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#6806 append function doesn't work correctly with tag on BlackBerry dis004 bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#7271 Chome doesn't copy the uploaded file ref droberts@… bug undecided 1.4.2
#7601 jQuery breaks DOM when setting html() string beginning with a newline simeyla bug undecided 1.4.4 invalid
#3879 appending or cloning a checked checkbox or radio button doesn't maintain the default state snover bug blocker 1.4.4 fixed
#5566 domManip fails to copy events when cloning elements snover bug blocker 1.4.4 fixed
#6655 Regression in buildFragment in IE snover bug blocker 1.4.2 fixed
#6997 before and after do not clone events data properly john bug blocker 1.4.2 fixed
#7165 wrap leaks objects in $.cache bug blocker 1.4.2 fixed
#7992 jQuery 1.5b1 is slower to remove elements than 1.4.2 snover bug blocker 1.5b1 wontfix
#8013 Improve performance of inserting text into an HTML element Rick Waldron bug blocker 1.4.4 fixed
#8017 $.fn.domManip woes - 1.5b is 80% slower Rick Waldron bug blocker 1.5b1 fixed
#8070 jQuery 1.5rc1 issue with handling mutiple objects Rick Waldron bug blocker 1.5rc1 fixed
#8072 1.5 Rc1 selector on multiple objects bug blocker 1.5rc1 duplicate
#4386 iframe body clone event IE jitter bug high 1.4.4 fixed
#6355 clone(true) creates bogus event bindings if you extend Array.prototype dmethvin bug high 1.4.3 fixed
#6941 .html moves script tags when it doesn't remove them bug high 1.4.2 duplicate
#7586 jQuery.ajax removes script whose type is not text/javascript from html response bug high 1.4.4 duplicate
#8124 Documentation for .clone() is missing second parameter Rick Waldron bug high 1.5 fixed
#4417 problem with attribute name when clone in IE7 bug low 1.3.2 duplicate
#5724 'before' can not be realized when applied to <object> on I.E. 6 bug low 1.4.4 invalid
#6392 $('DIV#myId').attr('for') - im can't read value of "for" attribute, if i'm rename this attribute, all is work enhancement low 1.4.2 wontfix
#6516 replaceWith using DOM element with nested script does not run script bug low 1.4.4 fixed
#6891 Dynamic select box (size 5) does not refresh for single value until mouse over plohiya bug low 1.3.2
#7246 $('no elements').replaceWith('<div/>').length !=0 jablko bug low 1.4.3
#7316 draggable clone doesn't work, without clone works fine bug low 1.4.3 worksforme
#7456 jQuery removes body-element when parsing string with html or xml bug low 1.4.4rc invalid
#7594 Html() is not outputting Checked attribute bug low 1.4.4 invalid
#8270 remove() and empty() do not clean up custom event bindings in IE6 bug low 1.4.4 worksforme
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