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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Type Status Priority
#4968 check for missing indexOf 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#4671 children () is slower than find (), and can be optimized with childNodes 1.4 enhancement closed major
#6689 chrome 5.0.375.70 can't load() a new page? 1.4 bug closed undecided
#6174 ckeckbox value not retrieved correctly 1.4.2 bug closed
#4228 class selector regression in xhtml in firefox 1.4 john bug closed major
#4801 clean() reorders script tags without checking type attribute 1.4 aq1018 bug closed low
#5961 click event in webkit 1.4.2 brandon bug closed major
#5378 click event of a parent triggered when clicking children 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5249 clipboardData (and other new properties) not copied to new event object 1.4 bug closed major
#6957 clone bug in demos\sortable\portlets.html 1.4.3 bug closed
#4191 clone method can't clone data of elements 1.4 enhancement closed major
#7226 clone on line 372 is declared implicitly 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7072 clone() broken for actions in IE8 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#5447 clone() contains unwanted </div> in IE8 1.4 singlewind bug closed critical
#5270 clone() doesn't clone filters in IE6 1.4 bug closed minor
#5524 clone() doesn't clone the textarea's text value 1.4 bug closed minor
#6268 clone() doesn't copy "own properties" of html elements in firefox and safari 1.4.3 bug closed
#4643 clone(true) bug with multiple nested elements 1.4 bug closed major
#6494 clone(true) causes stack overflow error in ie on sortable elements 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#5681 clone(true) does not clone event bindings 1.4 bug closed major
#5475 closest method to evaluate the selector with appropriate context 1.4 bug closed major
#6171 code for password strength 1.4 bug closed
#6198 combined selector with live() in opera 1.4.3 bug closed
#6640 complete() called twice in error condition 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6440 complete() not called with ajax request 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#5713 complex selector with live submit event 1.4 bug closed major
#6843 computed Style bug when filtering over text nodes 1.4.3 lathan bug closed high
#7084 conflict between Array object and cloning events 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6346 conflict between jQuery 1.4 and Sarissa 1.4.3 doug bug closed low
#5293 createElement optimization should allow for tag pair as well as quick-closed tag 1.4 flesler enhancement closed major
#6029 cross domain POST results in OPTIONS request 1.4.2 bug closed major
#6886 css 1.4.3 bug closed
#5210 css background-position in IE8 returns undefined 1.4 bug closed minor
#6783 css font-size get value or height get value in pixels 1.4.3 feature closed
#4216 css function does not handle negative width and height in key/value pairs 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#7080 css function should check for NaN 1.4.3 bug closed high
#4623 css min-height / min-width breaks animation 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#1745 css setting on svg element is broken 1.4.4 bug closed major
#6002 css("border-width") 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5446 css("font-size") not returning correct value for elements in iframe 1.4 bug closed major
#6684 css("top") (and similar getters) returns different values in different browsers 1.4.3 bug closed
#4296 css('font-size) converts percentage to pixels in IE 1.4 bug closed major
#4395 css('padding') doesn't work correctly in each browser 1.4 bug closed critical
#5674 css('z-index') returns incorrect value in Safari 1.4 bug closed major
#7395 css() and the dimensions functions broken 1.4.4 john bug closed blocker
#5533 css(name) method does not work at IE, css( name, value ) work both IE and FF 1.4 bug closed minor
#4358 curCSS function in IE: "invalid argument" 1.4 bug closed major
#4481 curCSS method doesn't return correct values in IE for font-size, line-height, margin and padding 1.4 bug closed undecided
#5260 curCSS() 1.4 bug closed major
#3331 curCSS() doesn't convert negative em/% values properly in IE 1.4 flesler bug closed major
#6484 data attribute overwrited in new node creation 1.4.3 naugtur bug closed undecided
#6121 data function no longer works with OBJECT elements 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#2768 data should accept a hash 1.4 flesler enhancement closed major
#7223 data( key ) for HTML 5 data-* attributes behaves different from api documentation 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#5092 data('events', value) removes all jquery events bound to element 1.4 brandon bug closed minor
#6992 data() can be used as data[] 1.4.3 enhancement closed undecided
#7222 data() doesn't retrieve HTML 5 data-* attribtues 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#6921 data() method should read html5 data-* attributes 1.4.3 enhancement closed
#6134 data() now returns null on "no data" 1.4.2 bug closed
#6259 data() returns null, but undefined in Firefox after console.log() 1.4.3 bug closed
#4888 datePicker : yearRange issue. 1.4 bug closed major
#6054 delay() with a queueName is not working 1.4.1 bug closed
#6438 delegate without events - call function when selection is matched 1.4.3 bug closed
#6599 dev.jquery.com - trac - need 'forgot password' link 1.4.3 feature closed undecided
#5789 die() fails to remove handlers 1.4.1 brandon bug closed major
#5976 die() fails to unbind listeners 1.4.2 brandon bug closed minor
#4894 die() incorrectly removing all live() event filters 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#4317 die() kills events on similar elements 1.4.4 bug closed high
#7190 disconnected node offset test fails when document is scrolled 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#6948 div[name='divName'] in IE7 does not select 1.4.3 bug closed undecided
#5298 doc confusion possible new idea. 1.4 bug closed minor
#6570 docs.jquery.com/Tutorials doesnt work for at least 2 days 1.4.3 bug closed
#5060 document ready in IE 7.0.5730.13 1.4 bug closed minor
#4320 document.body append-Error when using back-Button in IE7 1.4 bug closed major
#4267 document.body is null in Firefox 3 1.4 bug closed minor
#6018 document.body is null or not a object 1.4.2 bug closed major
#4117 document.documentElement["getBoundingClientRect"] 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#6500 document.domain + IE6 + jQuery 1.4.x = "Permission denied" error 1.4.3 bug closed
#6167 documentation: link to test suite outdated 1.4.2 bug closed
#4527 domManip - evalScript vs. globalEval 1.4 enhancement closed critical
#7159 double unbind fails on window object in 1.4.3rc1 1.4.3 bug closed high
#7197 drop down menu working only on windows platform 1.4.4 bug closed undecided
#7060 e = c.data(this, "events"); d = e[a.type]; error in IE 8.0 1.4.3 bug closed
#5916 e.preventDefault doesn't work with live submit 1.4.1 brandon bug closed major
#6489 e.which not working correctly in Internet Explorer 1.4.2 bug closed undecided
#5740 each method should support XML 1.4 enhancement closed major
#7034 effect.js uses variables defined in closure of css.js 1.4.3 bug closed
#6023 el.find('[readonly]') does not work 1.4.2 john bug closed critical
#4463 element selector doesn't work on Mac Safari 1.4 john bug closed major
#6653 element selector of v1.4.2 found extra (none-exist) elements in firefox v3.6.3 1.4.2 bug closed
#4544 email validation have bug 1.4 bug closed major
#5264 embed tags do not work anymore in IE6 with current nightly build 1.4 bug closed undecided
#5436 empty tags typed <tagName /> instead of <tagName></tagName> cause unexpected behavior. 1.4 bug closed major
#6751 empty url on POST request ends up in Failure (SSL/Firefox) 1.4.3 bug closed
#6536 empty() triggers 'remove: java.lang.NoSuchFieldException' upon removing <object> element with applet 1.4.3 bug closed
#3825 enhance .toggleClass 1.4 brandon enhancement closed minor
#5801 enhancement: support .live('hover',fn) 1.4.1 brandon enhancement closed trivial
#5900 eq Selector not selecing hidden div's? 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5379 eq handle -1 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#4731 eq() selector to also work from end of list 1.4 john enhancement closed minor
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