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#15179 Syntax errors in minified sources bug undecided migrated
#10611 It's unclear how to best contribute to jQuery Rick Waldron enhancement blocker fixed
#11943 Custom Build broken Rick Waldron bug high git fixed
#13760 getComputedStyle no longer works in node with jsdom bug high 2.0.0-beta3 fixed
#14476 Build Errors (master, updated 10-21-13) bug high 1.10.2 notabug
#14488 Add Vagrant Support feature high 1.10.2 migrated
#14578 2.1.0-beta1-88-gd2aa969 build broken david@… bug high 2.1.0-beta2 invalid
#14664 Support the component packager timmywil feature high 1.10.2 wontfix
#10308 Add a size comparison to the build process for development feature low 1.6.4 fixed
#10319 jquery-1.6.4.min.js bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#10411 JSLint Error when running make bug low 1.7b1 worksforme
#10770 Investigate re-ordering build file enhancement low 1.7 wontfix
#10820 Build error: node.js sys => util Rick Waldron bug low 1.7 wontfix
#12187 jQuery does not minify with Yui compressor due to 'throws' reseverd keyword bug low 1.8rc1 duplicate
#12778 rewrite speed framework based off of the latest sizzle speed tests feature low git migrated
#13065 Should a command-line-driven web server for running Qunit be provided via grunt feature low 1.8.3 patchwelcome
#13355 Uglifyjs compression options and variable sequence optimization markelog feature low 1.9rc1 fixed
#13560 update_submodules task doesn't work in a symbolically linked directory danheberden bug low git notabug
#13759 Better undefined gzip compression m_gol feature low 2.0.0-beta3 fixed
#14581 global jquery available when using the npm module bug low 2.1.0-beta2 notabug
#14775 custom build: grunt custom:-sizzle timmywil bug low 1.11.0-rc1 fixed
#15061 "define" is not defined error. Broken build bug low 2.1.0 migrated
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