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#5653 .fadeTo() for a <TABLE> raises an error 1.4 bug closed major
#5654 Ajax callbacks and the this keyword 1.4 bug closed minor
#5655 Regression in v1.4a1 1.4 bug closed major
#5656 jQuery('item', xml).each() fails to find any items in IE. XML is of type RSS 2.0. 1.4 bug closed minor
#5657 jQuery Inner respone problem 1.4.4 feature closed major
#5659 jQuery.animate can throw on IE 7 and 8 1.4 bug closed major
#5663 UI/Carousel dome doen't work anymore... 1.4 bug closed trivial
#5665 JQuery 1.3.2 Post problem under firefox and IE 1.4 bug closed undecided
#5667 serialize / serializeArray ignores HTML 5 input types 1.4 bug closed minor
#5668 Scripts are not being disabled in the loaded page 1.4 bug closed major
#5669 isPlainObject( null/undefined/window ) on IE 1.4 bug closed major
#5670 :visible broken in IE8 on element following a display:inline 1.4.2 bug closed major
#5671 Core Error .data 1.4 bug closed major
#5672 Jquery Splitter 1.4 bug closed critical
#5674 css('z-index') returns incorrect value in Safari 1.4 bug closed major
#5676 fadeIn/fadeOut/fadeTo leaves inline style "filter" behind in IE 1.4 bug closed major
#5678 line 640 and line 685 repeat the same code 1.4 bug closed major
#5679 Google closure-compiler compiled version of jQuery 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#5680 RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded. 1.4 bug closed major
#5681 clone(true) does not clone event bindings 1.4 bug closed major
#5683 onload fires before document.body exists, in dynamically written iframes in FF 1.4 bug closed minor
#5686 $.map is not consistent with $#each, $#map and $.each 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#5688 Too much recursion errors 1.4 bug closed major
#5690 long tree the vertical dot line not long enough 1.4 bug closed major
#5691 Stack overflow in IE6 1.4 bug closed critical
#5692 In IE8 hide("slow") removes margin-bottom from a div when used in special case 1.4 bug closed major
#5693 recursion error 1.4 bug closed major
#5694 Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0" nsresult: "0x80570009 (NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS)" 1.4 bug closed major
#5696 Minor Feature: Slugify 1.4 enhancement closed trivial
#5704 Deep extend converts array to object 1.4 bug closed major
#5708 Selectors failing in internet explorer 1.4 bug closed major
#5709 $.ajax() - type is json if dataType is unspecified and c-t is "application/json" 1.4 enhancement closed trivial
#5710 v. 1.4a2 - Too much recursions 1.4 bug closed major
#5713 complex selector with live submit event 1.4 bug closed major
#5714 append() Doesn't Work for <head> Elements in IE 1.4 bug closed major
#5715 autocomplete : get variable from using page 1.4 feature closed major
#5716 $(":header,p") and $("p,:header") will return different results 1.4 bug closed major
#5718 $.ajax() - dataType: "auto" setting for auto-detecting/parsing response data via content-type header 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5719 IE problems 1.4 bug closed major
#5720 `expando` cleanup in `.html()` and `.clone()` is too greedy 1.4 bug closed major
#5721 Webkit: Radio checked state incorrect when creating an input with a name 1.4 bug closed low
#5722 return false on live submit doesn't prevent normal browser submit 1.4 bug closed critical
#5723 animate color error: Invalid Property Value 1.4 bug closed major
#5725 [autocomplete] Conflict with ASP.NET MVC2 RC 1.4 bug closed major
#5726 problems with jquery.ajax and https y chrome 1.4 bug closed major
#5727 Checkboxes "is(':checked')" is opposite for programmatic click() than user click 1.4 bug closed major
#5728 Cannot access IMG attributes (height, width) in IE if parent is null 1.4 bug closed minor
#5729 `Expando` cleanup in `.html()` and `.clone()` is too greedy 1.4 bug closed major
#5730 jQuery(e).getJSON(url,callback),should always load callback after submit. 1.4 bug closed major
#5732 IE8 show/hide doesn't work for block following an inline-block 1.4 bug closed minor
