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#2375 error in draggable("destroy") paul bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2376 droppable events "over" and "out" may not fire paul bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2395 jQuery UI/Datepicker 3.3 - .datepicker('getDate') doesn't work paul bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2419 Dialog options after init rworth bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2431 Touch tolerance breaks when the draggable is taller than the droppable. braeker bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2516 [draggable] Unit Test failure: draggable-options-dragPrevention paul bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2517 [draggable] Unit Test failure: draggable-options-helper-function paul bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2523 Sliders require child element that isn't generated joern bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2526 Ajax POST failed bug undecided ajax 1.2.3
#2552 UI Plugins - disabled option, with getter and setter paul bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2553 [UI Tests] Draggable - unit test failure - draggable-options-delay-400 braeker bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2573 Incompatibility with Scriptaculous scripts bug undecided core 1.2.3
#2624 Error in draggable("destroy") - fix included paul bug undecided ui 1.2.3
#2663 [validate] Exception thrown when validating form bug undecided plugin 1.2.3
#2802 jQuery.curCSS failes in Safari 2.x bug undecided core 1.2.3
#2398 slideUp() - Firefox & IE7 Bug bug low effects 1.2.3
#2604 jQuery(html) breaks with HTML comments in Firefox 2 scottgonzalez bug low core 1.2.3
#2706 $("iframe").contents().width() throws exception bug low attributes 1.2.3
#844 Loading jQuery 1.1 with Prototype throws error bug major event 1.1.3
#946 Occurrence of // in strings in jquery.js causes problems with idiotic JS-filters enhancement major core
#1170 attr("style","...") doesn't work in IE7 john bug minor core 1.1.3
#1209 Form Value Function enhancement minor core 1.1.2
#1310 Add easily accessible version info to jQuery core joern enhancement minor core 1.1.2
#1318 save some bytes in grep enhancement minor core 1.1.2
#1324 save some byte in filter enhancement major core 1.1.2
#1360 .change() on checkbox in IE bug major event 1.1.3
#1362 $.ajax(): pass 'settings' object to 'success' callback feature major ajax 1.1.3
#1371 jQuery.param when a value is an Array (improvement) enhancement minor core 1.1.3
#1405 queuing for hide() and show() enhancement major effects 1.1.3
#1480 isFunction fails in certain cases flesler bug trivial core 1.1.3
#1562 $.extend is not working properly when using deep extension flesler bug major core 1.1.4
#1794 ER: Generalize for Alternate "Global" Context Object flesler enhancement trivial core 1.2.1
#1802 "mousemove" consumes lots of CPU time in Firefox bug major event 1.2.1
#1871 fix() in event propagation is slow bug major event 1.2.1
#1872 Charachter Encoding on Ajax Load bug major ajax 1.2.1
#1960 Name selectors should delegate to document.getElementsByName enhancement minor core 1.2.1
#2029 .show() ignores .visibility enhancement minor effects 1.2.1
#2035 "clean" RegExp fails in Safari 412 bug major core 1.2.1
#2042 callback parameter doesn't match on animate functions bug major effects 1.2.1
#2056 performance enhancements enhancement major core 1.2.1
#2086 Animate Method is buggy when changing font size with em units (IE bug only) bug minor effects 1.2.1
#2094 append to textarea broken in firefox brandon bug minor core 1.2.1
#2113 No warning in FF strict mode enhancement minor core 1.2.1
#2119 attr('value') confusion bug major core 1.2.1
#2128 error xml ajax in internet explorer bug minor ajax 1.2.1
#2141 Make shortcut syntax for the focus and the blur event enhancement minor event 1.2.1
#2165 Tests failed on Konqueror 4.0 Final bug major core 1.2.2
#2166 Bind error injecting jQuery bug minor event 1.2.2
#2170 attr() fails to get/set value for maxlength attribute on textarea elements bug minor core 1.2.2
