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#1159 It just doesn't work bug undecided 1.1.2 worksforme
#858 evalScripts() execute javascript twice with inline script from ajax data in Firefox bug minor 1.1 duplicate
#963 IE 7 can't request file:// via XHR bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#987 IE (below 7) always uses POST (XMLHttpRequest simplified too much) bug minor 1.1.1 invalid
#1013 AJAX don't work in IE6 bug major 1.1.1 worksforme
#1020 fx problem in IE7 bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1023 IE6: $(form).submit() doesn't trigger attached events by $(form).ajaxForm() bug critical 1.1.2 worksforme
#1027 IE error: Automation server can't create object ... when ActiveX disabled bug minor 1.1.2 wontfix
#1089 ajaxError throws exception in IE6 bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1099 bvcnvbcnvbn feature major 1.1.1 invalid
#1118 Migrate AJAX setRequestHeader() to a mapping in ajaxSettings feature major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1132 Remove connect:close header workaround joern enhancement minor 1.1.2 fixed
#1146 Wrong dom structure in ajax bug major 1.1.2 invalid
#1174 Flicker before Interface SlideIn* functions bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1175 Flicker before Interface SlideIn* functions bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1263 Dropped AJAX connections strangly report success bug major 1.1.2 invalid
#1266 $(object).show turns a line level element into a block level element :( bug major 1.1.2 fixed
#1276 .loadIfModified() won't work in FF2.0 bug major 1.1.2 duplicate
#1288 crashed!! bug major 1.1.2 invalid
#1289 ajax , rename the parameter called xml enhancement trivial 1.1.2 fixed
#1298 Packer v3 breaks $.httpData for Json bug major 1.1.2 fixed
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