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#14379 Issue with xhr.js gibson042 bug undecided ajax 1.10.2
#14401 Error when loading a page with application/xhtml+xml bug undecided support 2.1.0-beta1
#14113 AMD-ify jQuery source timmywil feature blocker build 1.10.1
#14118 Use bower to include Sizzle and QUnit (remove submodules) timmywil bug blocker build 1.10.1
#14164 Reduce forced layout reflows in init or methods bug blocker core 1.10.2
#14356 Remove string indexing used in AJAX timmywil bug blocker ajax 1.10.2
#14415 Remove sourcemap comment m_gol feature blocker build 1.10.2
#14450 Remove CommonJS+AMD syntax from source timmywil bug blocker build 1.10.2
#14451 Add bower and npm registrations to release script timmywil bug blocker build 1.10.2
#14548 npm jQuery does not have a main module timmywil bug blocker core 2.1.0-beta1
#14549 npm jQuery does not expose the jQuery function, but instead a wierd factory timmywil bug blocker core
#14645 Remove global exposure for CommonJS environments with a document timmywil bug blocker core 2.1.0-beta2
#14702 Problem with npm package for jquery 'latest' m_gol bug blocker build 2.1.0-beta2
#14716 Textarea isn't cloned properly in IE11 dmethvin bug blocker manipulation 2.1.0-rc1
#10814 make support as lazy as possible with closure in mind m_gol bug high support 1.7
#13983 Switch to //# for sourcemap directives m_gol bug high build 1.10.1
#14016 Include a build option for customizing exports timmywil feature high build 1.10.1
#14040 Tests: Replace QUnit.reset usage bug high misc 1.10.1
#14076 Use AMD module config to avoid setting jQuery global timmywil feature high core 1.10.1
#14080 Running two JSONp calls with same jsonCallback simultaneous bug high ajax 2.0.2
#14087 Update release script to update Sizzle's package.json version + tag it timmywil feature high build 1.10.1
#14094 $.getScript Internet Explorer bug high ajax 1.10.1
#14100 .has() method ignores child ( > ) selector timmywil bug high traversing 1.10.1
#14101 Version 1.10 .data() differs from 1.8 when getting data from non-existent object gnarf bug high data 1.10.1
#14163 Make Deferreds/Callbacks/.ready() optional modules timmywil bug high build 1.10.2
#14282 Don't call getPreventDefault() if there is a defaultPrevented property dmethvin bug high event 1.10.2
#14344 Putting different effects in callbacks uses only the first effect. timmywil bug high effects 1.10.2
#14492 parseJSON incorrectly accepts comma expressions gibson042 bug high core 1.10.2
#14519 jQuery Ajax converters behavior change bug high ajax 1.9.1
#14535 Selection fails in IE11 when the last context is a no-longer-present iframe document gibson042 bug high selector 2.0.3
#14615 Manage bower dependencies with grunt-bowercopy timmywil feature high build 1.10.2
#12757 Enforce style guide via build process bug low build 1.8.2
#13767 left: auto on positioned elements is not converted to pixels by css() on WebKit bug low css 2.0.0-beta3
#13956 .css('right') returns percentage value in Chrome m_gol bug low css 2.0.1
#13993 .triggerHandler doesn't return value from handler for DOM0 events dmethvin bug low event 1.10.1
#14036 ajaxLocation Includes HTTP Basic Authentication Info bug low ajax 1.10.1
#14084 elem.css('width') provides incorrect output with `box-sizing: border-box` if run before document ready m_gol bug low support 1.10.1
#14142 Wrong number of elements returned in XML document with numeric IDs in Safari gibson042 bug low selector 1.10.2
#14150 IE9-10 curCSS => "Interface not supported" in for popups (and probably frames) bug low css 1.8.0
#14180 focusin/out special events don't work cross-window dmethvin bug low event 1.10.2
#14250 addClass and removeClass needlessly assign to className. bug low attributes 2.0.3
#14351 Exception thrown when running `find` in a non-attached DOM node gibson042 bug low selector 2.0.3
#14370 .html(data) incorrectly modifies some regular expressions resulting in global eval script errors gibson042 bug low manipulation 1.8.3
#14381 .add() throws "no such interface" in IE when adding nodes from another window gibson042 bug low selector 1.10.2
#14395 Put absolute URLs to source maps in release scripts m_gol bug low web 2.1.0-beta1
#14459 data-* attribute parsing bypasses jQuery.parseJSON (inconsistent with 1.x) bug low data 2.0.3
#14496 jQuery 2.1.0-beta1 fails to initialize in a XHTML page bug low support 2.1.0-beta1
#14504 Build: Upgrade to grunt-contrib-jshint 0.7.1 and squash subtasks m_gol feature low build 1.10.2
#14541 Active connections may not be closed in IE11 dmethvin bug low ajax 1.10.2
#14584 Attribute Ends With case-insensitive in some IE8 gibson042 bug low selector 1.10.2
#14623 $.is(':animated') return false from within inital step events dmethvin bug low effects 1.10.2
#14686 val() throws invalid argument in Internet Explorer 10-11 markelog bug low attributes 1.10.2
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