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#5461 Live Click Event Triggers on Right- and Middle-Click 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5462 $(".selector").resize(function(){...}); no work in FF3.0.5 1.4 bug closed major
#5463 .width() not returning correct result in IE<8 of Safari browsers when content injected in dom 1.4 bug closed major
#5465 remove() feature removes all siblings 1.4 bug closed major
#5466 Image load only fires once in chrome 1.4 bug closed major
#5467 Patch for jQuery offset method for PlayStation 3 Silk browser 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5468 Bad URI causes ajaxStop and ajaxComplete not to fire 1.4 bug closed minor
#5469 Class selector doesn't work as expected when specifying top 1.4 bug closed major
#5470 jQuery.lastCloser instead of using data API 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5471 Resizable and Draggable disable does not distroy mouse event bindings 1.4 bug closed major
#5472 Failure work of html(val) attribute with FF2.0 and IE7.0 if val is element 1.4 bug closed major
#5474 isObject that works 1.4 bug closed critical
#5475 closest method to evaluate the selector with appropriate context 1.4 bug closed major
#5483 Another Result in .html() with \r\n at the beginning (1.4pre) 1.4 bug closed major
#5493 isObjectLiteral to work correctly with custom objects with empty prototype 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5494 jQuery.extend(true, ...) to extend recursively object literal values only 1.4 bug closed major
#5496 for() loops optimization 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5501 Implement dataFilter/processData for script requests 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5502 Implement timeouts for script requests 1.4 bug closed major
#5503 Selector against name fails if name contains period followed by square brackets 1.4 john bug closed major
#5504 $.ajax succes .html(...jscript alert...) => all dropdown in pag error 1.4 bug closed major
#5505 hasClass doesn't work with carriage return or tab 1.4 bug closed major
#5506 .show() and .hide() throw errors with falsy values for speed 1.4 bug closed major
#5507 Ajax Fires "Complete" Event Twice (JSONP) 1.4 bug closed major
#5508 IE does not allow you to use square brackets in jQuery query 1.4 john bug closed critical
#5509 Setting rgba value as border color makes jquery halt 1.4.3 snover bug closed critical
#5511 $(function () {...}, iframe.contentDocument); 1.4 brandon feature closed major
#5512 add header option for sending custom http header 1.4 enhancement closed critical
#5513 scrollTop() and offset() do not work in Firefox 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5514 Move try..catch outside loop in withinElement function 1.4 brandon enhancement closed minor
#5515 pseudo-selector descendent selectors under html5 in IE fail 1.4 john bug closed minor
#5516 Make submit, change and select events compatible with .live() 1.4 brandon enhancement closed major
#5518 load() method using relevant paths 1.4 bug closed major
#5519 Problem using data() in GreaseMonkey script 1.4 bug closed minor
#5521 $(document).ready() firing too early probably in WebKit, and messing up the page 1.4 bug closed major
#5522 IE8 expando bug 1.4 bug closed major
#5523 overrided toString not copied in IE by $.extend 1.4 bug closed major
#5524 clone() doesn't clone the textarea's text value 1.4 bug closed minor
#5525 Make .text() work on text nodes 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#5527 More generic jQuery.merge 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5528 jQuery.makeArray( nodeList ) 1.4 bug closed major
#5529 ajaxSettings.xhr not correct on Windows Mobile phone 1.4 bug closed minor
#5530 load method: In IE7/8 incoming and current document selectors must be different! 1.4 bug closed major
#5531 Toggle Flickers in IE8 for "slow" speed 1.4 bug closed major
#5532 jQuery.trigger doesn't pass data argument when its object with length property 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5533 css(name) method does not work at IE, css( name, value ) work both IE and FF 1.4 bug closed minor
#5536 attr() and val() problem with chrome and safari but works with FF 1.4 bug closed major
#5537 attr() and val() problem with chrome and safari but works with FF 1.4 bug closed major
