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#1414 .submit() can fail if something has id="submit" john bug undecided 1.4.4rc wontfix
#7054 Memory leaks when bind custom event in IE8 dmethvin bug blocker 1.4.3 fixed
#7534 event.originalTarget no longer is passed to an event handler listening element on firefox 3.5+ bug blocker 1.5 wontfix
#7651 bind() and trigger() fail on plain javascript objects if a method “handle” exists bug blocker 1.4.4 duplicate
#6398 Custom "submit" event on Objects in IE jitter bug high 1.4.4 fixed
#6880 Add compatibility to be able to 'trigger' mouseleave/mouseenter special events w/ bubbling enhancement high 1.4.4 duplicate
#7300 Keypress not getting arrow keys in chrome bug high 1.4.3 wontfix
#7379 Hover function on disabled input doesn't work bug high 1.4.3 duplicate
#234 [PATCH] $().unhover and $().untoggle brandon.aaron@… feature low 1.4.3
#1124 Please extend the document ready function to include document object in another frame enhancement low 1.4 wontfix
#5677 Live click events don't register on MobileSafari (iPhone) maxogden bug low 1.4a1 patchwelcome
#5821 mouseenter/leave behave like mouseover/out with live events brandon bug low 1.4 fixed
#6081 delay an event enhancement low invalid
#6369 In IE v8.0.7600.16385 Line 1919 v1.4.2 undefined when exiting page??? mcslayton@… bug low 1.4.2
#6729 function unbind() doesnot remove internal variables in function toggle() bug low 1.4.2 duplicate
#7237 next() skips sibling in nested ul element in IE8 bug low 1.4.3 worksforme
#7359 Cannot detect mouse position over a disabled field in Firefox enhancement low 1.4.3 wontfix
#7396 $(window).bind is undefine anonymous bug low 1.4.3 worksforme
#7432 .undelegate() doesnt clear up properly bug low 1.4.3 worksforme
#7435 Firefox title attribute (tooltips) stop working when returning False from a bound 'mouseout' event. bug low 1.4.3 invalid
#7674 Onchange event fires twice bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#7762 [Events] Remove CPU overhead on unload iliakan enhancement low 1.4.4 fixed
#7793 $.fn.delegate does not reflect event.preventdefault() from earlier $.fn.bind dmethvin bug low 1.4.4 fixed
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