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#5091 Attribute type of "multiple" in chrome/safari/firefox bug closed blocker attributes
#7807 BUG - selector with context in Jquery 1.4.4 bug closed high selector
#7261 Body Table wray@… bug closed undecided support
#7593 Bug in html() in jQuery 1.4.x (ok in jQuery 1.3,2) Ondrej.Fuxa@… bug closed undecided ajax
#7598 Calendar Bug bahram2010@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#7524 Calling $.fn.data without arguments on a non-DOMelement in 1.4.4 snover bug closed blocker data
#7634 Can't find "option" in "select" with a point within id. bug closed high selector
#7313 Can't get input object with same id in different forms bug closed low attributes
#7301 Cannot Select by $(elem#id) if there are other element with same id in IE bug closed undecided unfiled
#7359 Cannot detect mouse position over a disabled field in Firefox enhancement closed low event
#7351 Cannot find element in form with "id" field bug closed low selector
#7416 Changing value not compatible with new jQuery dalelarsen22@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#7271 Chome doesn't copy the uploaded file ref droberts@… bug closed undecided manipulation
#7564 Chrome and Safari seem to strip double quotes van result form .css() bug closed undecided unfiled
#7390 Chrome7: window.open blocked on synchronous ajax call bug closed undecided unfiled
#7426 Conflict with Prototype.js caused by early exposure of global variables bug closed undecided selector
#7470 Cross-Compatibility IE 7 and 8 tested martin@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#7235 Css width and height of hidden element is incorrect bug closed low css
#6398 Custom "submit" event on Objects in IE jitter bug closed high event
#7507 Custom validation does not work test method undefined bug closed undecided unfiled
#6106 Data argument is undefined in success method of $.ajax in IE7 jaubourg bug closed high ajax
#7268 Data argument no longer works with DELETE requests anonymous bug closed low unfiled
#7506 Date data type collecting data enhancement closed undecided unfiled
#7371 Delay Execution of Eval Test john bug closed blocker support
#7543 Delay() doesn work if Show() duration not specified bug closed low effects
#7550 Different results of html() function in different browsers bug closed undecided unfiled
#7473 DisableSelection -> Disables form fields bug closed undecided unfiled
#7307 Document Mouseenter Swallows Live and Delegate Handlers bug closed low unfiled
#8124 Documentation for .clone() is missing second parameter Rick Waldron bug closed high manipulation
#7122 Dynamic links aren't displayed as visited in IE 8 and IE 7 bug closed high build
#6891 Dynamic select box (size 5) does not refresh for single value until mouse over plohiya bug closed low manipulation
#7625 Effects animate "left < -10000" bug closed low effects
#7840 Element data cache is not cleared on removeData() when the method is called without arguments snover bug closed blocker data
#7329 Error in DatePicker with Chile - Santiago GMT bug closed undecided unfiled
#6850 Error in deep > selectors when root node has no parent dept42 bug closed low selector
#7384 Error with IE7 and jQuery 1.4.3 only bug closed undecided unfiled
#6093 Escaping broken for find selector john bug closed blocker selector
#7459 Escaping meta-characters in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 bug closed undecided unfiled
#7201 Exception thrown by $.ajax.error callback cannot be caught by outer try...catch (for a synchronous request) cipinistor@… bug closed low ajax
#6842 Expando Collision Possible With noConflict() SlexAxton bug closed high data
#7622 FF 4b7: $(form).submit() does not work bug closed undecided unfiled
#7535 Firefox Console error: Unexpected token in attribute selector: '!' bug closed undecided unfiled
#7627 Firefox flickering when using .slideToggle anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7297 Firefox jQuery contains method error oleg.richards@… bug closed high core
#7435 Firefox title attribute (tooltips) stop working when returning False from a bound 'mouseout' event. bug closed low event
#7294 GET/HEAD request urls malformed when cache:true bug closed undecided unfiled
#155 Get Namespaced Elements in XML Documents slantedtiles@… enhancement closed low core