#5538 jQuery unload method not working Cross browser 1.4 bug closed minor
#5540 Custom easing callback not working? 1.4 bug closed major
#5541 hide() does not hide inputs in opera9 when [content:''] is applied to them 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5542 Using JQuery from <a href="Javascript:xxxxxx" >click me</a> 1.4 bug closed major
#5543 Pseudoelements :last-of-type and :first-of-type broken in certain contexts. 1.4 john bug closed minor
#5544 Setting type attribute on button tag fails without exception in IE 1.4 bug closed major
#5545 HTML5 selectors fail in IE6 (but work fine in all other browsers) 1.4 bug closed major
#5547 jquery.1.3.2 load function callback method issue when request was aborted. 1.4 bug closed major
#5548 Form submit fails with Unclosed <P> tag before <Form>. 1.4 bug closed major
#5549 Need for a workaround to support XHR cookie dispatch in IE? 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5550 Selector option:gt(-1) doesn't work for Select fields 1.4 john bug closed major
#5551 .parentsUntil, .nextUntil, .prevUntil methods 1.4 feature closed major
#5552 Descendant ID selector (e.g. $("#id1 > #id2")) does not work in FireFox 3.0.15 1.4 john bug closed major
#5553 What is 'context' , in the context of jQuery ? 1.4 bug closed major
#5554 length expando overwrite 1.4 feature closed major
#5555 using val(val) to set selected option of select list selects wrong option 1.4.3 bug closed major
#5556 Selector by ID with attribute behaves weirdly (and differently across browsers) 1.4 bug closed minor
#5557 Speed function doesn't properly handle null values 1.4 bug closed major
#5558 $.ajaxComplete - stop main function 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#5559 Autocomplete cache 1.4 bug closed major
#5560 .load fails to return anything even from www.google.com 1.4 bug closed major
#5561 ajax bug in document.getElementById and $("#ID") 1.4 bug closed major
#5562 Can not get image size 1.4 bug closed major
#5564 toggle() fails for elements with height=0 1.4 bug closed major
#5567 Bug about ":visible" and ":hidden" 1.4 john bug closed critical
#5569 BUG with .animate() 1.4 bug closed major
#5570 Expr.filter.ATTR forgets to replace the escape character 1.4 bug closed major
#5572 Animate Callback triggering twice 1.4 bug closed trivial
#5573 Code inconsistency between mouseenter/mouseleave and focus/blur special events 1.4 brandon bug closed trivial
#5576 Live event listener fails on first event type 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5577 jQuery output to screen 1.4 bug closed minor
#5578 IE6, JQuery V1.3.2, left column behaviour changes in IE6 when jquery is included 1.4 joern bug closed minor
#5579 iframe with name="body" blows up at ready() time 1.4 bug closed major
#5582 jquery.is(':attribute') always returns true for attributes it doesn't know about 1.4 bug closed major
#5584 Permission denied in IE7 1.4 bug closed major
#5585 jQuery.ajax should support onInteractive callbacks (readyState == 3) 1.4 feature closed major
#5586 trigger(<event>) doesn't work in some cases with FireFox 3.5 1.4 bug closed major
#5587 IE6 + IE7 IMG width() 1.4 bug closed major
#5588 Assigning negative height or width in animation causes IE to throw an error 1.4 bug closed minor
#5589 $(undefined) selecting the whole document is confusing 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5590 Some selectors not working with namespaces 1.4 john bug closed major
#5591 Chrome event order is reversed 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5592 Milonic script capatibility 1.4 bug closed minor
#5593 DOM parent() 1.4 bug closed major
#5594 $.fn.filter has different argument-list than any of the other iterator functions 1.4 bug closed major
#5595 Live Event Binds Ignore Context 1.4 brandon bug closed minor
#5596 'undefined' is null or not an object error in Internet Explorer 6 - 8 1.4 bug closed major
#5597 hover( over, out ) wont fire when cursor cross over an input text 1.4 brandon bug closed major
#5598 [autocomplete] selectCurrent() -- wordAt is sometimes undefined after each loop 1.4 bug closed major
#5599 Added support for per-property easing 1.4 feature closed major
#5600 Width returns null 1.4 bug closed major
#5601 1.4a1 causing parserror using form.js 1.4 bug closed major
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