE7 returns to zoom:1, not zoom:0 mikesherov bug low effects 1.6.1
#9677 Bug with replaceWith and document.write bug low manipulation 1.6.1
#9679 Document $.proxy enhancements from #7783 enhancement low core 1.6.1
#9681 jQuery freezes on chrome when calling $($) bug low misc 1.6.1
#9682 Ajax retry fetches the wrong URL jaubourg bug low ajax 1.6.1
#9683 Access items with checked / unchecked for Radio Button list. anonymous bug low misc 1.6.1
#9684 .attr() or .prop() to change target on a link not working lukas@… bug low selector 1.6.1
#9685 attr('selectedIndex') Not Working with FF in 1.6.2 RC1 bug low attributes 1.6.1
#9686 jQuery homepage ajpiano bug low web 1.6.1
#9687 $.getScript() equiv $.ajax() with timeout - timeout elapsed, error() fired, script still executed anonymous bug low ajax 1.5.2
#9691 version 1.6.1 - data method will camelize data key if "-" is used Rick Waldron bug low data 1.6.1
#9692 bug about function addclass 120761701@… bug low attributes git
#9693 Inconsistency of document and code for .toggleClass bug low attributes 1.6.1
#9694 IE9 issue with .animate() dmeagor bug low effects 1.6.1
#9695 don't know where to ask enhancement low web 1.6.1
#9696 requestAnimationFrame throws error in Firefox when animation is running while page gets unloaded m.hermes@… bug low effects 1.6.1
#9697 Problem with "td:even or td:odd" when used colspan in a previous line dyego.ti@… bug low selector 1.6.1
#9698 Core Style Cleanup Rick Waldron bug low misc 1.6.1
#9701 v1.6.1 google closure compile warnings bug low misc 1.6.1
#9703 You can no longer bind to the transition end event in jQuery 1.6 bug low event 1.6.1
#9704 trigger jquery submit handlers when vanilla javascript calls form.submit() enhancement low event 1.6.1
#9705 Changes using Text does not always show in IE9 bug low manipulation 1.6.1
#9708 jquery plugin search bug low web 1.6.1
#9709 jQuery1.6.1 shrink the background on opera bug low misc 1.6.1
#9710 jquery.browser.version fail in Firefox 4.0 bug low misc 1.6.1
#9711 Animation delayed until tab/window has focus bug low effects 1.6.1
#9712 trim function not working in jquery 1.5 bug low core 1.6.1
#9713 A tag with blank href causes parent accordion to open by default. bug low misc 1.6.1
#9714 Binding an event in dialog.open function causes endless loop in IE8.0 bug low misc 1.6.1
#9715 ajax have memory leak in firefox and i.e. roberto@… bug low ajax 1.6.2
#9716 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined :: jquery.js:613 lggarrison@… bug low misc 1.6.2
#9717 IE10PP2 supports requestionAnimationFrame enhancement low effects 1.6.2
#9718 IE Bug in try..catch..finally bug low deferred 1.6.2
#9720 BUG - Plugins/Validation/Methods/date bug low misc 1.6.2
#9721 BUG - Plugins/Validation/Methods/date bug low misc 1.6.2
#9722 Single Bird (remote) does not list correct data. bug low misc 1.6.2
#9723 IE compatibility mode (tested on IE9) bug anonymous bug low effects 1.6.2
#9725 Undefined response with multiple find()s on the same object garytalmes@… bug low attributes 1.6.1
#9727 $.animate() cannot animate fontSize as documented anonymous bug low effects 1.6.2
#9729 selector bug in google chrome & firefox bug low traversing 1.6.2
#9732 Add post example to serialize() docs enhancement low ajax 1.6.2
#9735 HTML5 details open attribute undefined timmywil bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9736 better load bug low manipulation 1.6.2
#9737 How to receive the response correctly yogachandran.ravindran@… bug low ajax 1.5
#9738 Scrolling in the TableSorter is not working with assiginig tbody styles to it bug low misc 1.6.2
#9739 show function is not working in jquery1.5 yogachandran.ravindran@… bug low effects 1.6.2
#9740 Keyboard focus is not retained bug low misc 1.6.2
#9741 Problems with AJAX loaded checkboxes, using $("input:checkbox").live("click", fn); khaiknievel@… bug low ajax 1.6.2
#9742 :selected selector doesn't work with form attribute selector matt.campbell@… bug low selector 1.6.2
#9743 jquery popup problem under IE9 bug low misc 1.6.2
#9744 Selector :checkbox in IE8 problems anonymous bug low selector 1.5.1
#9745 IE8 fx.step._default method causes "Invalid argument" error jona@… bug low effects 1.6.1
#9746 domManip incorrectly adds "?_=NNNN" to passed <script>s bug low ajax 1.6.1
#9747 :first selector behaves inconsistently in chained find() invocations bug low selector 1.6.1
#9749 SlideUp + jquery.color not works with chrome denisson_almeida@… bug low effects 1.6.2
#9750 jQuery.map( arguments, fn ) can fail in Safari bug low core 1.6.2
#9751 .attr('class') returns undefined instead of blank bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9752 Cannot access class names if class property contains a Non-Breaking Space as the first character bug low selector 1.6.2
#9753 Setting option value (containing space) using append bug low manipulation 1.4.4
#9756 Object Property Error while using jquery.validate.js in Internet Explorer ver 7.0 bug low misc 1.6.2
#9758 Invalid argument in IE7 and IE9 compatibility mode. anonymous bug low effects 1.6.2
#9759 jquery diaplog box - close icon sometimes hidden bug low misc 1.5.1
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