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#4383 [regression] Append with multiple elements doesn't bind events Blak bug closed high core
#7244 If/Else template tag: Templating attributes results in "unexpected token: else" BorisMoore bug closed low templates
#7559 Selectors Eugene bug closed undecided unfiled
#3342 Support POST for cross-domain AJAX requests HonestQiao feature closed low ajax
#7391 ajax async:false does not properly block in IE7/IE8 KingKaeru bug closed undecided unfiled
#7254 jQuery-1.4.2.js giving unresponsive script error in firefox Kotawala_Adnan@… bug closed undecided ajax
#7593 Bug in html() in jQuery 1.4.x (ok in jQuery 1.3,2) Ondrej.Fuxa@… bug closed undecided ajax
#6842 Expando Collision Possible With noConflict() SlexAxton bug closed high data
#7502 New Feature Request for 1.5: Inline SVG animation with animate() instead of SMIL WebManWlkg enhancement closed undecided unfiled
#7411 Add reverse() function to jQuery core ajpiano feature closed low core
#7628 Incorrect documentation for event.currentTarget ajpiano bug closed low support
#2278 animate calculates the wrong height of element with implicit width andreasc bug closed low effects
#7232 jquery 1.4.3 buged this small script anonymous bug closed low unfiled
#7268 Data argument no longer works with DELETE requests anonymous bug closed low unfiled
#7346 $('#id').html(data[i][2]); results in uncaught exception anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7350 ie9 append bug anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7368 Set index with index(number) anonymous enhancement closed undecided core
#7396 $(window).bind is undefine anonymous bug closed low event
#7425 Mobile anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7475 refresh iex 8 anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7525 j is null anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7566 nth-last-child does not return the same results as document.querySelectorAll anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7582 a.setAttribute is not a function anonymous bug closed low attributes
#7603 got error while iterating the event object anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7624 a.ownerDocument is undefined anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7627 Firefox flickering when using .slideToggle anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#6105 $('head').append/appendTo('head') broken in MS Explorer av01d bug closed low core
#7598 Calendar Bug bahram2010@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#7347 The bug in IE7 jquery1.4.2 baochengsong@… bug closed undecided attributes
#7356 .parents() method doesnt select ':first' parent bixority bug closed undecided unfiled
#4155 $(window).width() and $(window).height() incorrect in Safari/Webkit brandon bug closed low dimensions
#5821 mouseenter/leave behave like mouseover/out with live events brandon bug closed low event
#234 [PATCH] $().unhover and $().untoggle brandon.aaron@… feature closed low event
#7201 Exception thrown by $.ajax.error callback cannot be caught by outer try...catch (for a synchronous request) cipinistor@… bug closed low ajax
#7665 $.fn.data broken in jQuery 1.4.4 (related to pulling HTML5 data- attributes) cobexer bug closed high data
#7416 Changing value not compatible with new jQuery dalelarsen22@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#7496 Set Offset doesn't work correctly if page is scrolled dan@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#6850 Error in deep > selectors when root node has no parent dept42 bug closed low selector
#6806 append function doesn't work correctly with tag on BlackBerry dis004 bug closed undecided manipulation
#6355 clone(true) creates bogus event bindings if you extend Array.prototype dmethvin bug closed high manipulation
#6876 Newline in form data should be encoded as CRLF pair dmethvin bug closed low ajax
#7054 Memory leaks when bind custom event in IE8 dmethvin bug closed blocker event
#7398 tds[0] does not exist dmethvin bug closed high support
#7717 .clone(true) does not clone data properly dmethvin bug closed blocker data
#7793 $.fn.delegate does not reflect event.preventdefault() from earlier $.fn.bind dmethvin bug closed low event
#7853 `context` issue (incompatible change) when using DOM elements with $ dmethvin bug closed high traversing
#8036 .closest(selectorArray) returns duplicates dmethvin bug closed blocker traversing
#7271 Chome doesn't copy the uploaded file ref droberts@… bug closed undecided manipulation
#7636 jquery-1.4.1-vsdoc.js apparently has the support section commented. f_cavaco@… feature closed undecided unfiled
#8047 .data function bug fddima@… bug closed low data
