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#6814 Issue with the word "watch" -- childNodes is undefined 1.4.3 bug closed
#6815 Dynamically inserting extra closing tag throws error in IE 1.4.3 bug closed
#6817 input:hidden filter does not work 1.4.3 bug closed
#6818 Floating an image (<img>) kills its :visible selector 1.4.3 bug closed
#6819 Creating DOM elements fails in IE when no closing tag 1.4.3 bug closed
#6820 $.ajax/$.getJSON fails (w/ error on line 4075) in IE8 1.4.3 bug closed
#6821 Error 1.4.3 bug closed
#6822 Selectors with Tab whitespace die in Firefox 3.0.x 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6825 Use Array.isArray for jQuery.isArray when available 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6826 $('input[value=...]') doesn't work correctly in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6827 Inconsistent behaviour in .text() on script elements 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6828 IE8 reports: 'null' is null or not an object (caused by indexing null as an array) 1.4.3 bug closed
#6829 get failure with non standard domain/port 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6830 Malayalam Languauge integration in datepicker 1.4.2 enhancement closed undecided
#6831 Not able to make <p> tag transperent using opacity in css due to fadeIn() effect 1.4.3 bug closed
#6832 setData Bubbles 1.4.3 bug closed
#6833 .live() mapping to "mouseenter mouseleave" events in IE8 bug 1.4.3 bug closed
#6835 .val() returns text on button elements with <= IE7 1.4.2 bug closed undecided
#6836 Array incorrectly dealt as object breaking functionality of clone function when using custom Array prototype 1.4.3 Rick Waldron bug closed low
#6839 Selector Multi Class 1.4.3 bug closed
#6840 .append() from iframe to top document 1.4.1 bug closed low
#6843 computed Style bug when filtering over text nodes 1.4.3 lathan bug closed high
#6844 Simple way for plugins to delay the ready event 1.4.3 feature closed
#6846 Cannot select tags with ids containing periods 1.4.3 bug closed
#6847 $.post callback function does not work when defined inline 1.4.2 bug closed
#6848 style function fails to check for parseFloat(value) == NaN causing IE6 error 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6849 Link spamming in the documentation 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6851 JSON-Error 1.4.2 bug closed
#6852 Floating divs are conflicting with hide(), Show() 1.4.3 bug closed
#6853 two click events fired on a single click 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6854 IE in Win7 problem with S.ajax 1.4.3 bug closed
#6855 IE in Win7 problem with S.ajax 1.4.3 bug closed
#6856 Should .appendTo accept a context for the selector? 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6857 JQuery execution fails in FF and IE when typed in address bar. 1.4.3 bug closed
#6858 IE6 and IE7 textarea val() does not work 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6859 visible and hidden filters ignore visibility style 1.4.3 bug closed
#6860 Documentation for event.originalTarget 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6862 With selector select the <div> can't get me want 1.4.3 bug closed
#6864 Failed CORS requests report status success due to xhr.status === 0 1.4.3 bug closed
#6865 Firefox - infinite loop: 'elem.ownerDocument.defaultView' is null 1.4.3 bug closed
#6866 Feature request for removeCSS 1.4.3 feature closed undecided
#6868 $.trim very expensive on long strings 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6869 .one() method throws error with plain Javascript object 1.4.2 bug closed
#6870 j query window error bug 1.4.3 bug closed
#6871 Sending FormData with file fields set wrong content-type header 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6872 selector, variable assignment, replace and value of replaced variable 1.4.2 bug closed
#6873 Incorrect cross-site XHR detecting 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6874 ajax contentType application/json -> data object2json automatically 1.4.3 steida enhancement closed low
#6875 Selector and unexpected behavior 1.4.2 bug closed
#6877 Change event not firing on select box on keypress 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6878 html() has weird behavior for divs nested inside anchors in FireFox 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6879 Add custom comparator to inArray 1.4.3 enhancement closed undecided
#6881 Some valid selectors throw a syntax error when passed to jQuery.fn.is() 1.4.3 bug closed
#6882 BUG in IE 1.4 bug closed
#6883 .addClass problem with '-'in class names 1.4.3 bug closed
#6885 $.each to throw error when iterating object is invalid 1.4.3 feature closed undecided
#6886 css 1.4.3 bug closed
#6887 Datapicker position issus in fireforx 1.4.3 bug closed
#6888 Opera UI bugs 1.4.3 bug closed
#6892 Firefox 3.6.8 1.4.3 bug closed
#6893 not work in IE 8.0 1.4.3 bug closed
#6894 Can not select first nested form. 1.4.3 bug closed
#6895 FadeIn of TDs in IE8 does not work as expected 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6896 Bug with Ajax loaded content and method live 1.4.3 bug closed
#6897 jQuery.props is in support.js, belongs in attributes.js 1.4.4 SlexAxton enhancement closed low
#6898 Internet Explorer Filter Css doesn't work on Hide()/ Show() 1.4.3 bug closed
#6902 .animate() opacity problems in ie 1.4.3 bug closed
#6904 it seems .load() can not load an external content into a div 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6905 toggle() problem on linux with firefox/seamonkey 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6906 $.get(window.location, {a: 'b'}, callback); - Works bad in IE7(6,8?) 1.4.3 bug closed
#6907 jQuery forums broken 1.4.3 bug closed
#6908 $.ajax doesn't ignore case of scheme and host in URL. 1.4.4 SlexAxton bug closed low
#6909 "this" is wrong in $(selector).each(function(){...}) 1.4.3 bug closed
#6910 RFE: Split generic jQuery code and HTML-specific 1.4.3 bug closed
#6914 addClass duplication bug in 1.4.2 1.4.2 bug closed
#6915 val(#) no longer matches text node of option with a different value attribute 1.4.3 bug closed
#6916 xml parse error when using $ajax to load a file: url on IE 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6917 Replacing uses of arguments.callee with the function name. 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6918 Attaching data() to two different elements with identical markup 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6921 data() method should read html5 data-* attributes 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6922 Ajax Issue in IE7/8 - Error 12031 1.4.2 bug closed
#6923 RE: SORTABLE 1.4.3 bug closed
#6925 .empty() sometimes will throw an "'events' is null or not an object" error in Internet Explorer 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6926 Ajax call fails in Jquery 1.4.2 for IE8 1.4.2 bug closed
#6927 Tutorial "How jQuery Works" has spam links all over it 1.4.3 bug closed
#6928 KeyCode property is not defined once the key down event is triggered out of a different element's key down handler (Mozilla only). 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6929 jQuery.fn.is() returning true when it should be returning false 1.4.3 bug closed
#6930 Blackberry 4.7: makeArray(RegExp) fails 1.4.3 bug closed
#6931 Setting/Getting Class Attribute Fails in Blackberry 4.7 1.4.3 bug closed
#6932 Blackberry 4.7: .val() on empty option fails 1.4.3 bug closed
#6933 ajax request fails in IE8 with "Error requesting page" 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6935 bug for $.post when under IE 1.4.3 bug closed
#6936 IE7 AJAX Bug 1.4.3 bug closed low
#6937 WebKit Animation 1.4.2 bug closed undecided
#6938 Blackberry 4.7: .attr("missing") returns "" 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6939 find() works incorrectly with attribute selectors 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6940 autocomplete doesn't work in IE8 1.4.3 bug closed
#6943 jQuery ajax problem in https://, Line 5113 Char 4, v1.4.2 1.4.3 bug closed
#6944 Mobile Safari memory leak with $("img").remove() 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6945 Form doesn`t submit if it includes a input wiht name submit 1.4.3 bug closed
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