#5733 Validation Plugin does not work in IE 1.4 bug closed major
#5734 ReplaceWith duplicates closing tag </input> in xhtml 1.4 bug closed major
#5738 var value = $(this).val() fails in IE 1.4 bug closed minor
#5740 each method should support XML 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5741 $(element).html(val) SERIOUS BUG 1.4 bug closed undecided
#5742 Consider RunJS for jQuery code loading 1.4 feature closed major
#5743 Firefox: Showing hidden Element containing scrollable Content causes Page Flicker 1.4 bug closed major
#5745 vertical coverflow 1.4 bug closed major
#5746 Glitch when calling fadeOut() with light gray text 1.4 bug closed major
#5747 [autocomplete] Display results as TABLE instead of UL 1.4 enhancement closed trivial
#5748 Problem with encoding (hebrew - windows-1255) using remote 1.4 bug closed major
#5749 Regarding curCSS, css, and backgroundPosition plugin within IE (reproducable in 8) 1.4 enhancement closed minor
#5750 $.extend copies by reference, even with deep=true (patch) 1.4 bug closed minor
#5751 null value in array makes jQuery.merge ignore rest of array 1.4 bug closed minor
#5752 jquery.ajax DELETE verb does not contain request body content 1.4 bug closed major
#5753 test for equality (==) mistyped as assignment (=)? 1.4 bug closed minor
#5754 :visible and :not(:hidden) inconsistencies - IE-only 1.4 bug closed major
#5755 Bug in IE6 (on double-margin float div after comment in body with margin:auto) 1.4 bug closed major
#5758 Manipulation in IE7 drops value of radio buttons 1.4 bug closed major
#5759 Webkit table cell replaceWith() issue 1.4 bug closed critical
#5760 is() fails in IE for html5 elements 1.4 bug closed major
#5761 Radio Button Group looses checked value in IE8 when moving it using after() 1.4 bug closed major
#5762 IE error Invalid argument. Had to remove bit of jquery code 1.4 bug closed major
#5764 AJAX requests for XML documents fail if the Content-Type is incorrect 1.4 bug closed minor
#5765 programatic .click() of checkbox reports checkbox state inconsistenly to what is reported from a user click 1.4 bug closed critical
#5767 Animate the CSS Height and absolutely positioned element 1.4 bug closed major
#5768 Animate the CSS Height and absolutely positioned element 1.4 bug closed major
#5769 series of parent divs with display:none -- fail to hide 1.4 bug closed major
#5772 $() is jQuery but nut $(document) any more? 1.4 bug closed major
#5774 $.getJSON does not work as before 1.4 bug closed major
#5775 animate uses Node.ELEMENT and not Node.ELEMENT_NODE 1.4 bug closed major
#5777 [tooltip] Empty Tooltip is also shown 1.4 enhancement closed major
#5778 File Conflict 1.4 bug closed critical
#5782 Jquery bug in IE 1.4 bug closed undecided
#5786 xhr.send should test if data property is undefined 1.4 bug closed minor
#5788 jquery 1.4rc1 1.4 bug closed major
#5790 semicolon in css object value crashes webkit and ie 1.4 bug closed low
#5792 1.4rc1 [20090113] Ajax not working in FF3 (3.0.17) 1.4 bug closed low
#5793 Jquery IE error caused by UI slider / animate 1.4 bug closed critical
#5795 bug in 1.4rc1 1.4 bug closed major
#5796 Large Numbers in JSON Data get Truncated by $.getJSON 1.4 bug closed low
#5797 AJAX 'data' is processed differently in 1.3 versus 1.4rc1 1.4 bug closed major
#5798 replaceWith(function) scope is broken 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5799 wrapInner(function): inconsistent with wrapInner(html), callback scope is broken 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5806 jQuery leaves textnodes in replaceWith 1.4.1 bug closed low
#5808 Documentation typo on jQuery 1.4 site for jQuery.isEmptyObject() 1.4.1 bug closed minor
#5809 Content type on http://api.jquery.com/api/ is not application/xml 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5814 Ajax code works in 1.3.2, but fails in 1.4 (final) 1.4 bug closed critical
#5815 jQuery 1.4 fails with JSON on Chrome 1.4.1 bug closed major
#5818 javascript doesn't work in ajax if cached 1.4.1 bug closed major
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