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#7084 conflict between Array object and cloning events 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7085 Animate border-width 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7086 Incorrect image url in testsuite.css 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7088 not bug, but... JSON parser and BOM (Byte order mark) 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7089 handleobj is undefined 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7090 Select() causes change() to break on text input fields for MSIE 6 and 7 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7091 Code wrking in MozillaFirefox but not in Internet Explorer 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7092 My application is going crashed in IE 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7094 ajax request in ie7 doesn't work properly in some cases 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7095 .ajax request to another domain does not allow username/password 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7096 Bug on children() method 1.4 bug closed blocker
#7098 Issue with height of jQuery UI dialog in IE8 when prototype is also present 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7099 AJAX does not correctly handle HTTP Responses that include content-type but do not have a message-body 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7101 IE opacity setting 1.4.3 snover bug closed high
#7103 Non-standard CSS property values on IE 1.4.3 bug closed blocker
#7104 jQuery 1.4.2 not running within IE9 Web Browser control (incl. solution proposal) 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7105 jQuery error at line 4448 in Safari (Mac, iPad, iPhone) 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7106 jQuery.parseJSON fails on Chrome 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7107 calling $(this).attr('children') returns blank list 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7108 slice() end count error 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7110 .hide().fadeIn with appendto caused FF to insert 'style="display: block;" ' into <tr> 1.4.2 bug closed undecided
#7112 AJAX error callback function executes twice in IE 6+ 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7113 $(element).data({...}) erases events 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7114 $(element).data({...}) erases events 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7117 In the created object returns incorrect data href attribute 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7118 Incorrect returning data $(this).find('td[rowspan]') 1.4.2 bug closed low
#7119 Escaping of apostroph(') in selector doesn't work properly 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7121 Form elements duplicated after ajax submit (on Firefox) 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7123 <input|checkbox>.val(array-of-values) does not update checked attribute properly if array-of-values are numbers 1.4.3 john bug closed low
#7125 Source attribute in ie7 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7126 .parents('[attribute*=value]') doesn't work with style attribute 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7130 getScript in Firefox fires success before script is loaded 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7133 Adding an array to html() causes an error 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7134 script tags seem not to load when site is in another domain 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7135 Data Link Focus 1.4.3 aburleson bug closed low
#7136 UI Dialog with ASP.NET 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7140 JQuery testsuite results aren't consistent 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7141 $.fn.show doesn't make element visible if it was previously hidden with $.fn.hide 1.4.3 john bug closed blocker
#7142 Closest() is broken in 1.4.3 1.4.3 bug closed blocker
#7143 1.4.3rc1: .resize() doesn't work 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7144 find('> .foo, >.bar') returns only the first collection of elements (for the first class). 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7145 1.4.3rc1: jQuery.cssHooks not taken into account by $.fn.animate() 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7146 jquery-1.4.3rc1.js - TypeError: 'jQuery.ajax.triggerGlobal' is not a function 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7147 1.4.3 RC1 breaks jQuery UI dialog 1.4.3 john bug closed blocker
#7148 1.4.3rc1: Cannot get styles from disconnected nodes 1.4.3 john bug closed low
#7149 Problem with jquery-ui dialog 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7150 Events can't be triggered on objects that already contain an "events" property 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7151 1.4.3 RC1 gets confused on hide() and then show() 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7152 1.4.3rc1 - Multiple direct child selectors fail 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7153 attribute selector with namespace does not find valid selectors when used as context or with find(). 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7154 Trac Preferences missing timezones. 1.4.3 jdsharp bug closed low
#7158 Web page height Increases while using datepicker 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7159 double unbind fails on window object in 1.4.3rc1 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7163 Calling data() on an empty set throws "TypeError: a is undefined" 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7164 1.4.3rc1 - Multiple child selectors fail 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7166 1.4.3 RC2 displays duplicate jQuery UI dialogs 1.4.3 john bug closed blocker
#7167 Form submit method called from onsubmit handler make infinity loop in 1.4.3rc1-rc2 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7168 globalEval assumes JavaScript is being evaluated 1.4.3 ScottyH bug closed undecided
#7170 jQuery encodes ampersand in &2sup; 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7172 base url added when cloning anchor tags in IE7 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7173 slideDown does not slide correctly on dinamically created layers 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7175 $.fn.add cannot add 'select' element to a set op option elements 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7176 API Docs: Error in `after` 1.4.3 bug closed low
#7177 jQuery 1.4.3rc2 breaks ui draggable with helper:"clone" option 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7179 .text on input element causes exception in IE 1.4.3 ezra@… bug closed undecided
#7180 Plugin throws error: "jQuery.type is not a function" 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7181 .attr() issues with Chrome and Safari 1.4.3 tegskywalker@… bug closed undecided
#7182 Combination Has Attribute Selector [name] + :first does not work 1.4.3 raber@… bug closed undecided
#7184 two tables make selector error 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7185 event.namespace example not working in Chrome 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7186 Possible incorrect dataType is set in .get() 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7188 jQuery.tmpl does not work with DOM fragments 1.4.3 BorisMoore bug closed undecided
#7189 xhr.abort() triggers error 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7190 disconnected node offset test fails when document is scrolled 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7191 Get just the first radio group value 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7192 addClass function 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7196 JSONP handler in 1.4.3-RC3 seems broken 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#7197 drop down menu working only on windows platform 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7198 Out of Memory on line 12 in Internet Explorer 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7204 $('#divid').serialize() doesn't seem to work when updating 1.3.2 to 1.4.2 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7206 .outerWidth(true) not working in IE6 1.4.4 bug closed low
#7207 ie6 & ie7 getScript callback fires too early 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7208 Unable to .appendTo to iFrame in IE6/IE7 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7209 $.fn.removeData can't delete data 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7210 .removeData doesn't remove data when data-* attributes are used 1.4.4 bug closed high
#7212 1.4.3 find() doesn't find elements when selecting from a form 1.4.4 john bug closed blocker
#7213 make lint on a clean repo will occur error message 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7217 .live and .delegate, multiple handlers 1.4.4 dmethvin bug closed low
#7218 $('body').trigger('') causes error 1.4.4 bug closed low
#7219 .children(selector) no longer works in 1.4.3 1.4.4 dmethvin bug closed blocker
#7220 Next Sibling combined with :last is failing. 1.4.4 john bug closed blocker
#7222 data() doesn't retrieve HTML 5 data-* attribtues 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7223 data( key ) for HTML 5 data-* attributes behaves different from api documentation 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7225 CSS width and height of hidden and disconnected elements is incorrect 1.4.4 danheberden bug closed blocker
#7226 clone on line 372 is declared implicitly 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7227 querying hash stopped working in the new (1.4.3) version 1.4.4 anonymous bug closed low
#7229 1.4.3 regression - passing null to event handler 1.4.4 Rick Waldron bug closed high
#7236 Sizzle.contains - compareDocumentPosition throws on older/lamer browsers 1.4.4 bradrees bug closed high
#7238 Bug in "not submit" 1.4.4 bug closed low
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