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#5253 Using Jquery with HTTPS ,IE 8 Gives Security Warning Dialog box bug undecided 1.2.1 duplicate
#5254 Using Jquery with HTTPS ,IE 8 Gives Security Warning Dialog box bug undecided 1.2.1 invalid
#930 jQuery/Packer/ActiveX Activation bug minor 1.2 fixed
#1190 Append only works once bug major 1.2 worksforme
#1392 Gecko is gecko bug minor 1.2 invalid
#1446 init method doesn't check correctly form.elements property bug major 1.2 invalid
#1451 Boolean expression or conditional operator bug minor 1.2 wontfix
#1534 test #17 of http://jquery.com/test/ makes Safari crash bug critical 1.2 wontfix
#1538 .ajax() data param not serializing array correctly bug major 1.2 wontfix
#1567 nodeName without toUpperCase() in add() method bug major 1.2 fixed
#1570 Escaped quotes not escaped in html attributes bug major 1.2 invalid
#1579 1.2 Ajax method strips query string from URI bug major 1.2 duplicate
#1581 jquery v1.2 removes GET arguments from the url of the form plugin (ajaxSubmit) john bug major 1.2 duplicate
#1585 namespace.jQuery() fails when namespace.init is defined bug major 1.2 fixed
#1587 Creating inline element without closing tag in IE fails bug major 1.2 worksforme
#1590 IE 7, Event Cloning does not work bug major 1.2 fixed
#1592 Two variables are getting out from jQuery's namespace John bug major 1.2 fixed
#1593 Serialize ignores buttons bug major 1.2 wontfix
#1594 evalscripts() in .html() does not work the same in MSIE Safari and FF bug minor 1.2 fixed
#1598 Execution of JavaScript code in AJAX response in IE and Safari bug major 1.2 fixed
#1601 Square bracket [] selectors doesn't work! bug critical 1.2 invalid
#1605 IE6 hide/show makes elements wider bug major 1.2 worksforme
#1609 Xpath selector problems bug major 1.2 invalid
#1620 clean: function bug trivial 1.2 invalid
#1628 JQuery 1.2 on IE6 returns incorrect DOM result after clone/append bug major 1.2 fixed
#1631 $( '*', '.context' ).length returns n in FF and n+1 in IE bug major 1.2 invalid
#1637 jQuery() does not work if dot is in id bug major 1.2 invalid
#1650 Nodelist selector is not working as worked with the previous version and as is mentioned in the wiki bug major 1.2 invalid
#1687 .click() fails bug major 1.2 fixed
#1851 jQuery stops javascript to update selected = true in Safari bug major 1.2.1 worksforme
#1962 Check attribute is lost when appending a checkbox to a node (IE6) bug major 1.2.1 duplicate
#1966 Bizarre "shrinking body" bug in IE bug major 1.2.1 invalid
#2649 Change between jquery 1.2.1 and 1.2.3 on the clone() function causes lag, freezing, and crashes some browsers. bug major 1.2.3 worksforme
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