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#10177 index of callback function in .wrap is always 0 Rick Waldron closed
#10616 Type coersion not done for -1 in .eq Rick Waldron closed
#10629 IE is much too sensitive concerning the fake body. Explore cleaning up support.js to avoid any future crashes. timmywil closed
#10630 Fix focus-related test failures to resolve Swarm failures closed
#10646 Have jQuery.error throw instanceof Error object dmethvin closed
#10659 variable not declared resulting in polluting the global Rick Waldron closed
#10666 event.metaKey returns false when ctrl key is down dmethvin closed
#10667 HTML5 Support in .wrapAll() does add a ":" to element t.fellinger@… closed
#10669 .animate() no longer animates percentage(%) width closed
#10670 rnoshimcache probably not constructed correctly Rick Waldron closed
#10675 Use internalKey shortcut instead of jQuery.expando Rick Waldron closed
#10676 wheelDelta not added to mousewheel event anymore dmethvin closed
#10682 Creating DOM elements with $(' ') leaks memory and skips the fragment cache Rick Waldron closed
#10686 Defining jQuery using AMD's define should be done after all of jQuery has been defined. closed
#10687 jQuery calls the AMD define() global function too early timmywil closed
#10690 isNumeric dmethvin closed
#10691 remove all occurrences of the "equals" and "same" function in the unit tests` closed
#10701 Problems with submit forms using submit function dmethvin closed
#10704 special.handle method should fire under origType name dmethvin closed
#10705 off bug event name parser dmethvin closed
#10712 Triggering blur with live bind broken dmethvin closed
#10717 A triggered load bubbles up to window dmethvin closed
#10723 jqXHR.always() returns a Promise instead of a jqXHR object jaubourg closed
#10724 $(document).text() always returns an empty string timmywil closed
#10733 remove uses of jQuery.each in css module in favor of a for loop mikesherov closed
#10750 A "null" in the data object can cause an error in stop gnarf closed
#10773 removeAttr is fragile for edge cases dmethvin closed
#10794 .triggerHandler should not .preventDefault() dmethvin closed
#10798 live("submit") and .submit() would cause unobtrusive ajax live to fire twice dmethvin closed
#10807 Non-ascii apostrophe in comment timmywil closed
#10812 passing empty object to .before() or .after() throws exception in IE7 dmethvin closed
#10817 Change .bind() in ajax.js to .on() Rick Waldron closed
#10826 new support test leaks "body" to global closed
#10842 Version 1.7 break background color in opera 11.52 pminetti@… closed
#10844 .delegate() on submit doesn't work when form contains input with name "id" dmethvin closed
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