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#2573 Incompatibility with Scriptaculous scripts bug undecided 1.2.3 worksforme
#2802 jQuery.curCSS failes in Safari 2.x bug undecided 1.2.3 fixed
#2604 jQuery(html) breaks with HTML comments in Firefox 2 scottgonzalez bug low 1.2.3
#946 Occurrence of // in strings in jquery.js causes problems with idiotic JS-filters enhancement major wontfix
#1170 attr("style","...") doesn't work in IE7 john bug minor 1.1.3 fixed
#1209 Form Value Function enhancement minor 1.1.2 wontfix
#1310 Add easily accessible version info to jQuery core joern enhancement minor 1.1.2 worksforme
#1318 save some bytes in grep enhancement minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1324 save some byte in filter enhancement major 1.1.2 wontfix
#1371 jQuery.param when a value is an Array (improvement) enhancement minor 1.1.3 invalid
#1480 isFunction fails in certain cases flesler bug trivial 1.1.3 fixed
#1562 $.extend is not working properly when using deep extension flesler bug major 1.1.4 fixed
#1794 ER: Generalize for Alternate "Global" Context Object flesler enhancement trivial 1.2.1 duplicate
#1960 Name selectors should delegate to document.getElementsByName enhancement minor 1.2.1 wontfix
#2035 "clean" RegExp fails in Safari 412 bug major 1.2.1 wontfix
#2056 performance enhancements enhancement major 1.2.1 fixed
#2094 append to textarea broken in firefox brandon bug minor 1.2.1 wontfix
#2113 No warning in FF strict mode enhancement minor 1.2.1 wontfix
#2119 attr('value') confusion bug major 1.2.1 fixed
#2165 Tests failed on Konqueror 4.0 Final bug major 1.2.2 invalid
#2170 attr() fails to get/set value for maxlength attribute on textarea elements bug minor 1.2.2 fixed
#2181 JQuery fails to execute search in pages containing applets. bug major 1.2.1 fixed
#2194 Safari 2 writing dom elements with append etc outputs function flesler bug major 1.2.2 wontfix
#2210 problem with safari and xhtml flesler bug trivial 1.2.2 wontfix
#2226 serious appendTo bug bug major 1.2.2 duplicate
#2245 getComputedStyle throwing error in all browsers bug major 1.2.2 worksforme
#2266 multiFilter doesn't properly filter with selectors that contain descendants bug major 1.2.2 invalid
#2285 clone() issue with textarea brandon bug minor 1.2.2 worksforme
#2309 Wrap regular expressions in paranthesis bug minor 1.2.2 wontfix
#2314 document.getSelection() message from error consol of FF bug major 1.2.2 worksforme
#2321 Value of <button> element in IE bug minor 1.2.3 wontfix
#2325 curCSS doesn't recognize frame scope bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2335 [validate] error in the doc for the range validation bug minor 1.2.3 invalid
#2337 jQuery(selector, context) don't work with unbound nodes bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2352 Simulated click event on anchors in IE6 does not work brandon bug major 1.2.2 fixed
#2383 appending HTML element such as $("<a>") doesn't work in IE bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2390 Datepicker v3.4 enable needs to reattach focus event bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2391 Datepicker v3.4 enable needs to reattach focus event bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2402 map function string lambdas broken bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2416 setting a form field's value to empty string fails bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2418 Safari/WebKit version is checked incorrectly, causing null values bug trivial 1.2.3 fixed
#2447 $.extend overwrites inner objects nstead of extending bug major 1.2.3 worksforme
#2451 LayerX and layerY returns undefined in IE/Opera bug major 1.2.3 duplicate
#2453 attr(...) function returns undefined when value is 0 bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2455 Traversing > next example not working on FF,Opera/Mac bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2459 [value=something] seems to don't work bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2460 $('div.itemContent', this.parentNode.parentNode) returns empty in Firefox bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2462 backgroundPosition propertie bug major 1.2.2 duplicate
#2465 get dom element for added html feature major 1.2.3 invalid
