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#3870 Cannot use jQuery 1.3 in XUL pages john bug undecided 1.3 fixed
#3833 live() does not work for a non-existent id selector john bug major 1.3 fixed
#3842 Add an exists() function feature minor 1.3 worksforme
#3847 RemoveClass with null parameter throws error john bug major 1.3 fixed
#3852 val() in packed version of v1.3 returns "undefined" if options contain "value" attributes bug major 1.3 wontfix
#3864 Error: NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR: DOM Exception 7 jquery-1.3.js (line 4095) john bug major 1.3 fixed
#3871 Upgrade copyright year in MIT-LICENSE.txt bug trivial 1.3 fixed
#3893 IE doesn't create elements using $('<tag>') syntax bug major 1.3 invalid
#3904 $('<span> </span>') ie bug - jQuery 1.2.6 & 1.3 both bug minor 1.3 worksforme
#3911 Css method cannot set style property for element in memory in IE 6 & 7 bug major 1.2.6 invalid
#3914 $.merge aflesler bug major 1.3 worksforme
#3916 .attr('tabindex') returns wrong value for non-link anchors bug minor 1.3 fixed
#3917 input maxLength property/attribute is not consistent bug minor 1.3 wontfix
#3922 Attribute Selectors Don't Work E[@attr=value] bug major 1.3 invalid
#3923 .css('background-image') returns different result for in ie and the others bug minor 1.3 invalid
#3948 wrap() throws NS_ERROR_DOM_HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR exception bug minor 1.3 invalid
#3952 Cross document error in $.clone for !$.support.noCloneEvent browsers flesler bug major 1.3 duplicate
#3953 val() on select isn't correct... ? bug minor 1.3 duplicate
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