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#7578 $.getScript (ajax 'script' dataType) regression on cache control jitter bug closed high ajax
#7586 jQuery.ajax removes script whose type is not text/javascript from html response bug closed high manipulation
#7602 jQuery.fn.offset() returns ClientRect object for disconnected elements rholbrook bug closed high offset
#7620 issue noticed with $("*",divElement) execution pratik.shah76@… bug closed high selector
#7634 Can't find "option" in "select" with a point within id. bug closed high selector
#7643 Sizzle querySelectorAll doesn't work when element id contains special characters bug closed high selector
#7665 $.fn.data broken in jQuery 1.4.4 (related to pulling HTML5 data- attributes) cobexer bug closed high data
#7680 .find is not working correctly when called on element selected with a period in selector bug closed high selector
#7691 Selectors: meta-characters [ ] wont work (but did in 1.4.3) bug closed high selector
#7776 empty tbody not found in jQuery 1.4.4 bug closed high selector
#7777 [name$="value"]-selector gives different results in 1.4.4 bug closed high selector
#7807 BUG - selector with context in Jquery 1.4.4 bug closed high selector
#7853 `context` issue (incompatible change) when using DOM elements with $ dmethvin bug closed high traversing
#7860 selector.css(name) returns inconsistently across browsers bug closed high css
#8021 Possible regression: Finding elements doesn't work if context elements' id contains dot bug closed high selector
#8032 jQuery.ajax: cache is not set to false if dataType is javascript bug closed high ajax
#8042 jQuery.data() should have better behavior when int overflows bug closed high data
#8050 ajax's error textStatus should be "error" bug closed high ajax
#8054 Regex in ajaxPrefilter of JSON data type should not be valid jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#8063 input[id^=] returns opposite results in 1.4.4 bug closed high selector
#8082 data passed to ajax success handler is undefined when dataType is script (1.5rc1) jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#8124 Documentation for .clone() is missing second parameter Rick Waldron bug closed high manipulation
#155 Get Namespaced Elements in XML Documents slantedtiles@… enhancement closed low core
#234 [PATCH] $().unhover and $().untoggle brandon.aaron@… feature closed low event
#1124 Please extend the document ready function to include document object in another frame enhancement closed low event
#2278 animate calculates the wrong height of element with implicit width andreasc bug closed low effects
#2316 removeData for complete namespaces enhancement closed low data
#2612 domManip is not always respecting script execution order on IE7 jwagner bug closed low ajax
#3004 cache option for getScript enhancement closed low ajax
#3227 JSONP requests don't trigger AJAX callbacks kswedberg bug closed low ajax
#3342 Support POST for cross-domain AJAX requests HonestQiao feature closed low ajax
#3442 JSONP should provide abort method enhancement closed low ajax
#3537 Patch: support Ajax functions for URI schemes other than http:, https: and file: enhancement closed low ajax
#3598 Internet Explorer doesn't parse XML from file:/ flesler bug closed low ajax
#4155 $(window).width() and $(window).height() incorrect in Safari/Webkit brandon bug closed low dimensions
#4417 problem with attribute name when clone in IE7 bug closed low manipulation
#4521 A strange phenomenon about showing in IE bug closed low support
#4617 xml() function, or addition to html() function feature closed low core
#4807 Offline $.ajax call in IE$ get response as String bug closed low ajax
#4958 ajax methods fail in IE for content types ending in +xml bug closed low ajax
#5010 show() & hide() do not work on elements that have a hidden parent bug closed low effects
#5359 portlet support in selectors john enhancement closed low selector
#5388 .width() doesn't work properly in Google Chrome michal bug closed low dimensions
#5499 jQuery.each enhancement closed low core
#5534 Ajax does not work in html help (chm) files enhancement closed low ajax
#5677 Live click events don't register on MobileSafari (iPhone) maxogden bug closed low event
#5724 'before' can not be realized when applied to <object> on I.E. 6 bug closed low manipulation
#5803 Set JSONP dataType is jsonpCallback is used Rick Waldron enhancement closed low ajax
#5812 Should look for =%3F in addition to =? Rick Waldron enhancement closed low ajax
