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#14113 AMD-ify jQuery source timmywil feature blocker 1.10.1 fixed
#14118 Use bower to include Sizzle and QUnit (remove submodules) timmywil bug blocker 1.10.1 fixed
#14415 Remove sourcemap comment m_gol feature blocker 1.10.2 fixed
#14450 Remove CommonJS+AMD syntax from source timmywil bug blocker 1.10.2 fixed
#14451 Add bower and npm registrations to release script timmywil bug blocker 1.10.2 fixed
#14702 Problem with npm package for jquery 'latest' m_gol bug blocker 2.1.0-beta2 fixed
#13983 Switch to //# for sourcemap directives m_gol bug high 1.10.1 fixed
#14016 Include a build option for customizing exports timmywil feature high 1.10.1 fixed
#14087 Update release script to update Sizzle's package.json version + tag it timmywil feature high 1.10.1 notabug
#14163 Make Deferreds/Callbacks/.ready() optional modules timmywil bug high 1.10.2 fixed
#14615 Manage bower dependencies with grunt-bowercopy timmywil feature high 1.10.2 fixed
#12757 Enforce style guide via build process bug low 1.8.2 fixed
#14504 Build: Upgrade to grunt-contrib-jshint 0.7.1 and squash subtasks m_gol feature low 1.10.2 fixed
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