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#1161 Blank IE7 after reloading (F5) bug undecided 1.1.2 invalid
#1293 Works in Firefox and not in IE bug undecided 1.1.2 invalid
#143 '.'s in element ids enhancement major 1.1.2 fixed
#809 speeding merge and inArray enhancement minor 1.1.1 fixed
#891 absolute path and $( expr, context ) bug major 1.1 fixed
#893 Packed jQuery Doesn't Have A License bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#895 js error when selecting a non unexisting id (description below) bug critical 1.1.1 fixed
#908 merge speed improvments enhancement major 1.1.2 fixed
#920 Selectors by class names fail in IE 5.5 bug minor 1.1.2 wontfix
#922 Fix Strict Warnings bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#925 Bug in Internet Explorer when appending object/embed-element bug minor 1.1.2
#932 E:first-child selector doesn't return anything in Win-IE5.5, E:first does bug minor 1.1 wontfix
#945 <INPUT name="length"> cannot be found under IE bug minor 1.1a fixed
#962 [PATCH] A fix in clean method bug major 1.1.1 fixed
#977 .is() should support comma-separated queries bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#978 [PATCH] IE doesn't like domManip in an iframe bug minor 1.1.1 fixed
#986 jQuery("#IDParent #IDChild") throws error when #IDParent does not exists. bug major 1.1.1 fixed
#1001 $() function do not support chinese parameter bug major 1.1.1 fixed
#1015 Add IE6 detection to $.browser enhancement major 1.1.2 fixed
#1018 IE error in complex selector bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1025 Infinite loop from certain queries bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1026 isFunction with recursive ajax request bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1029 $().html() serializes href attribute in IE bug major 1.1.2 wontfix
#1030 value attribute on <option/> element required on IE bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1040 $(html) always returns an empty set bug critical 1.1.2 worksforme
#1041 jQuery support for IDs with square brackets bug major 1.1.2 wontfix
#1044 Error appending colgroup bug critical 1.1.2 fixed
#1061 Bug during refresh in ie 6 & 7 - at least with Iframes bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1064 css('opacity') returns empty string in IE bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1069 Please extend val() enhancement minor 1.1.2 worksforme
#1083 Uncaught Exception bug minor 1.1.2 invalid
#1085 Cannot undisable disabled hidden fields bug major 1.1.2 worksforme
#1086 s.indexOf("<tr") OR s.indexOf("<TR") bug in internet explorer bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1087 prependTo/appendTo on select elements bug critical 1.1.2 fixed
#1090 ID attributes do not match all valid NMTOKENs defined by HTML4 bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1097 html() crashes Safari in latest Tabs bug critical 1.1.2 fixed
#1098 addClass, removeClass and togleClass in IE bug critical 1.1.2 invalid
#1104 selecter error bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1107 Opera .getJSON returns reordered results bug major 1.1.2 invalid
#1114 <LEGEND> with firefox bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1117 bug setting CSS borders; only appears in FireFox bug major 1.1.2 invalid
#1119 Strange problem occuring with html() under IE bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1134 Better browser type and version detection enhancement major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1157 Adding array diff utility function enhancement minor 1.1.2 wontfix
#1162 $("<select>...</select>") double-wraps the value bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1163 oForm.elements problem in IE bug minor 1.1.2 wontfix
#1164 oFrom.elements problem in IE bug minor 1.1.2 duplicate
#1165 filter has some problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bug major 1.1.2 invalid
#1166 filter has some problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1167 .removeClass("") removes every class bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1169 Selecting a form by ID fails if there's a form value element named "id" [patch] bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1182 $().attr("maxlength") not working in IE bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1189 interface draggable doesn't work with jQuery in another frame bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1194 JQuery.js and sothink dhtml menu bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1195 Attribute selector Form expando issue bug major 1.1.2 worksforme
#1196 ie latency bug critical 1.1.2 worksforme
#1197 Safari reports no opacity as undefined brandon bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1198 Using styleFloat in Safari doesn't work brandon bug minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1199 Appending text with spaces fails in IE and Safari john bug major 1.1.2 worksforme
#1215 Selector bug with IE 6 & 7 bug major 1.1.2 worksforme
#1223 Cannot appendTo on select element bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1224 Tabs broken in 1.1.3a bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1231 jQuery 1.1.3 testbuild breaks latest validation plugin in IE6 bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1243 IE doesn't work with $('a[@text=sometext]').click() bug trivial 1.1.2 invalid
#1261 jQuery 1.1.2 causes JS error with nested id selectors of non-existent elements bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1267 $("#bodyForm") does not work in ie bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1269 JQuery .css() background url and https bug minor 1.1.2 worksforme
#1272 .is("img[@src], input[@src]") only match imgs. bug minor 1.1.2 duplicate
#1277 .not() method not functioning as expected. bug critical 1.1.2 invalid
#1321 [Critical Bug] ID selector bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
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