#5821 mouseenter/leave behave like mouseover/out with live events brandon bug closed low event
#5880 Method to create a copy of jQuery feature closed low core
#6081 delay an event enhancement closed low event
#6105 $('head').append/appendTo('head') broken in MS Explorer av01d bug closed low core
#6110 jQuery.get() doesn't transport form-elements in firefox janbuecker bug closed low ajax
#6151 offset() gives wrong values in iframe if parent scrolled friedcell bug closed low offset
#6230 WEBKIT: xhr.setRequestHeader("Accept", ...) *appends* the value instead of replacing it bug closed low ajax
#6291 Ajax loading don't load <scirpt> tags luigi bug closed low ajax
#6369 In IE v8.0.7600.16385 Line 1919 v1.4.2 undefined when exiting page??? mcslayton@… bug closed low event
#6392 $('DIV#myId').attr('for') - im can't read value of "for" attribute, if i'm rename this attribute, all is work enhancement closed low manipulation
#6516 replaceWith using DOM element with nested script does not run script bug closed low manipulation
#6547 jQuery.each has unnecessary property lookups which are a hindrance to performance fitzgen enhancement closed low core
#6729 function unbind() doesnot remove internal variables in function toggle() bug closed low event
#6754 a.find(b) produces bad selector if a or b have grouped selectors bug closed low selector
#6850 Error in deep > selectors when root node has no parent dept42 bug closed low selector
#6876 Newline in form data should be encoded as CRLF pair dmethvin bug closed low ajax
#6884 XML introspection confused when SVG embedded in <script> tag bug closed low attributes
#6891 Dynamic select box (size 5) does not refresh for single value until mouse over plohiya bug closed low manipulation
#7171 dataType plugins for $.ajax() kswedberg feature closed low ajax
#7193 $.fn.animate cannot "start" from any value less than -10000 john bug closed low effects
#7201 Exception thrown by $.ajax.error callback cannot be caught by outer try...catch (for a synchronous request) cipinistor@… bug closed low ajax
#7214 document jQuery.readyWait bug closed low misc
#7215 .not() on contents() has problems with selector bug closed low traversing
#7224 Have jQuery.type return "jQuery" for jQuery objects Rick Waldron enhancement closed low core
#7232 jquery 1.4.3 buged this small script anonymous bug closed low unfiled
#7233 jQuery 1.4.3 changes behaviour of $('.e').css('width', null) kelvin@… bug closed low css
#7235 Css width and height of hidden element is incorrect bug closed low css
#7237 next() skips sibling in nested ul element in IE8 bug closed low event
#7239 JSLint Check: Line 1279 character 22: 'data' is already defined. john bug closed low data
#7240 Strange clearfix + animate behaviour bug closed low effects
#7241 .data() doesn't parse JSON strings, but accepts all other JSON notation bug closed low data
#7244 If/Else template tag: Templating attributes results in "unexpected token: else" BorisMoore bug closed low templates
#7245 css('top') in Firefox 3.6.10 no longer works bug closed low css
#7246 $('no elements').replaceWith('<div/>').length !=0 jablko bug closed low manipulation
#7249 XML Element .attr() method not working. bug closed low attributes
#7251 children doesn't find a child node bug closed low traversing
#7252 Searching for "split" returns a MySQL error. bug closed low web
#7267 Problem with $("").css('width') when upgrading from Jquery 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 bug closed low unfiled
#7268 Data argument no longer works with DELETE requests anonymous bug closed low unfiled
#7274 dashes don't work when used in css() objects bug closed low unfiled
#7284 .val() returns object instead of value if TinyMCE active trurl-master@… bug closed low attributes
#7287 -10000px bug for jQuery.animate bug closed low effects
#7290 .next() doesn't work with :visible bug closed low traversing
#7293 api.jquery.com has two Media Temple logos bug closed low web
#7295 Quoteless attribute selectors on href in Firefox 3.6 fail to select bug closed low selector
#7296 $.isHTMLElement enhancement closed low core
#7303 Regression: Cannot use appendTo() with a jQuery object that holds many elements bug closed low unfiled
#7307 Document Mouseenter Swallows Live and Delegate Handlers bug closed low unfiled
#7312 add class does not work for multiple calls igor.lazarevski@… bug closed low attributes
#7313 Can't get input object with same id in different forms bug closed low attributes
#7314 Trying to animate a VML element in IE throws error bug closed low effects
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