#2181 JQuery fails to execute search in pages containing applets. bug major core 1.2.1
#2186 Custom Animation function does not correctly handle unit that is an empty string bug minor effects 1.2.2
#2194 Safari 2 writing dom elements with append etc outputs function flesler bug major core 1.2.2
#2210 problem with safari and xhtml flesler bug trivial core 1.2.2
#2223 triggerHandler triggers only on the first selected element bug major event 1.2.2
#2226 serious appendTo bug bug major core 1.2.2
#2244 IE7 doesn't fire the load event in a certain case bug major event 1.2.2
#2245 getComputedStyle throwing error in all browsers bug major core 1.2.2
#2246 .slideDown() in Safari 2 flesler bug major effects 1.2.2
#2249 Addition of "once" event handler enhancement minor event 1.2.2
#2258 Ajax sending data to response functions enhancement minor ajax 1.2.2
#2266 multiFilter doesn't properly filter with selectors that contain descendants bug major core 1.2.2
#2268 offset is incorrect in a scrolling tbody brandon bug major offset 1.2.2
#2284 Ajax, Post, Firefox - No header length bug minor ajax 1.2.3
#2285 clone() issue with textarea brandon bug minor core 1.2.2
#2307 IE6: Dialog jumps up so mouse is at bottom of titlebar when dragged paul bug major ui 1.2.2
#2309 Wrap regular expressions in paranthesis bug minor core 1.2.2
#2312 .focus() bug in IE bug major event 1.2.2
#2314 document.getSelection() message from error consol of FF bug major core 1.2.2
#2317 jQuery.event.trigger modifies data parameter john bug major event 1.2.3
#2318 [accordion] animation bug in IE braeker bug minor ui 1.2.3
#2319 [draggable droppable] improvement for refreshPositions option paul enhancement major ui 1.2.3
#2320 Standard html code for UI paul enhancement trivial ui 1.2.3
#2321 Value of <button> element in IE bug minor core 1.2.3
#2322 (Dialog] Minimize a dialog box rworth enhancement major ui 1.2.3
#2323 Resizable not updating top/left when dragging NE,N,NW,W, SW directions. braeker bug major ui 1.2.3
#2324 discrepencies in animations with duration of 0 milliseconds bug minor effects 1.2.3
#2325 curCSS doesn't recognize frame scope bug major core 1.2.3
#2326 Explode IE bug paul bug major ui 1.2.3
#2327 IE opacity fix for transfer demo paul bug minor ui 1.2.3
#2328 Resizable: Auto hide handles on textareas and Images braeker bug minor ui 1.2.3
#2329 Shake demo fails in Opera aaronchi bug minor enchant 1.2.3
#2330 [Resizable] minWidth/minHeight not met when dragging NE,N,NW,W,SW directions braeker bug major ui 1.2.3
#2331 Slider range: dragging range causes weird behaviour braeker bug major ui 1.2.3
#2332 [jQueryUI] Slider with multiple handlers bug braeker bug major ui 1.2.3
#2334 [datepicker] semicolon is missing after Vor&#x3e causes ie to not display an arrow iMarc bug minor ui 1.2.3
#2335 [validate] error in the doc for the range validation bug minor core 1.2.3
#2337 jQuery(selector, context) don't work with unbound nodes bug major core 1.2.3
#2339 nested list sortables not functional paul bug major ui 1.2.3
#2340 [UI] Dispatched Events scottgonzalez bug major ui 1.2.3
#2341 [dialog] add destroy method rworth bug major ui 1.2.3
#2342 [fx.shake.js] option 'speed' not work paul bug major ui 1.2.3
#2343 [ui.draggable] when i try to move draggable element in "revert" mode on fly return, then flying clone attach to page, break, and loop errors. crash. braeker bug major ui 1.2.3
#2344 [fx.transfer.js] Enhancement (transfer to DOM object) now: transfer to element id enhancement major effects 1.2.3
#2345 .width() method not returning proper width in ie6 brandon bug minor dimensions 1.2.3
#2346 $(document).ready doesn't work bug critical event 1.2.3
#2347 Sortable : callback called before sort really stop paul bug major ui 1.2.3
#2350 SELECTs pierce thru the Dialog in IE6 paul bug major ui 1.2.3
#2351 Datepicker - awkward handling of default date kbwood bug major ui 1.2.3
#2352 Simulated click event on anchors in IE6 does not work brandon bug major core 1.2.2
#2353 Cannot add a new tab at first position by using jquery.tabs klaus bug major ui 1.2.3
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