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#8947 jquery serialize post twice, three time, and etc [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8949 .width() and .height() with css atrrbute clip in opera [email protected] bug low css 1.5.2
#8952 outerWidth calculated differently in FF4 and IE8 (jQuery 1.6b) bug low dimensions 1.6b1
#8953 html() remove <script> tags from HTML string [email protected] bug low ajax 1.4
#8961 "GET" ajax calls cannot send a message body. This is against the HTTP spec. [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8962 links not working bug low web 1.5.2
#8963 $('name=a.b'),when the value include the point '.',the error has been throwed bug low selector 1.5.2
#8964 jquery1.5.2 refresh bug anonymous bug low misc 1.5.2
#8965 $().after().end() differences between 1.3.2 and 1.5.2 [email protected] bug low manipulation 1.5.2
#8967 Selector [value=XXX] regress in 1.5.2 [email protected] bug low selector 1.5.2
#8968 Autocomplete not working in Firefox and IE bug low misc 1.5.2
#8970 Ajax request across domain bug for IE since jQuery 1.5 (New) jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5
#8971 css unit tests shouldn't test for widows & orphans in IE6-8 Rick Waldron bug low css 1.5.2
#8972 HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERROR(3) appending XHTML DIV into XHTML DIV on IE Jason R. Coombs bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8975 Opera 11 and list selectors bug low selector 1.5.2
#8977 :checked attribute returning the first value, even after changes <[email protected]…> bug low attributes 1.6b1
#8978 jQuery.support core style guide correction Rick Waldron bug low support 1.5.2
#8979 ajax 'data' arg stomped on by jQuery.extend() bug low core 1.5.2
#8985 Animate fali with Forbidden error in IE domain set page caii bug low effects 1.6b1
#8986 element.data() returns undefined for given key! bug low data git
#8988 function is not supported [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6
#8989 IE9 Running Error (jquery 1.4.4,jquery 1.5.2) [email protected] bug low core 1.5.2
#8992 I,m using slickgrid plugin but,when I drag the column width occur error function not supported bug low misc 1.6rc1
#8994 Fix IE Throbber of Doom in `defaultDisplay()` mathias bug low effects git
#8995 jQuery.map( iframejQuery() ) enumerating properties. bug low core 1.5.2
#8996 `defaultDisplay()` may return inaccurate results mathias bug low effects git
#8998 Starts With Selector does not work under IE7 bug low selector 1.5.1
#8999 ajax bug in Opera 11 bug low ajax 1.6rc1
#9000 parseerror in jquery-1.5.1.min.js [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5.2
#9007 Textarea value (via ".val()") differs from actual posted value (carriage returns are stripped) bug low attributes 1.5.2
#9008 Consistent rspaces definitions Rick Waldron bug low misc 1.5.2
#9010 :checkbox Fails in IE Nick R <[email protected]…> bug low selector 1.5.2
#9011 Allow $() to handle properly an array of jQuery objects as first argument xavierm02 feature low core git
#9017 Chrome Console Nested Filters Issue [email protected] bug low selector 1.5.2
#9019 IE8: creating attribute class throws error bug low attributes 1.5.2
#9020 tmpl() function does not populate href attribute in a tag in FF 3.6.16 64-bit bug low web 1.5.2
#9022 Negative eq() in IE does not return null Motty bug low traversing 1.5.2
#9023 jQuery.map( { length: 0 } ) bug low core 1.5.2
#9025 jQuery.map( array_like ) and bounding values bug low core 1.5.2
#9026 bug in "inArray" [email protected] bug low core 1.5.2
#9027 jQuery.map( jQuery() ) does not enumerates all method names. bug low core 1.5.2
#9032 questionmark "??" problem when ajax operation bug low ajax 1.5.2
#9035 Enhancement for remove and append feature low effects 1.5.2
#9036 $(..).hide(XX) -- unexpected behavior for elem with either 0px width or height bug low effects 1.5.1
#9046 $(document).ready happens too soon in IE and causes Bing Map undefined error when drawing a polygon arsen bug low core 1.5.2
#9050 $('#text').val() doesn't work [email protected] bug low attributes 1.5.2
#9051 Drop IE6 support enhancement low core git
#9065 .show() adds "display:block" to <script> [email protected] bug low css 1.5
