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#2971 name.replace throw exceptions jdsharp bug major plugin 1.2.5
#2972 curCSS Really slow enhancement minor core 1.2.5
#2974 [4763] crashes Safari 2.0.4 bug critical core 1.2.5
#2975 Datepicker bug with daylight saving joern bug major web 1.2.5
#2976 Draggable - Problem when used with Scrollbar bug major core 1.2.5
#2978 Possible $().ready() bug in Safari 3.1.1 bug major core 1.2.5
#2979 removeAttr on IE7 need a click over the element need 2 steps bug major core 1.2.6
#2980 ui.resizable conflict with jquery.draggable for textareas stefan bug major interface 1.2.6
#2983 Website: File size mismatch bug minor core 1.2.6
#2984 [validate] bogus validation error for textareas on Opera 9 joern bug critical plugin 1.2.6
#2985 Month selection for datepicker feature minor core 1.2.6
#2986 Issues with a parents() for <a> inside a table. bug major core 1.2.6
#2987 $ cycle plugin IE7 crash: dxtans.dll !! malsup bug major plugin 1.2.6
#2988 Simple "Accordian" type effect crash IE6 flesler bug major core 1.2.6
#2989 [validate] Turning off validation on back, cancel button joern enhancement major plugin 1.2.6
#2990 id starts with filter causes 'z.indexOf is not a function' error for radio button with name 'id' bug minor selector 1.2.6
#2991 New methods for Datepicker enhancement major plugin 1.2.6
#2992 dimensions related exception in Firefox brandon bug major dimensions 1.2.6
#2993 .offsetParent() fails on fixed position elements in Opera/IE7 scottgonzalez bug major offset 1.2.6
#2995 The firebug say: "Too much recursion" -> jquery.js joern bug major plugin 1.2.6
#2996 [slider] Bug on destroy bug major core 1.2.6
#2997 $.clone() bugs in IE when $.length>1 and elements don't belong to document flesler bug minor core 1.2.6
#2998 attr('onclick',value) bug major event 1.2.6
#2999 Exception when using .poistion() brandon bug major offset 1.2.6
#3000 [accordion] Problem with .pack and .min files bug minor plugin 1.2.6
#3001 error: elem has no properties bug major core 1.2.6
#3002 remove about bug minor core 1.2.6
#3005 jQuery 1.2.6 crashes Safari 2.0.4 consistently when using appendTo() bug major core 1.2.6
#3006 [validate] Validation plugin is slow when onkeyup activated joern enhancement minor plugin 1.2.6
#3007 $.css( cssLikeName ) doesn't return same value than $.css( propertyLikeName ) bug minor core 1.2.6
#3008 Ready event not fired from MSIE frame kB bug minor event 1.2.6
#3009 ui.sortable "serialize" function won't return a value bug major core 1.2.6
#3011 Dimensions fails to return dimensions when visiblity is set to hidden bug major dimensions 1.2.6
#3012 sortable/ draggable helper as child of overflow element does not follow cursor when overflow element is scrolled enhancement trivial event 1.2.6
#3013 Interface Plugin - compressed version has comment issues bug trivial plugin 1.2.6
#3014 [treeview] add focus and highlight feature feature major plugin 1.2.6
#3015 Restrict onunload removal of eventhandlers to IE and Firefox 2 enhancement minor event 1.2.6
#3017 v1.2.6 Incompatibility with jqModal jdsharp bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3018 Using AJAX type=script or type=jsonp on IE6 sometimes breaks bug major ajax 1.2.6
#3019 Using AJAX type=script or type=jsonp on IE6 sometimes breaks bug major ajax 1.2.6
#3020 Ajax tab problem????? enhancement minor plugin 1.2.6
#3022 Setting CSS to NaN throws IE error bug minor core 1.2.6
#3023 [@attribute] selector breaks on attributes with namespaces flesler enhancement major selector 1.2.6
#3024 .html() .text() .val() issue on IE for some tags (a,span) bug major core 1.2.6
#3025 Livejournal's code is incompatible with jQuery bug minor core 1.2.3
#3026 More robust jQuery.makeArray flesler enhancement minor core 1.2.6
#3027 triggering focus throws to events in IE flesler bug minor event 1.2.6
#3028 Incorrect positioning/crash in Safari 2.0.4 bug minor effects 1.2.3
#3029 [treeview] Callback for successful async (AJAX) load of (part of) the tree joern enhancement minor plugin 1.2.6
#3031 Clone with IE6 inside of an iframe bug major core 1.2.6
#3032 onclick attribute for Jaws screen reader for better accessibility enhancement minor event 1.2.6
