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#15172 DOMExcetion that occurs in $.fn.contents when elem is iframe bug undecided traversing
#10190 "upload" property of the XMLHttpRequest feature high ajax 1.6.3
#10198 Run jQuery unit tests in XHTML feature high build 1.6.3
#13862 Add possibility of passing arguments to XMLHttpRequest constructor jaubourg feature high ajax 1.9.1
#15188 BUG: ajax async cors bug high ajax 2.1.0
#13061 Improve module handling in testswarm grunt task feature low build 1.8.3
#13794 :focus pseudo selector does not work/broken for application/xhtml+xml with iOS-6.1.3, chrome-28.0.1483.0 canary (webkit in general?) binki bug low selector 1.9.1
#14147 jQuery.event.fix() may force layout bug low event 1.10.2
#14343 Remove size & andSelf methods deprecated in jQuery 1.8 m_gol feature low core 1.10.2
#14411 Investigate implementing jQuery (specifically .init) as an Array subclass gibson042 feature low core 1.10.2
#15245 jQuery('text-decoration') on Chrome 31~36 returns "text-decoration-line" and "text-decoration-color" which are not expected yet bug low css 2.1.1
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