#9066 $(element).data() breaks with camel case "data-" attributes bug low data 1.6
#9076 select drop down hover highlight resets on focus query in chrome [email protected] bug low selector 1.6
#9083 Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDocument> has no method 'getAttribute' bug low attributes 1.6
#9084 attr('tagName') doesn't return tagName bug low attributes 1.6
#9087 Add jQuery.support variable for XHR2 - File upload support feature low ajax 1.6
#9088 selectedIndex bug v1.6 bug low attributes 1.6
#9091 isPlainObject and Firefox 4: can't convert undefined to object Rick Waldron bug low core 1.6
#9093 Css Body Background will disappear in old Opera bug low misc 1.6
#9099 Upgrade causes plugin error bug low misc 1.6
#9101 An Event object created with $.Event() constructor doesn't match the actual jQuery Event object gryzzly bug low event 1.6
#9102 attr() doesn't always return a string in jQuery 1.6 and lower Andy E bug low attributes 1.6
#9108 Animate Vertical backgroundPosition bug low effects 1.6
#9111 removeProp("checked") on a radio button or checkbox only works one time bug low attributes 1.6
#9117 $.props is undefined bug low attributes 1.6
#9119 wrap & unwrap bug anonymous bug low manipulation 1.6
#9120 internet explorer 7 bug at Line 16 Sign 12789 [email protected] bug low misc 1.6
#9121 Add support for the HTML5 `oninput` event feature low event 1.6
#9122 attr() returns "undefined" for rowspan and colspan for cells where they aren't explicitly set bug low attributes 1.6
#9127 uncheck radio dont work bug low attributes 1.6
#9130 In the 1.6 release, checkbox operation error tester bug low attributes 1.6
#9131 the :eq selector (and others) doesnt return the same thing depending of filters anonymous bug low selector 1.6
#9135 latest jquery date-input plugin not work with jquery 1.5.1 bug low misc 1.5.1
#9140 .prop and .removeProp fails in Chrome bug low attributes 1.6
#9142 animate loose fluidity/performance after version 1.4.4 in FF _devyan_ bug low effects 1.6
#9145 1.6 attribute selector enhancement low selector 1.6
#9146 jQuery( jsObject ).trigger() executes object methods bug low event 1.5.1
#9149 delegate gravataLonga bug low ajax 1.6
#9150 Setting className property on new elements does not assign to class attribute bug low attributes 1.6
#9151 Simple toggleClass() is not working correctly [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6
#9153 size() method feature low core 1.6
#9156 Has attribute selector not working in IE6-9 bug low selector 1.6
#9158 animate change ? bug low effects 1.6
#9160 CSS background position animations with multiple values. bug low effects 1.6
#9163 Enable/disable menu bar [email protected] bug low misc 1.6
#9165 attribute selector with accesskey fails bug low selector 1.6
#9166 Prop not setting property if it had previously been removed, and Chrome inconsistency bug low attributes 1.6
#9169 .live fails to call handler for DOMNodeInserted Rick Waldron bug low event 1.6
#9172 Setting the value attribute for the first time in IE6/7 sets the value property bug low attributes 1.6
#9173 Version 1.6 is incompatible with Wonderwall Gallery based on JQTouch bug low misc 1.6
#9174 creating video element causes video to play in background, even before adding it to the page bug low manipulation 1.6
#9177 attr('checked') dont return true bug low attributes 1.6
#9181 $.each() fails to iterate properly over custom HTML elements when using replaceWith() bug low core 1.6
#9185 attr gives an unhandled error when run on a document selection bug low attributes git
#9189 Add helper functions .checked() and .disabled() feature low attributes 1.6
#9192 internet explorer :checked value problem anonymous bug low attributes 1.6
#9193 Firefox 4 and jquery update problem [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6
#9194 Bug in Animate background position bug low effects 1.6
#9203 beforeSend doesnt take into account promises bug low ajax 1.6
#9205 Duplicate AJAX requests in Safari? anonymous bug low ajax 1.6
#9207 removeAttr not working with some selectors anonymous bug low selector 1.6
#9209 .one is broken bug low event 1.6
#9213 Bug with jquery-asmselect bug low misc 1.6
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