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#13 Document Ready Fires Twice in IE bug major fixed
#15 Memory leaks with ready() bug major 1.0 invalid
#23 Matthias Miller domReady Approach trows an dialog box on IE + https bug major 1.0 fixed
#36 Document Ready addEventListener bug trivial 1.0 fixed
#42 hover: mouseout function not working in Safari bug major 1.0 fixed
#44 onemouseover broken? bug major 1.0 fixed
#95 Hover mouseout fails in Safari bug major 1.0 wontfix
#98 IE 7 Homepage bug major 1.0 fixed
#113 hover() mouseout bug bug major 1.0 invalid
#123 Resize event not working bug major 1.0 worksforme
#152 Events module leaves stray script element in IE bug minor 1.0 fixed
#378 Deprecate $.get and $.post feature minor 1.0 invalid
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