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#5048 Memory leak when jsonp $.ajax() request fails. bug low ajax 1.4.3
#5866 .ajax() fails in IE7 when using an absolute url without protocol jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5rc1
#6161 ajaxComplete event does not fire when context is used bug high ajax 1.4.4
#6400 script error with ajax call not shown bug low ajax 1.4.2
#6900 parsing of arrays in the function "buildParams" cowboy bug low ajax 1.6b1
#6924 Global option for changing GET-separators feature low ajax 1.4.2
#7440 Can't bind global Ajax events to window object bug high ajax 1.4.3
#7621 JSONP cacheability jaubourg feature low ajax 1.5.2
#7919 $.get behaves differently in i.e and firefox [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.4.4
#7924 JSON name collision when using jQuery.ajax() bug undecided ajax 1.4.2
#7970 Ajax on Windows Mobile don't work (having fix) [email protected] bug low ajax 1.4.4
#8000 textStatus unavailable from ajaxError john.firebaugh enhancement low ajax 1.5
#8011 Complete handler not called when any XMLHttpRequest is aborted [email protected] bug low ajax 1.4.4
#8014 jQuery.parseJSON() doesn't work on all servers [email protected] bug low ajax 1.4.4
#8045 Jquery form broken on 1.5RC1 jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5rc1
#8064 including jquery.validate 1.7 switches ajax call to jsonp jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5rc1
#8079 remote getJSON calls never decrement the jQuery.active property bug high ajax 1.4.4
#8084 jsonp transport overrides dataType: json setting anonymous bug low ajax 1.5rc1
#8087 Memory leak in IE8 when using ajax with jQuery.js.1.4.4.js package bug low ajax 1.4.4
#8106 ajaxSetup instantiated contentType not included when no data is sent jaubourg bug blocker ajax 1.5
#8110 Ajax abort throws false error event in IE bug undecided ajax git
#8116 sending "+" char using $.ajax to PHP bug low ajax 1.5
#8118 ajax datatype json acts as jsonp for jquery 1.5 [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5
#8122 jQuery Ajax does not allow cross domain in Windows 7 Gadgets bug low ajax 1.5
#8130 $.get incorrectly executes javascript files bug low ajax 1.5
#8136 $.aiax() internal exception bug high ajax 1.5
#8154 load() is not working in jquery 1.5. anonymous bug high ajax 1.5
#8173 1.5 Ajax not triggering error for bad URL [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5
#8177 Browser inconsistencies with ajax, ifmodified, notmodified and ApplicationCache blabber bug low ajax 1.5
#8185 $("#xy").load() does not work in 1.5 (Firefox 3.6.13) anonymous bug low ajax 1.5
#8187 AJAX Context bug Stefan bug low ajax 1.5
#8208 Please don't close the ticket #8205 yet bug low ajax 1.5
#8211 statusCode is incorrectly handled invisible_stefan bug high ajax 1.5
#8212 Attach script load/readystatechange before script.src in cross-site ajax request bug low ajax 1.5
#8216 Exception in ajaxConvert(s,response) [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5
#8249 $.getScript Fails Locally in 1.5 bug low ajax 1.5
#8261 jQuery.post does not work in 1.5 bug low ajax 1.5
#8267 $.ajax, dataFilter broken bug low ajax 1.5
#8279 passing array as data in .load() method not recognized in controller bug low ajax 1.4.3
#8283 Built-in support for XDomainRequest enhancement low ajax 1.5
#8300 Firefox/Opera JSONP call causes browser to "spin" anonymous bug low ajax 1.5
#8302 jQuery 1.5 ajax request trying to parse JSON as javascript [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5
#8305 AJAX cache parameter breaks when calling Oracle procedure feature low ajax 1.5
#8318 Incorrect headers are sent when performing cross-domain ajax request anonymous bug low ajax 1.5
#8319 AJAX no longer working on Blackberry Widgets using 1.5 [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5
#8324 jQuery AJAX and IE Problem - Object Does Not Support the property anonymous bug low ajax 1.5
#8327 jXHR.responseText is not available before complete() bug low ajax 1.5
#8338 ajaxStart and ajaxStop events not working for 1.5.0 bug low ajax 1.5
#8343 AJAX with 206 Response Triggers Error Callback in Android Browser jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5
#8369 Ajax method "load" has a bug! [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.5
#8394 How to fix browser cache and notmodified respond for JSON? jQuery.ajax({ifModified:true,cache:true}) JSON request break on data respond. bug low ajax 1.5.1
#8416 IE9 jqXHR.responseXML returns "undefined" bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8419 Ajax calls to encoded Internationalized domain names doesn't work in Internet Explorer jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5.1
