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#6132 jQuery.each includes prototype functions enhancement undecided 1.4.1 wontfix
#6145 Extend does not copy property getters bug undecided 1.4.1 wontfix
#6456 Div border will affect the boxModel abgne.tw bug undecided 1.3 worksforme
#5670 :visible broken in IE8 on element following a display:inline bug major 1.4.1 duplicate
#5931 jQuery.parseJSON not working with single quotes bug major 1.4.1 invalid
#5939 Cloning iframe with content generated by JS bug major 1.4.1 invalid
#5954 jQuery(html) create child script elements at root level bug major 1.4.1 duplicate
#5958 An JQuery Bug for IE6 bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#5965 this.nodeValue differs between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 bug major 1.4.1 invalid
#5989 Out of memory bug major 1.4.1 invalid
#5999 Firefox wraps an additional <a> tag around script-generated content bug minor 1.4.1 wontfix
#6003 Remove the Need for setArray enhancement major 1.4.1 fixed
#6031 parseJSON doesn't parse JSON with a leading newline in IE6 and IE7 john bug major 1.4.1 fixed
#6038 OnChange event problem with SELECT and IE bug major 1.4.1 worksforme
#6042 Make sure a boolean is returned from jQuery.contains bug 1.4.1 fixed
#6117 re-initialization of plugin bug 1.4.1 invalid
#6147 jQuery.parseJSON('{"name":NaN}'); handle failed bug 1.4.1 invalid
#6444 jQuery.cleanData calls on null objects (causing script breakage) bug 1.4.2 fixed
#6544 onfocus = this.blur() not working? bug 1.4.2 invalid
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