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#5165 jasonp doesn't work in greasemonkey user script, when loading jQuery via @require 1.4 bug closed minor
#5818 javascript doesn't work in ajax if cached 1.4.1 bug closed major
#4686 jquery 1.3.2 append(' ', ' ') crashes ie6, ie7 1.4 bug closed major
#6043 jquery 1.4 with compact-1.3 have some issue about multi-selector 1.4.2 bug closed undecided
#6459 jquery 1.4.2 and opera =< 10.10 ajax trouble 1.4.2 bug closed undecided
#5788 jquery 1.4rc1 1.4 bug closed major
#4220 jquery Dialog crash in IE 1.4 bug closed major
#6435 jquery and json 1.4.3 bug closed
#6619 jquery animate not working with flash object 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6535 jquery conflicts,please help me on this if any one will helps me it will save my time lot 1.4.3 bug closed
#6595 jquery constructor looses first text nodes 1.4.3 bug closed low
#6336 jquery fails in IE 1.4.3 bug closed
#5027 jquery failure when using prototype.js - getElementsByClassName, IE 1.4 john bug closed major
#6996 jquery form plugin working issue if form contains <option> element 1.4.3 bug closed
#6960 jquery freezes the browser 1.4.3 bug closed
#5633 jquery function with context doesn't work with attribute selectors 1.4 bug closed major
#6763 jquery has numerous warning when run through javascript lint 1.4.3 bug closed
#6764 jquery has numerous warning when run through javascript lint 1.4.3 bug closed
#5817 jquery parents() method index bug 1.4.1 john bug closed low
#7027 jquery scroll 1.4.3 bug closed
#6228 jquery seem to conflict with object.prototype.create 1.4.3 bug closed
#4347 jquery selectors dont work in floated elements in IE7 1.4 bug closed minor
#5012 jquery shuffle (cycle) shows black border in IE when using png images 1.4 bug closed major
#4651 jquery support object needs name attribute for param tag 1.4 bug closed undecided
#5417 jquery ui.tabs and slidetoggle 1.4 bug closed major
#5402 jquery-1.3.2-min.js add space between return and (E.value||"").replace(/\r/g,"") 1.4 bug closed minor
#4512 jquery-1.3.2.min.js "visible" selector doesn't run properly 1.4.3 snover bug closed high
#7146 jquery-1.4.3rc1.js - TypeError: 'jQuery.ajax.triggerGlobal' is not a function 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#5650 jquery-latest.js not being regenerated 1.4 bug closed major
#4551 jquery-validate date 1.4 bug closed low
#5547 jquery.1.3.2 load function callback method issue when request was aborted. 1.4 bug closed major
#5752 jquery.ajax DELETE verb does not contain request body content 1.4 bug closed major
#6681 jquery.autocomplete returns first possible match w/ string '0' 1.4.3 bug closed
#6251 jquery.com website not cross-browser capable! 1.4.3 bug closed
#5275 jquery.extend should set displayName on functions 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#5431 jquery.fn.offset on 1.3.x series + IE6/7 (works fine with 1.2.6) 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5582 jquery.is(':attribute') always returns true for attributes it doesn't know about 1.4 bug closed major
#6295 jquery.load() not work in chrome 1.4.3 bug closed
#4675 jquery.numeric missing semicolon breaks minification 1.4 bug closed major
#4853 jquery.treeview.async.js doesn't lazy load json data when settings.unique=true 1.4 bug closed critical
#5824 jquery1.4,jquery UI ,dialog 1.4.1 bug closed major
#6015 jquery14.com white screen on chrome 1.4.2 bug closed major
#4326 json response 1.4 bug closed major
#4478 jsonp not working in ie6 1.4 bug closed major
#6551 jsonp without a defined callback name does not set the Accept headers properly 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#4763 keydown, keyup events on select element don't fire in FF3 linux 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#6156 label[for] selector inconsistent on IE 1.4.2 bug closed undecided
#5337 left/right/top/bottom css property can't be toggled in FF 1.4 gminuses bug closed low
#5554 length expando overwrite 1.4 feature closed major
#5678 line 640 and line 685 repeat the same code 1.4 bug closed major
#5887 live change event IE javascript error 1.4.1 brandon bug closed major
#5899 live change event doesn't bubble in IE 6/7 1.4.1 bug closed major
#6702 live change event handler on select element does not work 1.4.3 bug closed
#5890 live does not work properly with multiple events 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5689 live function for focus events no longer works 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#7243 live is not working properly with attribute not equal selector in Firefox 1.4.4 john bug closed blocker
#5945 live namespaced events 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#4539 live with context in jquery nightly 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5731 live("focus") lost 1.4 brandon bug closed minor
#7001 live('hover') does not trigger the out handler 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6359 live('submit') does nothing in IE if live('click') was called before. Same with delegate. 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6016 live() Fails on jQuery'd content 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5662 live/die cannot unbind all live events 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4217 load event fails on frameset in Opera 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4555 load has inconsistant behavior 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#4190 load method 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5530 load method: In IE7/8 incoming and current document selectors must be different! 1.4 bug closed major
#5518 load() method using relevant paths 1.4 bug closed major
#6451 local jsonp requests cause ajax 'active' counter to decrement twice 1.4.3 bug closed
#5690 long tree the vertical dot line not long enough 1.4 bug closed major
#6733 make html(fn) use innerHTML if possible 1.4.3 enhancement closed undecided
#7213 make lint on a clean repo will occur error message 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#6675 makeArray fails on objects with a length property 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#4733 makeArray sometimes breaks on DOM Elements 1.4 flesler bug closed major
#4967 map( [], decodeURIComponent) fails in Galio 1.4 joern bug closed minor
#4677 method merge(first, second) has a bug 1.4 bug closed major
#6981 misleading documentation for .width() and .height() doesn't take box-sizing into account 1.4.3 bug closed
#4290 missing ) after argument list http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.pack.js Line 12 1.4 bug closed major
#5149 modifying an iframe content in firefox does'n work. 1.4 bug closed major
#4792 modifying the arguments for event trigger 1.4 brandon enhancement closed minor
#5284 mootools conflict with getElementsByClassName 1.4 john bug closed minor
#4524 mousedown event doesnt bubble in safari 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5682 mouseenter/mouseleave from or to a scrollbar cause error in Firefox 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#6234 mouseenter/mouseleave/hover event handler exceptions are caught unexpectedly 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#4600 mouseleave event not fired when moving from a input button to a input text field 1.4 brandon bug closed minor
#6039 mouseleave triggers on scrollbar in Firefox 1.4.2 bug closed major
#4398 mousemove() event handling is slow 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4656 mouseout / mouseover on disabled control 1.4 bug closed major
#4253 mousewheel opera suggest 1.4 enhancement closed major
#6240 multiple "simultaneous" $.ajax requests don't all complete in FF 3.5.8 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#4879 multiple file upload example not working with ie7Not 1.4 bug closed major
#5079 multiple="multiple" selects with no selections are not serialized using jQuery.serialize 1.4 bug closed major
#5856 namespaced events remain on DOM object when calling remove() 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#4501 nested :has(...:not(...)) doesn't work? 1.4 john bug closed major
#4322 nested :not inside :has doesn't work in FF3 and Safari 4 1.4 bug closed low
#5907 new *untils methods r failz 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5822 new Function not allowed after page load in Adobe AIR 1.4.1 bug closed low
#4668 new HTML5 input types not recognized by attr() 1.4 enhancement closed low
#4994 new ajax 'target' option upon which ajaxEvents are triggered, when specified 1.4 flesler feature closed major
#4781 new validate method 1.4 joern enhancement closed major
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