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#57 Event handler registration is broken in rev 134 bug undecided 1.0a fixed
#59 IE6 Error: Expected identifier, string, or number (rev 134) bug undecided 1.0a fixed
#87 $() bug! bug undecided 1.0a fixed
#3 DOM insertion methods fail on elements that have a length property bug major 1.0 fixed
#8 Disabled attribute of input elements bug major 1.0 fixed
#9 Wrong border size detection bug major fixed
#10 The width and height fails on Safari 1.3.2 bug major 1.0 fixed
#11 $.css(imgelem, 'height') return NaN if image has no size bug major 1.0 fixed
#20 [jQuery] Not compatible with Prototype 1.5 ??? bug major 1.0 fixed
#28 parent() broken in 1.0a bug major 1.0 fixed
#31 .remove() should be usefully chainable bug major 1.0 fixed
#34 .text function does not work ok bug major 1.0 fixed
#40 add() should be spruced up enhancement minor 1.0 fixed
#43 ready does not work over https with msie bug major 1.0 fixed
#45 Empty jQuery Object as Context bug major 1.0 fixed
#46 .hide() appears to be broken? bug major 1.0 fixed
#47 Problems with .parent() bug major 1.0 fixed
#49 jQuery.prototype.pushStack - args has no properties (args = undefined) bug minor 1.0 fixed
#50 $.A in core versus $.A DOM creation bug major 1.0 fixed
#56 type is undefined in this.attr() bug major 1.0a fixed
#60 .html( string ) sets attribute bug minor 1.0 fixed
#63 .css() should return the current width/height bug major 1.0 fixed
#64 jQuery is not defined error bug major 1.0 fixed
#68 $('table tr tbody td:first') gives first td of last row found bug major 1.0 invalid
#70 Add an merge object method to jQuery core feature minor 1.0 fixed
#75 css('height') too precise? bug minor 1.0 worksforme
#76 .css('height') bug in Mac Opera bug minor 1.0 fixed
#78 contains() doesn't work with text with spaces bug major 1.0 worksforme
#80 'f has no properties' when using parents(...) bug critical 1.0 fixed
#81 curCSS needs camelCase passed to currentStyle bug major 1.0 fixed
#94 XPath issue bug major 1.0 invalid
#96 Create IE 5.0 Support Plugin feature major 1.0 wontfix
#102 removeAttr() feature major 1.0 fixed
#104 bug with hide()/show() when hide() is called more than once before show(), solution is provided bug critical 1.0a fixed
#107 There should be a .clone() enhancement minor 1.0 fixed
#110 Multiple Attribute Selectors Broken bug major 1.0 fixed
#111 @name breaks with name="name" bug minor 1.0 fixed
#118 Can't .attr('disabled', false); bug major 1.0 fixed
#120 .attr() not working in Internet Explorer bug major 1.0 invalid
#121 CSS macros defined incorrectly bug major 1.0 fixed
#129 Prune Endline Characters from Lite enhancement trivial 1.0 fixed
#131 Safari .css() Borked bug major 1.0 fixed
#135 Invalid IE Pointer bug major 1.0 fixed
#139 children() & children(expr) not work bug critical 1.0 fixed
#145 failing in Firefox Mac bug major 1.0 invalid
#148 XPath query with context node doesn't work anymore. bug major 1.0 fixed
#149 Updatig value of input field is not showing up bug critical 1.0 fixed
#163 IE throws errors for $(this) in nested each loops bug minor 1.0 duplicate
#168 sibling() returns siblings and the subject bug major 1.0 fixed
#178 IE fails with #element/* expressions bug major 1.0 fixed
#180 .constructor == Function is not enough bug major 1.0 fixed
#185 `]` breaks selectors bug major 1.0 fixed
#189 prev() does not work as expected bug major 1.0 invalid
#194 Fix for attribute *=, ^=, and $= in cases where special attributes. bug major 1.0 fixed
#198 Expression generates error in FireFox bug major 1.0 invalid
#211 IE5 scripting error bug minor invalid
#221 filter seemingly not operating correctly bug major 1.0 fixed
#223 IE6 jQuery.ready bug in jQuery Rev. 249 (released 8/31/06) bug major 1.0 worksforme
#228 different behavior for next() in IE and Firefox ?? bug major 1.0 invalid
#229 it is impossible to implicitly abandon search context (without .end()) bug major worksforme
#262 Extending Object prototype breaks jQuery (was: "name.replace is not a function" in 1.0.3) bug major 1.0a invalid
#320 Why not make jQuery objects inherit directly from Array? feature minor 1.0 wontfix
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