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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Type Status Priority
#4228 class selector regression in xhtml in firefox 1.4 john bug closed major
#4229 not a stable algorithm of sorting in tablesorter 1.4 bug closed major
#4230 $('<link/>').attr crashes IE8rc1 1.4 bug closed major
#4231 Add new "path" method which returns selector path to jQuery object 1.4 john feature closed minor
#4232 New :visible logic fails on hidden table rows in IE7 1.4 john bug closed critical
#4234 Allow hover to accept a single argument. 1.4 brandon enhancement closed trivial
#4235 $('#id).load() doesn't execute callback if selector matches an empty set 1.4 bug closed major
#4236 Make sure $("#foo p") is as fast as $("#foo").find("p") 1.4 john bug closed major
#4237 [Validate] The error label container remains on some cases 1.4 joern bug closed major
#4238 errors creating jquery objects on large strings in safari and chrome 1.4 bug closed major
#4239 Ajax 'post' failing to send parameters 1.4 bug closed critical
#4240 Optimize .find() and jQuery() 1.4 bug closed major
#4241 Namespaced events cause memory leaks 1.4 brandon bug closed critical
#4242 in IE8 jQuery.cache has [null] in end of array 1.4 bug closed major
#4243 Selector ~ failed 1.4 john bug closed major
#4244 selector by attribute "src" not working the same way as in 1.2.6 1.4 dbrown bug closed major
#4246 Results from .children() should be sorted in order 1.4 bug closed major
#4247 Chrome/Chromium .position().top .offset().top results relative 1.4 peol bug closed low
#4248 Ajax fails with JSON Data in Sizzle.filter method 1.4 bug closed major
#4249 Odd string to number conversion 1.4 bug closed low
#4250 Remove the use of internal .push/splice/sort methods 1.4 bug closed major
#4251 Use new when constructing RegExps and named functions instead of arguments.callee 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4252 serialize() just can serialize the <form> area but not other div area 1.4 bug closed major
#4253 mousewheel opera suggest 1.4 enhancement closed major
#4254 Traversing not finding siblings within paragraphs 1.4 bug closed minor
#4255 append('&nbsp;') DOM error 1.4 bug closed major
#4256 Can't create iframe with jQuery('html) 1.4 bug closed undecided
#4257 offet().top is returning a decimal, Docs say it returns integers 1.4 bug closed major
#4258 Jquery framework IE7 bug - Get Elemnt size 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4259 Plugin works fine in 1.4 bug closed major
#4260 focus/blur events no longer work with jquery created inputs 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4263 Offset() on position:fixed inside a div incorrect in Webkit browsers 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4264 Multiple exceptions in (X)HTML documents produced by XSLT 1.4 bug closed major
#4267 document.body is null in Firefox 3 1.4 bug closed minor
#4268 Events bound to iframe windows bound to jQuery window instead 1.4 brandon bug closed critical
#4269 Optimize structure of .css() and .attr() 1.4 bug closed major
#4270 Remove the use of nonstandard properties leftContext and rightContext 1.4 john bug closed major
#4271 can not use # for document 1.4 bug closed major
#4272 $('#id ~ div') doesn't work with divs 1.4 john bug closed major
#4274 jQuery.index() is +1 for document.body elements in IE 7 1.4 bug closed major
#4275 Annotate selectors with "!" to mean "must match" 1.4 john enhancement closed low
#4276 height/width cleanup 1.4 brandon enhancement closed minor
#4277 Bug when sliding down content wrapped in an inline element. 1.4 bug closed major
#4278 $('img.i') $('#id tr') do not work in IE7 1.4 bug closed major
#4279 F is undefined 1.4 bug closed major
#4280 "Permission Denied" errors in IE7 when unloading documents 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4281 Can't overwrite onclick attr 1.4 bug closed minor
#4282 Sizzle not cleaning up its element properties/attributes in IE 1.4 john bug closed major
#4284 Method to copy entire data object from element 1.4 feature closed minor
#4285 No result and No error onclick (is browser detecting jQuery or not) 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4287 Use .innerHTML in .empty() to wipe out nodes 1.4 bug closed major
