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#6239 Error on tag selection Dark-Ape bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#6361 jQuery(html) returns 2 objects (html+script) if script is included zoglair bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#6388 $.getJSON memory leak with JSONP even on success tarad10 bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#6414 :link pseudo class throws error in browsers not supporting document.querySelectorAll JMHNilbog bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#6552 ajaxSetup for data not work of get method velna_007 bug closed undecided 1.5
#6588 $(document).ready() error in Google Chrome Artem bug closed undecided 1.4.2
#6689 chrome 5.0.375.70 can't load() a new page? bug closed undecided 1.4
#6741 event binding issue when append html by using $.html() in IE walter bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#6934 layerX/layerY vs. offsetX/offsetY jenmic bug closed undecided
#6953 avoid null object in event dispatch bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#7121 Form elements duplicated after ajax submit (on Firefox) bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#7182 Combination Has Attribute Selector [name] + :first does not work [email protected] bug closed undecided 1.4.3
#7221 toggle() has problem with set of objects [email protected] bug closed undecided 1.5
#7254 jQuery-1.4.2.js giving unresponsive script error in firefox [email protected] bug closed undecided 1.5
#7261 Body Table [email protected] bug closed undecided 1.5
#7271 Chome doesn't copy the uploaded file ref [email protected] bug closed undecided 1.5
#7333 bug report westlife1127 bug closed undecided 1.5
#3333 .css("marginRight") is incorrect in WebKit rworth bug closed blocker 1.5.2
#2616 A better jQuery.map danheberden enhancement closed high 1.6
#3729 Attribute selector with an class seperator(':') in it, fails. jitter bug closed high 1.5
#4537 clone(true) with namespaced events loses the namespace on the original and the clone jitter bug closed high 1.5.1
#6498 XHR abort() method not working in IE7. laurensonyourscreen bug closed high 1.4.3
#6765 jQuery strips non type='text/javscript' script tags when cleaning fragments johnferin bug closed high 1.next
#155 Get Namespaced Elements in XML Documents [email protected] enhancement closed low 1.5
#234 [PATCH] $().unhover and $().untoggle [email protected] feature closed low 1.5
#2278 animate calculates the wrong height of element with implicit width andreasc bug closed low 1.5
#2604 jQuery(html) breaks with HTML comments in Firefox 2 scottgonzalez bug closed low 1.2.4
#2671 curCSS: computed style hack for IE bug closed low 1.next
#3256 Test suite crashes Nokia S60 WebKit Browser nedrichards bug closed low 1.3
#4247 Chrome/Chromium .position().top .offset().top results relative peol bug closed low 1.4
#4801 clean() reorders script tags without checking type attribute aq1018 bug closed low 1.4
#4966 Problem with animate and zIndex jitter bug closed low 1.5.1
#4990 Make JSON Object k0ni feature closed low 1.4
#5388 .width() doesn't work properly in Google Chrome michal bug closed low 1.5
#5427 $.extend(false, target, obj) doesn't extend target itself gminuses bug closed low 1.4
#6105 $('head').append/appendTo('head') broken in MS Explorer av01d bug closed low 1.5
#6110 jQuery.get() doesn't transport form-elements in firefox janbuecker bug closed low 1.5
#6151 offset() gives wrong values in iframe if parent scrolled friedcell bug closed low 1.5
#6291 Ajax loading don't load <scirpt> tags luigi bug closed low 1.5
#6369 In IE v8.0.7600.16385 Line 1919 v1.4.2 undefined when exiting page??? [email protected] bug closed low 1.5
#6406 when append(),html()...the IE6 will die kevein2008 bug closed low 1.4.3
#6567 [XML-ATOM Feed] request with Win 7 / IE 8 egokamoto bug closed low 1.4.3
#6614 BUG: jQuery 1.4.2 > $().after(); shamuntoha bug closed low
#6724 wrong $(window).height() in mobile safari (iphone) bv bug closed low
#6769 in IE8, jQuery.inArray call fails with error "'indexOf' is null or not an object" riamu bug closed low 1.4.3
#6790 .css() returning inconsistent values between browsers Alistair bug closed low
#6845 unload garbage collection docyes bug closed low
#6850 Error in deep > selectors when root node has no parent dept42 bug closed low 1.5
