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#3333 .css("marginRight") is incorrect in WebKit rworth bug blocker dimensions 1.5
#6158 "elems is undefined" JavaScript error calling $(this).text() in .replaceWith() argument bug low manipulation 1.4.1
#7340 .focus() not triggering focusin event for .live binding (1.4.3)? dmethvin bug blocker event 1.4.3
#8316 .offset() setter works incorrectly in Webkit for fixed position elements that haven't defined left/top style properties john bug blocker offset 1.5
#8346 jQuery.camelCase() & jQuery.css() incompatible with IE prefixed properties lrbabe bug low css 1.5.1rc1
#8380 $(':text') should match <input> since `type=text` is the implied default john bug blocker selector 1.5.1
#8381 .is("div") fails on disconnected elements in IE9 john bug blocker selector 1.5.1
#8421 resolveWith fails on IE8 when called with no "args" argument jaubourg bug high core 1.5.1
#8423 Cross origin AJAX request always preflighted jaubourg bug high ajax 1.5.1
#8438 Bad debugging jaubourg bug low core 1.5.1
#8456 trigger('mouseover') no longer triggers mouseenter dmethvin bug blocker event 1.5.1
#8519 Don't minify if minification isn't needed AzaToth bug low build 1.5.1
#8528 IE9 throws "Access denied" when deleting an iframe that had previously made $.ajax calls danheberden bug high event 1.5.1
#8536 [git] tags does't point to an absolute release enhancement low build 1.5.1
#8587 jquery-git.js no longer updated or current danheberden bug high unfiled git
#8635 Firefox: uncaught exception at line 1285 Rick Waldron bug blocker support 1.5.2rc1
#8692 $.when doesn't set arguments on Firefox 4 jaubourg bug blocker core 1.5.2rc1
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