#8427 similar bug as Ticket #8107 bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8428 ajax.timeout documentation should mention the xhr object is in an invalid state kswedberg bug low ajax 1.4.3
#8436 ajax method failing unexpectedly bug undecided ajax 1.5
#8441 jQuery.ajax should call the error handler on 4xx responses bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8452 $.post() thows an invalid label error when return by json bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8454 Error with using method getJSON in jQuery 1.5.1 [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8463 Ajax broken in jQuery 1.5.1 on Opera 11 [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8464 jQuery ajaxSetup fails using a context that includes circular references jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5.1
#8478 ie7 "unexpected propriety or method" error anonymous bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8484 Jquery AJAX call not working on Chrome and Safari Nishant bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8487 Cache option for .getScript bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8496 about getJSON kswedberg bug low ajax 1.5.1
#8509 jQuery-1.5.1 doesn't work in WebBrowser control jaubourg bug low ajax 1.5.1
#8510 JSONP cross domain requests with ajax (info in docs) [email protected] enhancement undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8534 ajax bug with successful http statusText bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8571 $.get() returns different object type in IE8 and IE9 anonymous bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8578 "No Conversion from text to text/html" in .ajax() call bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8605 Ajax GET of XML from local cache gives false error [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8611 AJAX BROKEN IN JQUERY 1.5.1 ON IE8 Celero bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8687 improperly coded JSON string for empty array or object anonymous bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8697 $.ajax fails when data contains '??' bug undecided ajax 1.5
#8716 getJSON - return object - Unexpected token : bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8719 getJSON fails too early on 407 header jsguy bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8743 ONE MORE TIME: in FireFox 4 the $("#element_id *") duplicate imput elements [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8744 .ajax() jsonp requests are not handled correctly when hitting timeout jaubourg bug high ajax 1.5.2
#8761 array in post bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8764 Regression in getJSON jaubourg bug high ajax 1.5.2
#8766 Bug in mobile safari involving ajax when canvas is used bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8786 ajax timeout not working anonymous bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8817 Status of XMLHttpRequest object is not set to 0 (If any ajax request is aborted) in IE 9 Rahul bug undecided ajax 1.4.4
#8819 jQuery.ajax async:false Moe bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8823 parseJSON Chrome [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.5.1
#8837 jqXHR.getAllResponseHeaders() returns only ‘Content-Type’ bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8840 Form Serialize anonymous bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8847 suggestion for ajax: call out cross-domain failure more clearly enhancement low ajax 1.5.2
#8864 jQuery 1.5 Ajax in Windows 7 Gadgets bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8867 .load() and <script> tags doesnt work in any IE [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8876 jQuery.ajax, jQuery.param and form input serialization [email protected] feature low ajax 1.5.2
#8883 serializeArray fails with fieldsets in IE alessio bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8907 Infinite loop when passing form variable to AJAX from within that form's submit. anonymous bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8927 .load() causes security warning in IE7/8 when loading only a fragment from target page jon_brockman bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8928 Form Serialize Not Including Elements Inside Tables bug undecided ajax 1.5.2
#8935 getJSON closure problem? [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8940 $.getJSON does not use "text json" converter rhoffman bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8941 script error - invalid or illegal string when calling .load() on doc with DOCTYPE bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8947 jquery serialize post twice, three time, and etc [email protected] bug low ajax 1.5.2
#8953 html() remove <script> tags from HTML string [email protected] bug low ajax 1.4
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