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#7316 draggable clone doesn't work, without clone works fine bug closed low manipulation
#7320 jQuery.now enhancement enhancement closed low core
#7351 Cannot find element in form with "id" field bug closed low selector
#7359 Cannot detect mouse position over a disabled field in Firefox enhancement closed low event
#7387 [web] Link to jQuery nightly enhancement closed low web
#7396 $(window).bind is undefine anonymous bug closed low event
#7397 Regression: fadeIn no longer works correctly for inline elements Rick Waldron bug closed low effects
#7404 getScript does not wait until code has finished executing before callback is triggered bug closed low ajax
#7411 Add reverse() function to jQuery core ajpiano feature closed low core
#7424 setRequestHeader IE bug closed low ajax
#7427 chrome viewport height changes depending on document length bug closed low dimensions
#7430 about parentsUntil() bug closed low selector
#7432 .undelegate() doesnt clear up properly bug closed low event
#7435 Firefox title attribute (tooltips) stop working when returning False from a bound 'mouseout' event. bug closed low event
#7450 Animate with left position below -10000px is buggy - inserts an animate to 0 in the middle bug closed low effects
#7456 jQuery removes body-element when parsing string with html or xml bug closed low manipulation
#7463 $('+div', this).html(); returns null bug closed low selector
#7465 Incorrect checking for cross-site XHR oryol bug closed low ajax
#7482 .html() does not work when <input type="text"> is updated bug closed low attributes
#7488 .offset() function incorrect when ancestor uses -webkit-transform tomas@… bug closed low offset
#7517 Uncaughted exception when call attr('tagName') bug closed low attributes
#7519 $.getCSS for v1.5 feature closed low ajax
#7531 $.post(document.location) doesn't work anymore since 1.4.3 on Firefox and Chrome snover bug closed low ajax
#7532 jQuery 1.4.3 animation method behaves strangely when animated to left: over 10'000 px mail@… bug closed low effects
#7543 Delay() doesn work if Show() duration not specified bug closed low effects
#7554 .text(2) and .html(2) causing iPad to hang owenocq@… bug closed low unfiled
#7576 Link Doesn't Work for Tooltip API bug closed low web
#7582 a.setAttribute is not a function anonymous bug closed low attributes
#7594 Html() is not outputting Checked attribute bug closed low manipulation
#7615 trim : jQuery handling of native (or custom defined) objects methods stephane.rebai@… bug closed low unfiled
#7625 Effects animate "left < -10000" bug closed low effects
#7628 Incorrect documentation for event.currentTarget ajpiano bug closed low support
#7638 Incorrect animate behaviour in WebKit tbicr.by@… bug closed low effects
#7640 Add load_send, load_complete, load_success and load_error event trigger on the core onload function enhancement closed low ajax
#7657 "cur" does not return negative numbers, that are less than "-10000" bug closed low effects
#7673 hasClass, removeClass don't work in IE if attribute contains \r character jitter bug closed low attributes
#7674 Onchange event fires twice bug closed low event
#7675 .animate() step callback undocumented beyond a mention enhancement closed low effects
#7682 Unexpected behavior of find function bug closed low selector
#7736 Precising rfxnum regex bug closed low css
#7760 animate left to values over -11000px bug closed low effects
#7762 [Events] Remove CPU overhead on unload iliakan enhancement closed low event
#7793 $.fn.delegate does not reflect event.preventdefault() from earlier $.fn.bind dmethvin bug closed low event
#7801 hardcoded value for animations bug closed low effects
#7859 jQuery.fx.cur hard coded minimum value bug closed low effects
#7906 eq() selector not working in 1.4.4 with previous adjacent selectors bug closed low selector
#7935 jquery : animate function does work for left position from -10320 to -9460 bug closed low effects
#7964 Some traversal methods perform an unnecessary uniqueness check scott_gonzalez enhancement closed low traversing
#7969 $.get() returns "success" when the request fails by timeout bug closed low ajax
#8044 Unused variable "rnonword"? Rick Waldron bug closed low core
#8047 .data function bug fddima@… bug closed low data
#8053 POST via AJAX from Palm Pre is set a GET jaubourg bug closed low ajax
#8096 $( html, ownerDocument ) causes "createDocumentFragment is not a function" error scribu bug closed low core
#8270 remove() and empty() do not clean up custom event bindings in IE6 bug closed low manipulation
#8341 animate blinks with left lower than -10000 bug closed low effects
#1611 inserting html into iframe evals scripts in parent context john bug closed major ajax
#3408 ajax accept quality score fix flesler bug closed major ajax
#4123 Always try to use camel-case for styles and attributes john enhancement closed major core
#4920 allow using optional data arg to $.getJSON with jsonp callback enhancement closed minor ajax
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