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#7308 slideUp issue with Frameset in FireFox - legend slides up with some content remaining. bug high 1.4.3 fixed
#2278 animate calculates the wrong height of element with implicit width andreasc bug low 1.2.2
#5010 show() & hide() do not work on elements that have a hidden parent bug low 1.4.3 invalid
#7193 $.fn.animate cannot "start" from any value less than -10000 john bug low 1.4.3 fixed
#7240 Strange clearfix + animate behaviour bug low 1.4.3 duplicate
#7287 -10000px bug for jQuery.animate bug low 1.4.3 duplicate
#7314 Trying to animate a VML element in IE throws error bug low 1.4.3 invalid
#7397 Regression: fadeIn no longer works correctly for inline elements Rick Waldron bug low 1.4.3 fixed
#7450 Animate with left position below -10000px is buggy - inserts an animate to 0 in the middle bug low 1.4.3 duplicate
#7532 jQuery 1.4.3 animation method behaves strangely when animated to left: over 10'000 px mail@… bug low 1.4.3 duplicate
#7543 Delay() doesn work if Show() duration not specified bug low 1.4.2 fixed
#7625 Effects animate "left < -10000" bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#7638 Incorrect animate behaviour in WebKit tbicr.by@… bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#7657 "cur" does not return negative numbers, that are less than "-10000" bug low 1.4.3 duplicate
#7675 .animate() step callback undocumented beyond a mention enhancement low 1.5 duplicate
#7760 animate left to values over -11000px bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#7801 hardcoded value for animations bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#7859 jQuery.fx.cur hard coded minimum value bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#7935 jquery : animate function does work for left position from -10320 to -9460 bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#8341 animate blinks with left lower than -10000 bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
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