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#960 Make .show() element-aware bug major 1.1.3 fixed
#1082 removing table row after effect does not free space bug minor 1.1.3 fixed
#1133 animate oncomplete resets flash movies bug major 1.1.3 invalid
#1186 Slide does not work in IE6 with absolutely positioned DIVs john bug major 1.1.3 worksforme
#1208 slideToggle on table row corrupt in Firefox bug major 1.1.3 duplicate
#1284 FF: animate() don't work bug major 1.1.3 worksforme
#1302 the brower IE will be to become paralyzed!! bug major 1.1.3 worksforme
#1317 Opera 9.20 slideUp/Down bug bug major 1.1.3 worksforme
#1342 jquery 1.1.3 break opacity in IE6+ john bug critical 1.1.3 fixed
#1343 overflow: hidden not removed in supplied show() animation bug major 1.1.3 fixed
#1369 fadeIn doesn't 'fade' in Safari 3.0.2 john bug major 1.1.3 fixed
#1396 Easing error in with Interface john bug major 1.1.3 fixed
#1515 slideDown() flickers in Firefox 2.0 bug minor 1.1.3 worksforme
#1518 Error in IE when animating undefined properties john bug major 1.1.3 fixed
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