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#6043 jquery 1.4 with compact-1.3 have some issue about multi-selector bug undecided selector 1.4.1
#6044 $("selector[style='value']", context) does not work john bug undecided selector 1.4.1
#6052 Google Chrome: losing focus on input when remove class bug undecided event 1.4.1
#6057 JQuery.getJSON malformed url bug undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6062 Ajax call which retrieves a 301 status does not return this in the error callback bug undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6064 .show doesn't work on IE8 bug undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6086 Multiple class names and the visible selector bug undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6109 Event rises at its binding in IE. bug undecided event 1.4.1
#6112 :eq() Selector not working in Chrome, Safari and Opera bug undecided selector 1.4.1
#6114 fcleanup function perfomance speed up enhancement undecided event 1.4.1
#6115 Css width/height issue in Google Chrome bug undecided css 1.4.1
#6125 Unfiltered for loop breaks animation in IE when a script extends the Object prototype bug undecided effects 1.4.1
#6131 Problems with "Technique from Juriy Zaytsev" bug undecided support 1.4.1
#6132 jQuery.each includes prototype functions enhancement undecided core 1.4.1
#6138 Add option to not delete jsonpCallback upon execution orensol enhancement undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6143 .live() .load() - combination not working anymore on 1.4.2 in IE (works on 1.4.1) lluuuk bug undecided ajax
#6145 Extend does not copy property getters bug undecided core 1.4.1
#6152 parseJSON regex is redundant when native parsing is available. enhancement undecided misc 1.4.1
#6156 label[for] selector inconsistent on IE bug undecided selector 1.4.1
#6157 $(window).resize() bug elements on Webkit bug undecided event 1.4.1
#6162 CLASS function with XHTML DocumentFragment: elem.getAttribute is not a function janmoesen bug undecided attributes 1.4.1
#6164 issue with index method (DOM Element Method) bug undecided misc 1.4.1
#6165 Manually triggering mouseenter or mouseleave doesn't work if bound with live bug undecided event 1.4.1
#6173 $.ajax() doesn't fire error-callback when manually aborted bug undecided ajax
#6229 $.ajax has memory leak in IE8 bug undecided ajax 1.4.2
#6310 onchange function might be executed twice in IE8 bug undecided event 1.4.2
#6376 ajax() data parameter's array handling worked in 1.3.2 but not 1.4.2 bug undecided ajax 1.4.2
#6412 Problem with fadeOut on ie8 bug undecided effects 1.4.2
#6417 Script tags behave oddly when added to the document nsalyzyn bug undecided manipulation 1.4.2
#6456 Div border will affect the boxModel abgne.tw bug undecided core 1.3
#6459 jquery 1.4.2 and opera =< 10.10 ajax trouble bug undecided ajax 1.4.2
#6489 e.which not working correctly in Internet Explorer bug undecided event 1.4.2
#6588 $(document).ready() error in Google Chrome Artem bug undecided event 1.4.2
#6686 IE8 Change Event issue with Jquery 1.4.2 budigelli bug undecided event 1.4.2
#6713 jQuery v1.4.2 Internet Explorer Bug bug undecided unfiled 1.4.2
#6718 Effect fails in IE with invalid property values bug undecided effects 1.4.2
#6770 Problems with height manipulation in Chrome feature undecided manipulation 1.4.2
#6801 jQuery.event.add() does not check against undefined handlers bug undecided event 1.4.2
#6830 Malayalam Languauge integration in datepicker enhancement undecided support 1.4.2
#6835 .val() returns text on button elements with <= IE7 bug undecided attributes 1.4.2
#6937 WebKit Animation bug undecided effects 1.4.2
#6964 change(function() {..}) handler fires unnecessarily on Webkit bug undecided event 1.4.2
#7002 If live/change event register after live/click will cause live/change failed using mouse to change option in IE bug undecided event 1.4.2
#7024 Null element error when unselecting multiple select options bug undecided unfiled 1.4.2
#7110 .hide().fadeIn with appendto caused FF to insert 'style="display: block;" ' into <tr> bug undecided unfiled 1.4.2
#7074 ajaxSuccess and ajaxError are not working bug high ajax 1.4.2
#4817 hasClass expands selector metacharacters bug low attributes 1.3.2
#5947 Add JSON.encode capability feature low ajax 1.4.1
#5953 specialEasing in animate bug low effects 1.4.1
#6090 When element has anything within it with -webkit-column-count, slideDown() extends too long and then flickers back aaronshaf bug low effects 1.4.1