#4289 UndefinedError: "about" not defined 1.4 bug closed major
#4290 missing ) after argument list http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.pack.js Line 12 1.4 bug closed major
#4291 IE6 problem by val() determination in SELECT boxes 1.4 bug closed critical
#4293 [validate] unhighlight callback unnecessary execution for checkbox fields 1.4 joern bug closed minor
#4294 typo in jquery-1.3.2.js comment 1.4 flesler bug closed trivial
#4295 Output of .css(name); for combined properties like margin and padding is inconsistent across browsers and how the style is set 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4296 css('font-size) converts percentage to pixels in IE 1.4 bug closed major
#4297 [readonly="true"] for IE6 / [readonly=""] for Firefox 1.4 john bug closed low
#4298 [validate] Grouped elements are not update on successfull validation 1.4 enhancement closed major
#4299 attr(attrName, newAttrValue) fails on object which has child with name=attrName 1.4 flesler bug closed major
#4300 Add document as a local var as well 1.4 flesler enhancement closed minor
#4302 jQuery doesn't filter (and probably everything else) child selector properly 1.4 john bug closed major
#4303 including jquery in firefox extension XUL overlay causes overlay to stop loading 1.4 bug closed major
#4304 failed test 64 (.text) on Chrome 1.4 bug closed low
#4305 jQuery 1.3.2 and causes an unhandled exception error pages which use pngFix 1.4 bug closed major
#4307 Upgrade Sizzle Engine to v1.0 1.4 john enhancement closed major
#4308 $.support.style not accurate in IE8 RC1 strict mode 1.4 bug closed minor
#4309 VSDOC : jQuery.support is undefined 1.4 bug closed major
#4310 jQuery.fn.offset - simplify and remove "parseInt" 1.4 brandon enhancement closed major
#4311 remove "parseInt" and speed up some div 1.4 enhancement closed major
#4312 Math.x is necessary?? 1.4 enhancement closed major
#4313 slideToggle().css('display') always return 'block' 1.4 bug closed major
#4315 Jquery.param encoding wrong 1.4 bug closed critical
#4316 Safari 4 Fade Issues 1.4 bug closed minor
#4320 document.body append-Error when using back-Button in IE7 1.4 bug closed major
#4322 nested :not inside :has doesn't work in FF3 and Safari 4 1.4 bug closed low
#4323 $('#' + myID) throws an exception in version 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 if myID is a zero length string 1.4 john bug closed minor
#4325 [autocomplete] highlight function inserts "</strong>" for every character if variable term is empty string 1.4 bug closed minor
#4326 json response 1.4 bug closed major
#4327 jQuery.map doesn't respect arrays 1.4 bug closed major
#4328 Google Chrome Bug in Form Selectors 1.4 john bug closed major
#4329 treeview: Bug when using with the accordion 1.4 bug closed major
#4331 .live() is not working with "scroll" event 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4332 window focus event doesn't trigger on IE6 1.4 bug closed major
#4334 :visible not workgin on tr in IE 7 1.4 john bug closed minor
#4335 $(window).height() / Safari 3.0.x / jQuery 1.3.x incorrect value 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4336 $(window).height() / Opera 9.2x / jQuery 1.3.x incorrect value 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4337 Interation over array in google chrome iterate ascending by the array keys 1.4 bug closed major
#4338 Wrong browser version in IE with mail.ru agent software 1.4 bug closed minor
#4339 ownerDocument is null in stead of "#<an HTMLDocument>" 1.4 bug closed major
#4340 Wrong offset counting in FF2 and Safari for fixed elements 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4341 XMLHttpRequest has async always set to true 1.4 bug closed minor
#4342 Datepicker hover/mouseout support 1.4 feature closed major
#4343 $(window).innerHeight throws error in FF3.0.7 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4346 Data missing after adding to two elements. 1.4 bug closed major
#4347 jquery selectors dont work in floated elements in IE7 1.4 bug closed minor
#4349 Autocompete jqmodal support 1.4 enhancement closed major
#4350 Crash IE6 1.4 bug closed major
#4351 INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR Uncaught exception / Selector engine 1.4 john bug closed major
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