#2466 HTML Constructor Fails to Create Beginning and Ending Text Nodes bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2467 html() funtion of jQuery does't work correctly in ie bug critical 1.2.3 duplicate
#2469 Bad Path in Speed Test bug major 1.2.3 worksforme
#2485 jQuery 1.2.x with Interface Plugin bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2486 jQuery.map() string as callback parameter is broken bug critical 1.2.3 fixed
#2487 .is() fails on direct descendant selector bug major 1.2.3 duplicate
#2497 :readonly enhancement minor 1.2.3 worksforme
#2505 problem with 1.2.3 with chain bug minor 1.2.3 worksforme
#2510 Optimizations for the merge() method enhancement major 1.2.3 fixed
#2511 Attribute Selector Sometimes returns function instead of string bug major 1.2.3 wontfix
#2521 Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like attributes bug minor 1.2.3 fixed
#2537 attr() can return undefined instead of 0 bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2548 .attr() proposal enhancement major 1.2.3 fixed
#2555 Dojo ShrinkSafe compatibility fix bug minor 1.2.3 invalid
#2558 $(...).attr returns different values in IE7 and Firefox bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2564 event.fix performance tweaks patch enhancement major 1.2.3 duplicate
#2568 elem has no properties error in nodeName method bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2575 Hide does not "hide" non-visible elements bug minor 1.2.3 duplicate
#2579 $.fn.is and $.fn.not should accept functions like $.fn.filter enhancement minor 1.2.3 duplicate
#2588 $ function does not find elements with several css classes bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2590 prev() doesn't work in IE bug major 1.2.3 wontfix
#2600 jQuery.extend() should not ignore properties with null values bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2602 removeClass should support removing multiple classes enhancement major 1.2.3 worksforme
#2605 data should accept null values bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2611 incorrect height returned in IE 6 brandon bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2619 Extend makeArray enhancement minor 1.2.3 fixed
#2631 Something wrong with :last-child bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2635 Opera fails http://jquery.com/test/ and UI don't work bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2640 CSS ~= attribute selector enhancement minor 1.2.3 invalid
#2642 Crossbrowser way to retrieve the activeElement feature major 1.2.3 invalid
#2646 Exception in curCSS, when called with textnodes... bug major 1.2.3 wontfix
#2647 Moving object containing Javascript bug minor 1.2.3 duplicate
#2648 .animate(height) incorrectly sets overflow hidden on animated div bug minor 1.2.3 worksforme
#2681 offsetLeft and offsetTop off by 2 pixels in MSIE7 bug major 1.2.3 duplicate
#2691 "top" property of the "CSS" object does not exists bug major 1.2.3 worksforme
#2703 Wrap manipulation resets state of radiobutton in IE bug major 1.2.3 duplicate
#2705 eval scripts in AJAX response does not work well in IE bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2708 Cross Browser event object enhancement major 1.2.3 fixed
#2709 globalEval works incorrectly in IE6 if the current page has <base href> tag in the HEAD bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2714 Making element draggable out of iframe (affects jQuery core) feature major 1.2.3 invalid
#2716 Main page 'quick and dirty' first demo doesn't work in Konqueror bug major 1.2.3 invalid
#2736 Attribute case sensitivity error bug minor 1.2.3 invalid
#2737 calling css() with null parameter enhancement minor 1.2.3 fixed
#2743 Potpourri of small improvements to code size and perfomance enhancement minor 1.2.3 fixed
#2747 IE7 "repairs" value of href atrribute by adding "http://..." bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2770 Can't change attr type to 'search' in Safari 3 bug major 1.2.3 wontfix
#2771 jQuery.index cannot index the jQuery object flesler bug minor 1.2.3 fixed
#2787 Attribute filter ignores elements not appended to DOM tree bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2803 Faster Map flesler enhancement major 1.2.3 fixed
#2811 2 bugs on jQuery.fn.add flesler bug major 1.2.3 fixed
#2817 val() method doesn't work correctly for IE and <button /> bug major 1.2.3 duplicate
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