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#4256 Can't create iframe with jQuery('html) bug undecided core 1.3.2
#4471 wrap(html) includes IE 7 appendChild bug IGotNothin bug undecided manipulation 1.3.2
#4481 curCSS method doesn't return correct values in IE for font-size, line-height, margin and padding bug undecided unfiled 1.3.2
#4644 index() successively returns -1 after first time while a result should have been found bug undecided core 1.3.2
#4651 jquery support object needs name attribute for param tag bug undecided support 1.3.2
#4917 IE 6/7/8 have bugs related to the Sizzle selector of child elements. john bug undecided selector 1.4a1
#4953 $().position() returns a null object in the latest release of IE8. bug undecided unfiled 1.3.2
#4986 Changes to closest (#6507) breaks $(event.target).closest(...) bug undecided core 1.3.2
#5264 embed tags do not work anymore in IE6 with current nightly build bug undecided core 1.3.2
#5352 AutoComplete menu goes behind asp.net webcontrols in IE6 bug undecided unfiled 1.3.2
#5510 IE7 and IE8 ignores remove() bug undecided core 1.3.2
#5517 .offset().top gives incorrect values rene___ bug undecided offset 1.3.2
#5581 Event bindings does not work in Firefox 3.6 brandon bug undecided event 1.3.2
#5665 JQuery 1.3.2 Post problem under firefox and IE bug undecided ajax 1.3.2
#5685 Minor optimization of jQuery.fx.step jixxer enhancement undecided effects 1.4a1
#5741 $(element).html(val) SERIOUS BUG bug undecided ajax 1.4a2
#5782 Jquery bug in IE bug undecided unfiled 1.3.2
#5825 Firefox 2 crashes badly in jQuery onload bug undecided core 1.4
#5886 ajax abort error bug undecided ajax 1.4
#6616 jQuery $.post bug with square brackets. bug undecided ajax 1.4
#6689 chrome 5.0.375.70 can't load() a new page? bug undecided ajax 1.3.2
#7048 AJAX not working if special character is present and html is over a certain size in Internet Explorer (1.4.x) bug undecided ajax 1.4.2
#7096 Bug on children() method bug blocker selector 1.4.2
#4652 $("form").submit() doesn't work with named submit buttons brandon bug high event 1.3.2
#5666 Memory leak (1.4a1) bug high core 1.4a1
#4227 $.extend erratic behavior with objects that have a length property bug low core 1.3.2
#4247 Chrome/Chromium .position().top .offset().top results relative peol bug low dimensions 1.3.2
#4249 Odd string to number conversion bug low css 1.3.2
#4275 Annotate selectors with "!" to mean "must match" john enhancement low selector 1.3.2
#4297 [readonly="true"] for IE6 / [readonly=""] for Firefox john bug low attributes 1.3.2
#4304 failed test 64 (.text) on Chrome bug low core 1.3.2
#4322 nested :not inside :has doesn't work in FF3 and Safari 4 bug low selector 1.3.2
#4551 jquery-validate date bug low plugin 1.3.2
#4636 Another next function. either: $().nextOf() or $().verynext(sel) john feature low selector 1.3.2
#4668 new HTML5 input types not recognized by attr() enhancement low attributes 1.3.2
#4749 BR to new line when working with pre elements luka8088 enhancement low core 1.3.2
#4750 selector bug john bug low selector 1.3.2
#4797 Firefox crash with label click handler setting display: block and hiding container bug low event 1.3.2
#4801 clean() reorders script tags without checking type attribute aq1018 bug low core 1.3.2
#4841 $("div[cmsID]") where "cmsID" is expando dont work in Firefox 3.5 john bug low selector 1.3.2
#4846 JSON Encode / Decode: Should be part of Core / Utilities feature low ajax 1.3.2
#4852 jQuery's slideDown/toggle "snap" when they improperly guess the height of an element bug low effects 1.3.2
#4878 val() tries to set multiple values on single select lists bug low core 1.3.2
#4990 Make JSON Object k0ni feature low ajax 1.3.2
#5073 eq(n) has issues when spaces present john bug low selector 1.3.2
#5144 Spaces in Selector john bug low selector 1.3.2
#5301 Unexpected selector precedence of attribute filter john bug low selector 1.3.2
#5337 left/right/top/bottom css property can't be toggled in FF gminuses bug low effects 1.3.2
#5411 Cannot use prototype methods for event handler brandon bug low event 1.3.2
#5427 $.extend(false, target, obj) doesn't extend target itself gminuses bug low core 1.3.2
