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#3843 the timeStamp property is sometimes not consistent in Firefox flesler enhancement major 1.3 fixed
#3876 Live event "change" doesn't work bug major 1.3 wontfix
#3880 BUGFIX for: "If IE and not an iframe... continually check to see if the document is ready" john bug major 1.3 fixed
#3885 live() don't call first assigned event on multiple event binding john enhancement major 1.3 fixed
#3906 Live() generates duplicate click events if it's contained within an each() callback and the selector is scoped to a context brandon bug major 1.3 wontfix
#3930 Make sure .load() callbacks for images are always called brandon enhancement major 1.3 wontfix
#4480 .ready doesn't work if placed after iframe brandon bug minor 1.3.1 worksforme
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