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#12368 Sloppy element ":" selectors throwing a syntax error in version 1.8 bug undecided 1.8.0 invalid
#12673 Wrong result when a selection is scoped using both the selector and the context param (or using find) bug undecided 1.7.2 fixed
#9400 Deprecate :text, :radio, :checkbox, etc. selector extensions enhancement blocker 1.6.1 fixed
#10697 Sizzle revamp timmywil bug blocker 1.7 fixed
#11969 Missing null check when gathering siblings dmethvin bug blocker 1.7.2 fixed
#12082 .find() POS selector no longer working in 1.8b2 gibson042 bug blocker 1.8b2 fixed
#12153 Error occurs in the selector bug blocker 1.8rc1 fixed
#5568 Selectors behave differently with comments tags on FF/IE john bug high 1.4.4 fixed
#7596 xpath selector attribute name with brackets [] fails bug high 1.4.4 fixed
#8473 In IE9rc *[tabIndex] select all elements without tabindex also timmywil bug high 1.5.1 fixed
#8906 .(prevAll('span:has(input,select,textarea)') bug high 1.5.2 fixed
#9810 Rewrite Positional Selector Logic john bug high 1.6.2 fixed
#11109 Sizzle: Expr.relative truncates prematurely timmywil bug high 1.7.1 fixed
#11814 Sizzle's element-rooted QSA strategy (i.e. attaching a temporary id) does not account for comma and other other selector divisions timmywil bug high 1.7.2 fixed
#11826 Explore a parsed caching system for matchesSelector within Sizzle timmywil bug high 1.7.2 fixed
#11959 Add support for :active selector feature high 1.7.2 fixed
#12054 Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDocument> has no method 'getAttribute' gibson042 bug high 1.8b2 fixed
#12057 Sizzle Regression gibson042 bug high 1.8b2 fixed
#3778 selector matching issues john bug low 1.4.4 fixed
#7281 Sizzle Extension API is broken timmywil bug low 1.4.3 invalid
#9962 When the container has an ID containing a backslash, find( IDselector ) does not find the child. bug low 1.6.2 fixed
#10003 Regression/BC break from #6963 bug low 1.6.2 fixed
#10074 Chaining two [] selector with :first not working bug low 1.6.1 fixed
#10499 :nth-child() inside :has() treated as if outside it timmywil bug low 1.6.4 fixed
#10570 :text selector throws an error in IE7 when there is a cross domain iframe on the page timmywil bug low 1.6.4 fixed
#10799 Inconsistent results with [name="name"] selectors (also breaks .has) rgibson@… bug low 1.7 fixed
#10809 incorrect test using ".activeElement" in the :focus pseudo-class resolver timmywil bug low 1.6.4 fixed
#11120 Tabs in some selectors break in IE7 bug low 1.7.1 fixed
#11596 Different behavior using find() and ~ (sibling) along with ":visible" selector timmywil bug low 1.7.1 fixed
#11902 :not + :contains selectors bug low 1.7.2 fixed
#11918 :eq selector problem when using tag name with ':' bug low 1.7.2 fixed
#11961 "Maximum call stack size exceeded" when using jQuery#is timmywil bug low 1.8b1 fixed
#11966 descendant selector timmywil bug low 1.8b1 fixed
#12024 Certain attributes should be treated as case-insensitive when comparing them in Sizzle timmywil bug low 1.7.2 duplicate
#12261 Class selector in prevAll doesn't work correctly after version 1.6.4 bug low 1.7 invalid
#12477 the :enabled filter filters input[type=hidden] elements even if they are not disabled bug low 1.7.2 fixed
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