#5526 can't remove "border" element style in IE bug low css 1.3
#5539 Event target is wrong on DOMCharacterDataModified hesselink bug low event 1.3.2
#5700 .class:not(:first) does not work as expected in IE8 john bug low selector 1.3.2
#5721 Webkit: Radio checked state incorrect when creating an input with a name bug low core 1.4a2
#5736 Remove .bind(name, fn, thisObject) and promote jQuery.proxy() brandon bug low event 1.4a2
#5739 the code work in jquery1.3.2 , not work in jquery 1.4a2 about selector dongdongface bug low selector 1.4a2
#5790 semicolon in css object value crashes webkit and ie bug low css 1.3.2
#5792 1.4rc1 [20090113] Ajax not working in FF3 (3.0.17) bug low ajax 1.4
#5796 Large Numbers in JSON Data get Truncated by $.getJSON bug low ajax 1.3.2
#5873 removeClass leaves space after removing last class bug low core 1.4
#6104 Child-selector work incorrectly bug low selector 1.4
#760 .css('fontSize') returns different value in Internet Explorer bug minor core 1.3.2
#1319 $().ready() sometimes fires too soon on Safari/Win bug major event 1.3.2
#1612 :contains selector doesn't work for Ajax responses in IE6 bug major selector 1.4a1
#1768 $.getScript() never fails on load bug major ajax 1.3.2
#1813 Enhancement of the jQuery.fn.load ...? enhancement minor ajax 1.3.2
#1863 support for error and timeout in JSONP calls enhancement major ajax 1.3.2
#1900 Setting contentType on $.ajax() call does not work. bug major ajax 1.4a1
#2164 .first() and .last() methods? feature minor core 1.3.2
#2273 Other windows and documents brandon bug major dimensions 1.2.2
#2349 Script error leaving page with applet tag (related to #1675?) flesler bug major data 1.4a1
#2414 Broken handling of embedded applets bug major event 1.4a1
#2452 $.post and $.get are probably not handling the abcense of data well flesler bug major ajax 1.2.3
#2542 Callbacks are not triggered on animated methods with a speed of 0 flesler bug major effects 1.2.3
#2620 event.fix() possible null dereference brandon bug trivial event 1.2.3
#2661 Browser detection IE (and possibly other browsers) flesler bug major core 1.4a1
#2690 $.trim() doesn't work in IE7 bug major core 1.3.2
#2697 replaceWith should remove before adding flesler bug major core 1.4a1
#2768 data should accept a hash flesler enhancement major data 1.2.3
#2769 Incorrect date/rev in jQuery builds bug major build 1.3.2
#2827 $.each Treats Functions as Arrays flesler enhancement minor core 1.3.2
#2847 jQuery :first-child selector does not work in IE if comment precedes element john bug major selector 1.3.2
#2849 AjaxSettings.xhr Automation error on IE6 bug major ajax 1.4a2
#2977 wrap() methods lose events bug minor core 1.4a1
#3039 Older Safari versions crash in makeArray flesler bug minor core 1.4a1
#3238 ie6/7 opacity issue bug trivial effects 1.2.6
#3286 Hover Glitch/Bug brandon bug major event 1.2.6
#3331 curCSS() doesn't convert negative em/% values properly in IE flesler bug major core 1.3.2
#3363 Patch to include 3rd argument to callbacks in jQuery.get and jQuery.post as well as jQuery.load flesler enhancement major ajax 1.3.2
#3398 Events register on the wrong window in IE brandon bug major event 1.2.6
#3405 "No such interface supported" error in Internet Explorer 7 flesler bug minor event 1.4a1
#3439 Additional tests for non-DOM object events brandon enhancement minor event 1.2.6
#3502 Opacity set for 1 causes problems in IE bug major core 1.4a1
#3533 Triggering custom event with : in name on table in IE 6/7/8 gives error. brandon bug major event 1.2.6
#3546 Firefox gives wrong css values for elements within IFrame (func curCSS) brandon bug major dimensions 1.2.6
#3551 Dimensions functions fail exceptionally on parent-frame scope brandon bug minor dimensions 1.2.6
#3552 .wrapInner() won't work on empty elements flesler bug minor core 1.4a2
#3553 use of removeChild in IE leaking memory flesler enhancement minor core 1.2.6
#3591 Patch: xhr object isn't returned in $.ajax() success callback enhancement major ajax 1.3.2
#3623 ajaxSettings.xhr breaks if IE activex disabled flesler bug major ajax 1.4a2
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