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#5852 .live() support for multiple types 1.4.1 brandon bug closed major
#5853 Ajax callback context is not original object. 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5854 Class selector bug when returning length in IE8 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5855 inline onclick return false target="_blank" ie8 1.4 bug closed major
#5856 namespaced events remain on DOM object when calling remove() 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5857 IE transparency turns opaque with fadein, fadeout, etc 1.4.1 coolaj86 bug closed minor
#5858 allow user to add a delimiter to the text() function 1.4.1 enhancement closed major
#5860 preventDefault() does not work in live('submit, ...) when triggered from $('form').submit() 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5861 serialize and serializeArray not working 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5862 jQuery 1.4.0 breaks URL for AJAX GET if data contains key named "length" 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5863 .load ajax data transfer size limit 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5865 Allow User To Specify A Reviver Function For Parsing JSON In AJAX Requests 1.4.1 enhancement closed minor
#5867 hasClass() behaviour change 1.4.1 john bug closed minor
#5868 :contains() Selector fails to find match when string is passed as a variable 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5869 SELECT element change event firing on focus first time in IE 1.4.1 brandon bug closed major
#5870 Specifying context fails for selector when context is a wrapped string 1.4 bug closed minor
#5871 jQuery.get in IE7 fails with dataType json 1.4 bug closed major
#5872 ajax calls succes instead of error on server error 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5874 $('<v:curve/>', {'from' : '50px,50px', 'to' : '100px,100px'}) 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5875 .replaceWith() doesn't work with empty set 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5878 Chrome on Mac reports as Safari 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5879 Ajax Cross-Site load for HTML content broken 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5883 :heading 1.4.1 john enhancement closed minor
#5887 live change event IE javascript error 1.4.1 brandon bug closed major
#5888 offset(coordinates) returns null when attached to empty jQuery set 1.4.1 brandon bug closed minor
#5889 .removeClass in 1.4 leaves a space 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5890 live does not work properly with multiple events 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5891 Documentation error: jQuery.getScript() 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5892 IE change event does not fire on text input after setting value - works in jQuery 1.3.2, fails in 1.4.0 1.4.2 brandon bug closed minor
#5893 jQuery1.4 bug---addClass() 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5894 Some kind of queue or fadeOut error 1.4.1 adam.kopec bug closed major
#5895 $(s, ctx) fails for some selectors 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5896 Easy setter for .data method 1.4.1 enhancement closed minor
#5899 live change event doesn't bubble in IE 6/7 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5900 eq Selector not selecing hidden div's? 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5902 ajaxComplete event problem, -or- ajaxStart problem? 1.4.1 subassio bug closed major
#5903 slideUp() bug whit html,body height 100% 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5904 Injecting Flash with $.html fails in 1.4 in IE6 1.4.2 bug closed critical
#5905 slideDown and slideUp and min-height 1.4.1 brandon bug closed critical
#5906 IE leaks memory when removing child elements with bound events (until page is unloaded) 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5907 new *untils methods r failz 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5908 jQuery.is() helper 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5909 can't post multiple values as of 1.4 any more 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5910 In 1.4, show/hide methods call animate() when speed is false or empty string 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5911 jQuery 1.4 won't load in a non-HTML document 1.4.1 enhancement closed minor
#5912 flash object not work on insert via .html(flash_object_string) 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5913 Centralize the logic for throwing exceptions 1.4.1 enhancement closed major
#5914 Expose JSON parsing logic 1.4.1 enhancement closed major
#5915 .height(fn) and .width(fn) are missing 1.4.1 brandon enhancement closed major
#5916 e.preventDefault doesn't work with live submit 1.4.1 brandon bug closed major
#5917 replaceWith is not working as mentioned in the api doc 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5918 :not filter bug for input of type BUTTON on IE 1.4 NadAf bug closed major
#5919 jQuery.ajax({ dataType: 'json', error: function(...) {...}}) delivers a wrong this pointer. 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5920 filtering text/comment nodes with a not simple selector 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5921 nextUntil to slow (possibly all *Until functions) 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5922 .load() doesn't fire global Ajax Events 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5923 Setting .readyState = 0 throws exception 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5924 Don't use cloned context in Ajax 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5925 Form reset and serialize and serializeArray 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5926 autocomplete resets the value when selected by mouse with config minChars:0 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5927 AJAX problem with IE6/IE7 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5928 Global mousemove ceased to function 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5929 Checked state from a cloned fragment fails 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5931 jQuery.parseJSON not working with single quotes 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5932 not work change event at first time. 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5933 jQuery API browser has no "exit door" 1.4.2 joern enhancement closed major
#5934 onChange event no fired in IE8 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5936 JQuery Validation - Problem with text-indent in IE7 1.4.4 bug closed major
#5938 jQuery.ajax with binary result raises "parsererror" on IE6 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5939 Cloning iframe with content generated by JS 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5940 Ajax usage problem with 1.4.1 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5941 is() function bug 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5943 $.load() sending POST header on GET 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5944 1.4.1: IE8 attr() can return null instead of undefined 1.4.2 bug closed minor
#5945 live namespaced events 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5946 Animated show of element with transparency looks bad in Internet Explorer 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5948 Stack overflow when using with jquery tools/navigator/scrollable 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5949 Out of memory/Stack space in IE8, 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5950 $('> *', context) works but $('> *', context).live doesn't 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5952 quote within select value is not parsed correctly, IE specific 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5954 jQuery(html) create child script elements at root level 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5956 .innerHeight() & innerWidth() failed to run under firefox 3.5.7 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5957 Error on Sizzle.selectors.filter.PSEUDO 1.4.2 mmchida bug closed major
#5958 An JQuery Bug for IE6 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5959 Change event for Select element getting fired on click (occuring in 1.4.1) 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5960 CSS proeprties not set in mixed content documents 1.4.2 enhancement closed minor
#5961 click event in webkit 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5962 Missing a "(" in the example 1.4.2 bug closed minor
#5963 Attribute Selector Error in Internet Explorer 7/8 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5964 $.post similiar variable name a post variable name... 1.4.1 joern bug closed major
#5965 this.nodeValue differs between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5966 getJSON callback does not fire 1.4.2 bug closed critical
#5967 Unbind of namespaced 'change' event unbinds all 'change' events (IE only) 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5968 AJAX failures don't call error but rather success 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5969 'Access Denied' on 2nd time for wrap(). 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5970 Change event isn't fired in IE on a text box when starting from a empty field. 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5971 Make sure jQuery.data( elem ) always returns an object 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5972 Improve Performance of .bind() and .unbind() 1.4.2 brandon enhancement closed major
#5973 Add A Special Default Hook 1.4.2 brandon feature closed major
#5974 Bring the performance of empty/remove/cleanData down to the wire 1.4.2 enhancement closed major
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