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#4297 [readonly="true"] for IE6 / [readonly=""] for Firefox john bug low 1.3.2 invalid
#4668 new HTML5 input types not recognized by attr() enhancement low 1.3.2 worksforme
#4281 Can't overwrite onclick attr bug minor 1.3.2 wontfix
#4296 css('font-size) converts percentage to pixels in IE bug major 1.3.1 fixed
#4416 $(window).height() does not work on Nokia 5800 bug major 1.3.2 worksforme
#4420 Internet Explorer 7 error: problem setting elem[ name ] = value bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#4426 CSS "left" value is incorrect when set to "auto" in FF3. bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#5036 Removing display:none from a tfoot in Firefox 3.0 places the tfoot in wrong place bug major 1.3.2 wontfix
#5061 $.attr fails on input element in Firefox 3.5.2 bug major 1.3.2 worksforme
#5185 Setting "cursor" CSS property to null causes MSIE to request "null" file from the server bug minor 1.3.2 wontfix
#5420 Can't get CSS value of "border-spacing" on InternetExplorer8 enhancement trivial 1.3.2 worksforme
#5533 css(name) method does not work at IE, css( name, value ) work both IE and FF bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#5544 Setting type attribute on button tag fails without exception in IE bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#5674 css('z-index') returns incorrect value in Safari bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#5728 Cannot access IMG attributes (height, width) in IE if parent is null bug minor 1.3.2 duplicate
#6546 1.3.2 .text() function does not return result for textarea in Chrome 5, Firefox 3.6 feature 1.3.2 worksforme
#6882 BUG in IE bug 1.4.1 invalid
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