#6124 v1.4 :visible selector bug low selector 1.4.1
#6127 Calling .abort() on AJAX Request Triggers "success" callback bug low ajax 1.4
#6142 $.getJSON doesn't work using anything newer than jquery 1.3.2? bug low ajax 1.4.1
#6148 .change() even not firing when arrow keys used. bug low event 1.4.1
#6270 On Firefox 3.6, $(document).ready(...) doesn't get triggered after a back button bug low event 1.4.2
#7076 a[hreflang|=en] and hreflang="en_UK" doesnt work bug low selector 1.4.2
#7118 Incorrect returning data $(this).find('td[rowspan]') bug low selector 1.4.2
#4261 .click method - behavior varies across browsers brandon bug minor event 1.4.1
#4659 IE 7 bind listening bug with "change" event brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5670 :visible broken in IE8 on element following a display:inline bug major core 1.4.1
#5829 appendTo broken in IE6 bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#5851 IE8 does not support the change event while using live brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5892 IE change event does not fire on text input after setting value - works in jQuery 1.3.2, fails in 1.4.0 brandon bug minor event 1.4.1
#5904 Injecting Flash with $.html fails in 1.4 in IE6 bug critical manipulation 1.4.1
#5917 replaceWith is not working as mentioned in the api doc bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#5931 jQuery.parseJSON not working with single quotes bug major core 1.4.1
#5932 not work change event at first time. brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5933 jQuery API browser has no "exit door" joern enhancement major web 1.4.1
#5934 onChange event no fired in IE8 brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5938 jQuery.ajax with binary result raises "parsererror" on IE6 bug major ajax 1.2.6
#5939 Cloning iframe with content generated by JS bug major core 1.4.1
#5940 Ajax usage problem with 1.4.1 bug major unfiled 1.4.1
#5941 is() function bug bug major unfiled 1.4.1
#5943 $.load() sending POST header on GET bug major ajax 1.4
#5944 1.4.1: IE8 attr() can return null instead of undefined bug minor attributes 1.4.1
#5945 live namespaced events brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5946 Animated show of element with transparency looks bad in Internet Explorer bug major effects 1.4
#5950 $('> *', context) works but $('> *', context).live doesn't brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5952 quote within select value is not parsed correctly, IE specific bug major selector 1.4.1
#5954 jQuery(html) create child script elements at root level bug major core 1.4.1
#5956 .innerHeight() & innerWidth() failed to run under firefox 3.5.7 bug major unfiled 1.4.1
#5957 Error on Sizzle.selectors.filter.PSEUDO mmchida bug major selector 1.4.1
#5958 An JQuery Bug for IE6 bug major core 1.3.2
#5959 Change event for Select element getting fired on click (occuring in 1.4.1) brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5960 CSS proeprties not set in mixed content documents enhancement minor unfiled 1.4.1
#5961 click event in webkit brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5962 Missing a "(" in the example bug minor unfiled 1.4.1
#5963 Attribute Selector Error in Internet Explorer 7/8 bug major unfiled 1.4.1
#5965 this.nodeValue differs between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 bug major core 1.4.1
#5966 getJSON callback does not fire bug critical ajax 1.4.1
#5967 Unbind of namespaced 'change' event unbinds all 'change' events (IE only) brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5968 AJAX failures don't call error but rather success bug major ajax 1.4.1
#5970 Change event isn't fired in IE on a text box when starting from a empty field. brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5971 Make sure jQuery.data( elem ) always returns an object bug major data 1.4.1
#5972 Improve Performance of .bind() and .unbind() brandon enhancement major event 1.4.1
#5973 Add A Special Default Hook brandon feature major event 1.4.1
#5974 Bring the performance of empty/remove/cleanData down to the wire enhancement major manipulation 1.4.1
#5975 Set Option for parseJSON to use JSON or Function enhancement major ajax 1.4.1
#5976 die() fails to unbind listeners brandon bug minor event 1.3
#5977 .html() will strip <style> tags in IE bug major manipulation 1.4.1
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