#3033 Useless check ? flesler enhancement minor selector 1.2.6
#3034 quickExpr does not catch ids with a dash flesler enhancement minor core 1.2.6
#3035 [validate] fails to validate input fields in Opera and Konqueror with jquery-1.2.6 joern bug critical plugin 1.2.6
#3036 click, mouseover and mouseout do not work properly in Firefox bug major event 1.2.6
#3038 show() function fails on Safari under unknown circumstances bug critical core 1.2.6
#3040 Cannot use Ajax/load() etc. to load OPTGROUP in Opera bug minor ajax 1.2.6
#3041 appendTo does not add option text to select box in IE bug minor core 1.2.6
#3042 The Image Cropper demo doesn't work bug major site 1.2.6
#3043 interface imagebox stefan bug major interface 1.2.6
#3044 Use an other attribute tha rel in ImageBox stefan enhancement major interface 1.2.6
#3045 jsonp cross domain scripting flesler bug minor ajax 1.2.6
#3046 $(window).height() returns wrong value in Opera 9.5 brandon bug major dimensions 1.2.6
#3049 Tabs layout issue with IE stefan bug minor interface 1.2.6
#3050 innerHeight/Width on window return null brandon bug major dimensions 1.2.6
#3051 jquery.eq() acts strange when passed a string flesler bug minor core 1.2.6
#3052 jquery.form.js does break on file upload flesler bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3053 passing Number(0) to html fails. flesler bug minor core 1.2.6
#3054 API/Events: select(fn) does not work in IE6. flesler bug minor event 1.2.6
#3055 IE leak prevention causes content loss bug minor event 1.2.6
#3056 bug in attr bug major core 1.2.6
#3057 Safari option hide bug bug major core 1.2.6
#3058 $.attr() improvement ? enhancement minor core 1.2.6
#3059 Bad positioning of clone delete in ui.sortable.js stefan enhancement critical interface 1.2.6
#3061 [validate] fix for non-jQuery $ situations (v 1.3) bug minor plugin 1.2.6
#3062 http://jquery.com/test not deterministic joern bug major qunit 1.2.6
#3063 Accordion doesn't work inside a form with Firefox 2.0, perfectly works with Opera 9.27 and somehow works with IE 6.0 joern bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3064 erratic results with .val() assignment bug minor core 1.2.6
#3065 UI Sortables 'stop' bug bug minor core 1.2.6
#3066 Using text() on elements that have no textnode cause error in IE bug major core 1.2.6
#3067 [validate] bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3068 tablesorter does not work with numeric columns containing a 0 bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3070 [validate] Opera and textarea tag bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3071 NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR with XHTML mime type bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3072 [validate] czech localization joern enhancement major plugin 1.2.6
#3073 Jquery not working properly with internet explorer 6+ bug minor core 1.2.6
#3074 clone(true) does not appear to maintain data() within nodes bug major core 1.2.6
#3075 Datepicker feature minor plugin 1.2.6
#3076 Bind multiple data to same handler bug major event 1.2.6
#3077 Toggle on checkboxes bug major event 1.2.6
#3078 remove() does not remove associated data flesler bug major core 1.2.6
#3079 jquery version 1.2.6 conflict with prototype bug major core 1.2.6
#3080 [autocomplete] Minor fixes required in order to play nice with other libraries that extend Object (code inside) bug critical plugin 1.2.6
#3081 [tooltip] doesn't work on IE6 & IE7 image map areas bug major plugin 1.2.6
#3083 interface autocomplete plugin misbehave in IE7 stefan bug major interface 1.2.6
#3084 Bug in droppable demo web page. (section: 100% inside droppable.) joern bug minor web 1.2.6
#3085 In NetFront Browser v3.4SP16 UTF-8 version, most of jQuery's functions are not run enhancement trivial core 1.2.3
#3086 In NetFront Browser, can't get value of option element when value-attribute is not specified bug major core 1.2.3
#3087 Request: minor refactor of "ajax" function to have a separate 'factory' method for creating XHR instances flesler enhancement minor ajax 1.2.6
#3088 fadeOut always begins fade at opacity=100 in IE bug minor effects 1.2.3
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