#6874 ajax contentType application/json -> data object2json automatically steida enhancement closed low 1.4.3
#6891 Dynamic select box (size 5) does not refresh for single value until mouse over plohiya bug closed low 1.5
#6973 Load JS script inside HTML bug closed low 1.4.3
#6976 .offset(fn) misbehaves if fn changes its argument dmethvin bug closed low 1.4.3
#7093 Chrome and Opera outerWidth calculation problem on refresh bug closed low
#7201 Exception thrown by $.ajax.error callback cannot be caught by outer try...catch (for a synchronous request) [email protected] bug closed low 1.5
#7246 $('no elements').replaceWith('<div/>').length !=0 jablko bug closed low 1.5
#7250 title .html() doesnt work in ie anonymous bug closed low
#7268 Data argument no longer works with DELETE requests anonymous bug closed low 1.5
#925 Bug in Internet Explorer when appending object/embed-element bug closed minor 1.1.3
#1360 .change() on checkbox in IE bug closed major 1.2.4
#2315 Option to prevent JavaScript processing via Ajax feature closed minor 1.3
#2606 removeData should trigger an event flesler feature closed major 1.2.4
#3054 API/Events: select(fn) does not work in IE6. flesler bug closed minor 1.3
#3117 $(window).height() problem in opera 9.5 flesler bug closed major 1.3
#3163 IE pseudo-leak enhancement closed trivial 1.3
#3177 slideUp and slideDown on table bug closed major 1.3
#3235 ajax error event is not being reported in some situations bug closed major 1.3
#3292 $().fadeIn() crash/ ghost text bug closed critical 1.3
#3332 focus/blur events not triggered using WebKit based browsers (Chrome/Safari) bug closed major 1.3
#3336 onsubmit event fails for enter-key submission on webkit browsers bug closed major 1.3
#3362 beforeComplete event for $.ajax enhancement closed minor 1.3
#3366 fadeTo() doesn't work in IE bug closed minor 1.3
#3396 Assigning click to area map doesnt work if not previously assigned to image brandon bug closed major 1.3
#3401 Event property for tracking with an event was fired via actual browser event or via trigger() brandon enhancement closed major 1.3
#3521 remove() fails with IE & ajax bug closed major 1.3
#3553 use of removeChild in IE leaking memory flesler enhancement closed minor 1.4
#3589 Add scrollParent() method to detect the scrolling parent brandon feature closed major 1.3
#3637 Local scripts loaded using getScript isn't available (directly) in Firefox 3 bug closed major 1.3
#3652 $.ajaxSend parameters nulled enhancement closed major 1.3
#3668 getScript and JSONP fails on about:blank bug closed major 1.3
#3781 bound events execution order brandon enhancement closed minor 1.3
#3841 Callback does not fire in Chrome when page is cached RobG bug closed major 1.3
#4123 Always try to use camel-case for styles and attributes john enhancement closed major 1.5
#4221 In Opera when jQuery code is inserted into XSLT stylesheet it won't be executed wolfgke bug closed major 1.3.2
#4244 selector by attribute "src" not working the same way as in 1.2.6 dbrown bug closed major 1.4
#4370 Google Chrome - .parents 'UL LI' vs 'UL' john bug closed minor 1.3
#4501 nested :has(...:not(...)) doesn't work? john bug closed major 1.4
#4610 Image width calculation bug closed minor 1.3.2
#4949 :not(:visible) or :hidden vevni133 bug closed trivial 1.4
#5040 Selector #foo a[href=#x/y] fails in IE7 michaelmayer bug closed critical 1.4
#5128 innerHeight outerHeight innerWidth outerWidth inconsitency kucheravy bug closed minor 1.3.2
#5280 AJAX requests should abort on unload (they reserve connections in IE) bug closed major 1.4
#5281 Bug in latest jquery-1.3.2 nitinasd bug closed major 1.4
#5319 Error when passing new String(...) to jQuery.html() bug closed major 1.4
#5757 jQuery 1.3.2 document.ready() event does not fire with persistent proxy connections censornet bug closed critical 1.4
#5857 IE transparency turns opaque with fadein, fadeout, etc coolaj86 bug closed minor 1.4.1
#6263 warning using jQuery 1.4.2 on https pages bug closed 1.4.3
#6476 fadeOut function fadeIn - IE8 Only (Not IE7, IE6) bug closed 1.4.3
#6783 css font-size get value or height get value in pixels feature closed 1.4.3
#6789 Check on nodeName results in an error bug closed 1.4.3
#6974 After Form Reset in IE8, Jquery serialize function fails to add select fields to its returned string bug closed 1.4.3
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