#6547 jQuery.each has unnecessary property lookups which are a hindrance to performance fitzgen enhancement closed low core
#3408 ajax accept quality score fix flesler bug closed major ajax
#3598 Internet Explorer doesn't parse XML from file:/ flesler bug closed low ajax
#6151 offset() gives wrong values in iframe if parent scrolled friedcell bug closed low offset
#7312 add class does not work for multiple calls igor.lazarevski@… bug closed low attributes
#7762 [Events] Remove CPU overhead on unload iliakan enhancement closed low event
#7246 $('no elements').replaceWith('<div/>').length !=0 jablko bug closed low manipulation
#6110 jQuery.get() doesn't transport form-elements in firefox janbuecker bug closed low ajax
#5955 datatype=jsonp is ignored if request is local jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#6106 Data argument is undefined in success method of $.ajax in IE7 jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#6693 Add cross-browser XML parsing support jaubourg feature closed high core
#7461 $.ajax(this) no longer allows "retries". jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#7865 jQuery.getScript() success callback does not fire in 0 GIT jaubourg bug closed blocker ajax
#7868 AJAX error handler doesn't get access to the responseText, regression jaubourg bug closed blocker ajax
#8053 POST via AJAX from Palm Pre is set a GET jaubourg bug closed low ajax
#8054 Regex in ajaxPrefilter of JSON data type should not be valid jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#8082 data passed to ajax success handler is undefined when dataType is script (1.5rc1) jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#7509 Report of XSS in jquery.com jdsharp bug closed undecided web
#7434 Add execute() to jQuery core jez9999@… enhancement closed undecided unfiled
#3729 Attribute selector with an class seperator(':') in it, fails. jitter bug closed high selector
#4386 iframe body clone event IE jitter bug closed high manipulation
#5476 Prevent get(-1) to create a new jQuery object jitter enhancement closed high core
#6398 Custom "submit" event on Objects in IE jitter bug closed high event
#6428 IE 6 & 7 selector bug when using complex selector jitter bug closed high selector
#7452 Next Adjacent/Sibling Selectors no longer work without "prev" element jitter bug closed high selector
#7500 attr() fails for non DOM element nodes jitter bug closed blocker attributes
#7533 Problem with id containing a period jitter bug closed high selector
#7578 $.getScript (ajax 'script' dataType) regression on cache control jitter bug closed high ajax
#7673 hasClass, removeClass don't work in IE if attribute contains \r character jitter bug closed low attributes
#1414 .submit() can fail if something has id="submit" john bug closed undecided event
#1611 inserting html into iframe evals scripts in parent context john bug closed major ajax
#4123 Always try to use camel-case for styles and attributes john enhancement closed major core
#5359 portlet support in selectors john enhancement closed low selector
#5575 Including jquery 1.3.2 breaks page layout john bug closed high support
#6093 Escaping broken for find selector john bug closed blocker selector
#6997 before and after do not clone events data properly john bug closed blocker manipulation
#7193 $.fn.animate cannot "start" from any value less than -10000 john bug closed low effects
#7216 [Regression] $('input[value=]').live('change', ...) does not work in 1.4.3 (FF 3.6.10) john bug closed blocker selector
#7239 JSLint Check: Line 1279 character 22: 'data' is already defined. john bug closed low data
#7371 Delay Execution of Eval Test john bug closed blocker support
#7539 Attribute selector equals with escaped value fails in IE8 john bug closed blocker selector
#7388 hoverintent + superfish no more working with 1.4.3 & 1.4.4 rc jquery@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#2612 domManip is not always respecting script execution order on IE7 jwagner bug closed low ajax
#7233 jQuery 1.4.3 changes behaviour of $('.e').css('width', null) kelvin@… bug closed low css
#3227 JSONP requests don't trigger AJAX callbacks kswedberg bug closed low ajax
#6345 Allow .data() to accept a function for its setter argument kswedberg enhancement closed undecided data
#7171 dataType plugins for $.ajax() kswedberg feature closed low ajax
#7600 html( htmlString ) mangles OPTION value if the value is not delimited lowell@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#6291 Ajax loading don't load <scirpt> tags luigi bug closed low ajax
#7415 ajax event success and complete are not fired in version 1.4.3 ma083@… bug closed undecided unfiled
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