#7480 Has attribute selector not working for <a> elements bug closed undecided unfiled
#7224 Have jQuery.type return "jQuery" for jQuery objects Rick Waldron enhancement closed low core
#7453 Home-grown component live invalid bug closed undecided unfiled
#7635 Hover events enhancement closed undecided unfiled
#7379 Hover function on disabled input doesn't work bug closed high event
#7594 Html() is not outputting Checked attribute bug closed low manipulation
#6428 IE 6 & 7 selector bug when using complex selector jitter bug closed high selector
#7370 IE 8 trim BUG bug closed undecided unfiled
#7282 IE does not support the Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header declaration bug closed undecided ajax
#7481 IE error; Line 4737 bug closed undecided unfiled
#7553 IE7 <object> element .getElementsByTagName behaves as if at document level, with workaround bug closed undecided unfiled
#6256 IE8 AJAX GET request fails due to unexpected call to abort handler bug closed undecided ajax
#7431 IE8 find() and parents() bug. n0aX bug closed undecided unfiled
#7365 IE9 Event Problem bug closed undecided unfiled
#7244 If/Else template tag: Templating attributes results in "unexpected token: else" BorisMoore bug closed low templates
#7420 Implement .child() shorthand for .children() enhancement closed undecided unfiled
#5500 Implement beforeSend/ajaxSend for script requests enhancement closed high ajax
#8013 Improve performance of inserting text into an HTML element Rick Waldron bug closed blocker manipulation
#7402 In IE --> $.ajax shows textStatus=parsererror and TypeError: Object required bug closed undecided unfiled
#7292 In IE bind ignores 'change' events if trigger by fireEvent bug closed undecided unfiled
#6369 In IE v8.0.7600.16385 Line 1919 v1.4.2 undefined when exiting page??? mcslayton@… bug closed low event
#6704 In efficient use of the dedicated body element selector enhancement closed high core
#5575 Including jquery 1.3.2 breaks page layout john bug closed high support
#7638 Incorrect animate behaviour in WebKit tbicr.by@… bug closed low effects
#7465 Incorrect checking for cross-site XHR oryol bug closed low ajax
#7628 Incorrect documentation for event.currentTarget ajpiano bug closed low support
#7406 Infinite loop in IE6 using option:selected phil.robare@… bug closed undecided unfiled
#3598 Internet Explorer doesn't parse XML from file:/ flesler bug closed low ajax
#7632 JQPrint - Zoom ie7 compatability bug closed undecided unfiled
#7239 JSLint Check: Line 1279 character 22: 'data' is already defined. john bug closed low data
#7599 JSON serialization similar to serializeArray feature closed undecided unfiled
#3227 JSONP requests don't trigger AJAX callbacks kswedberg bug closed low ajax
#3442 JSONP should provide abort method enhancement closed low ajax
#7330 Jquery wont down load properly bug closed undecided unfiled
#7418 JsonP not removing script tag when call completed Rick Waldron bug closed blocker ajax
#7300 Keypress not getting arrow keys in chrome bug closed high event
#7576 Link Doesn't Work for Tooltip API bug closed low web
#7439 Links not visited in IE with ajax bug closed undecided unfiled
#5677 Live click events don't register on MobileSafari (iPhone) maxogden bug closed low event
#7562 Live on complex objects bug closed undecided unfiled
#7522 Load external CSS in IE8 bug closed undecided unfiled
#4545 Local scripts loaded from $.getScript fail if an external script is also loaded bug closed high core
#7561 Manage a plugin registry table enhancement closed undecided unfiled
#6242 Memory leak in IE8 when using ajax snover bug closed blocker ajax
#7054 Memory leaks when bind custom event in IE8 dmethvin bug closed blocker event
#7045 Memory leaks when using events and iframes bug closed high unfiled
#6583 Memory retention caused by the use of timeout in ajax call bug closed blocker ajax
#5880 Method to create a copy of jQuery feature closed low core
#7425 Mobile anonymous bug closed undecided unfiled
#7551 Multiple radio val bug bug closed undecided unfiled
#7502 New Feature Request for 1.5: Inline SVG animation with animate() instead of SMIL WebManWlkg enhancement closed undecided unfiled
#7378 New method: $.fn.classlist() Rick Waldron feature closed undecided attributes
#6876 Newline in form data should be encoded as CRLF pair dmethvin bug closed low ajax
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