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#11850 jQuery.ajax does not perform response with script Mime Type if status is 403 None ajax
#12763 Multiple arguments support in addClass None attributes
#11115 ".is()" and ".filter()" disagree on attribute selector "[checked]" 1.9 selector
#3827 Checkbox state inconsistent in click event handler 1.9 event
#11795 Resolve script manipulation/execution inconsistencies 1.9 manipulation
#11938 jQuery.css should accept an array to get multiple properties 1.9 css
#9384 jQuery.fx.interval should be replaced by an 'animation-tick' throttling feature. None effects
#9832 text(), html() and append() don't work on <style> elements in IE8 1.9 manipulation
#9883 Allow users to respond to other ajax event states. None ajax
#9885 Add global Ajax beforeSend event None ajax
#10417 Remove second arg from setTimeout calls (WAS jQuery.later) 1.9 core
#10485 use @hidden attribute to toggle visibility 1.next effects
#11887 Add an entry for $.cssNumber to the API docs None css
#11934 Enhancement: allow ":once" on event names to indicate one() variant event binding None event
#11945 Event: hasEvent() and so on. None event
#12134 implement HTML5 compilant form data construction into $.fn.serialzeArray 1.9 core
#12213 Add hook to cleanData to allow cleanup None manipulation
#12227 $.extend(true, ....) won't work on sources that contain circular references. None core
#12264 Allow users customize the return obj in the serializeArray None ajax
#12380 array as argument for addClass, removeClass None attributes
#12397 Allow passing a function to .data() as an each style setter. None data
#12530 $.fn.css return values for background-color None css
#12639 Make toggleClass('active', function() { return bool; }) work None attributes
#12732 hasAttr None attributes
#12734 jQuery#trigger, jQuery#triggerHandler trigger multiple events None event
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