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#10752 Change in Selector Logic noticeable in 1.4 to 1.6.4 bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#10758 Bubble popup give jquery error in xhtml doc but works fine in html doc bug undecided invalid
#10759 Mouseout event behaviour differs from 1.6.4 to 1.7 anonymous bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10760 jQuery Selector for UI Tab Click Event jimmy.headdon@… bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10762 .on() - delegated event handler using selector bug undecided 1.7 fixed
#10763 data() is gone after drag and drop images in a contenteditable bug undecided 1.6.4 cantfix
#10764 .attr with combobox bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10765 API documentation is missing bug undecided 1.7 fixed
#10766 jQuery.extend does not relate to JavaScript 1.8.5's property description bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10767 jQuery.fn.exists = function(){return jQuery(this).length>0;} var $jq = jQuery.noConflict(); // Get current page URL var sPath = window.location.pathname; //var sPage = sPath.substring(sPath.lastIndexOf('\\') + 1); var sPage = sPath.substring(sPath.lastIndexOf('/') + 1); /* Load when DOM is ready bug undecided invalid
#10769 SCRIPT5007 error when loading jQuery after DOM ready bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10771 animation Bug Michael bug undecided invalid
#10772 Jquery 1.7 throws error in ie9 bug undecided invalid
#10774 catch statement not defined in the try block nuwan.perera@… bug undecided invalid
#10775 animate height to 100% animates height to 100px bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10777 .toggleClass( className, switch ) works incorectly with non-bool type 'switch' argument bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10781 Firefox 8 checking if input type checkbox is checked always returns false bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10783 select bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10784 $.removeData is not working in 1.7 istvan.m.antal bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10787 Selecting by [nodeName] finds nothing in 1.7 bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10788 Line: 2479 Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'getAttributeNode' bug undecided 1.6.4 duplicate
#10802 Animating backgroundPosition not working anymore after v1.3 bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10803 delegated blur-events can not be triggerd with $().blur() anymore bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10804 Replaced innerHtml calls with insertAdjacentHTML bug undecided git duplicate
#10806 Someone has been spamming the Plugin bug undecided fixed
#10808 IE8 DontEnum Prevents Proper $.extend Behavior promano@… bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10813 can't find html5 tags when using .find() [IE-Only] bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10816 pageX missing from mouse events in jQ1.7 bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10822 $('[nodeName]', xmlDoc); no longer finds anything bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10823 inconsistent results when using [value=blah] bug undecided git duplicate
#10829 IE9 crashes when running jQuery Data tests suite from swarm.jquery.org bug undecided git worksforme
#10837 Triggering custom events with the same name as a property fails bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10841 .last() doesn't update bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#10845 preventDefault in keypress event cancel change event bug undecided 1.7.1rc1 invalid
#10846 fail to use jquery ui 1.8.12 and jquery 1.6.4 bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#10847 Overlapping in Chrome and IE bug undecided 1.7.1rc1 invalid
#10849 jQuery.support.hrefNormalized means the opposite of what its name implies ryan@… bug undecided 1.7.1rc1 invalid
#10850 Plugin page: nameing bug undecided 1.7.1 wontfix
#10855 Make sure the css("borderTopWidth") returns numeric value in IE8 if no border (width) was specified. bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#10857 Animate() interprets percentage as pixels bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10859 Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus. camilo.arthur@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10862 Sytax bug bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10865 $(selector).html(undefined) returns the content of the element bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10868 feature request: .preimage feature undecided 1.7.1 wontfix
#10874 Undefined second parameters triggers getter instead of setter bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10876 i have this problem with jquery-1.4.2.min.js, constantin.state@… bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#10879 Jquery toggle method using "slide" effect from Jquery UI bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10880 $(element).is(':visible') should return true if either offsetHeight:0 or offsetWidth:0? ppan235@… bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10881 Cannot place $.clone'd element into DOM using $.html more than once bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10883 removeAttr("checked") will recheck the radio again bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10885 Missing timestamps from Mouse Events bug undecided git duplicate
#10887 bug:delete row error bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10888 jQuery should allow catching a namespaced event enhancement undecided 1.7 plugin
#10889 Memory utilized by the browser keeps rising - sizcache is incrementing with every refresh sumant.panda@… bug undecided 1.3.2 invalid
#10890 IE8 click and trigger access denied me@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10892 html() bug? bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10893 IE9 won't fire change event if value of input is changed using keyup bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10894 CSS percents are sometimes parsed as pixels for element dimensions bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10896 html() Function NEVER works. bug undecided 1.7.1 worksforme
#10905 JQuery Event Binding bug undecided invalid
#10907 triggering custom events with namespace triggers "property xxx of object yyy is not a function" bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10909 .submit() fails when field named "submit" exists bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10922 parents() followed by add() or andSelf reverses order amannak@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10924 Safari 5 Win (and others ?) prop/attr works great only with uppercase attributes _BenM_ bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10927 on is not replacing live properly Sap bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10928 $(window).on() breaks in IE Joey Baker <joey@…> bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10929 Datepicker deals with national date format bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#10932 Replacing a table row with a new one, the new one has no parentElement (IE8) cradle22@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10933 jQuery parseJSON not parsing properly wngchng87 bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10934 Value not persisting in IE 7 and 8 dhritishree_patnaik@… bug undecided 1.2 invalid
#10937 .on does not work for newly added elements bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10938 change event not working in Internet Explorer (IE7) anonymous bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10939 form.attr('method') returns undefined in IE7 bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10942 Make a version of isNumeric() that is compatible with parse[Int|Float] jdmarshall bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10947 Remove redundant return value in $.Callbacks bug undecided git invalid
#10948 Proposing to add similar to $.fn.eq behavior for $.fn.end method. enhancement undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10949 Paging issue bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#10953 AJAX default contentType should include the charset bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10956 post intercepts pdf download bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10957 Some callback function is not implemented, the results are not correct。 bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10958 1.7.1 & IE6 issue peter_westlund@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10965 event.which still reports 0 for left-click in edge IE cases ivan.lazarte@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10966 Autocomplete demo doesn't work bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10974 Input buttons inside labels - Only first 'click' bind works bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10975 AJAX: Dynamically modifying the options.dataType in an ajaxPrefilter doesn't trigger the correct ajax converter. bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10979 jquery can't initialize when postback in ie9 landlordh@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10982 In IE (6/7/8) had the following error:"Invalid argument. Line: 8826 Char: 5" on jquery-1.7.1.js joao.l.castro@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10987 jQuery .load with selector <script> tag in HTML comment anonymous bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10990 interface.eyecon.ro - IE10 Compatibility [Microsoft | Reference ID# 538455] bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10991 can't find the XML element including colon(even after //) raincolee@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#10992 focus() does not move the focus from an iframe to the main window chris.cinelli@… bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#10994 Extend the functionality of outherWidth to be able to set the objects width enhancement undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10995 About the toggleClass function!!!! feature undecided 1.7.1 plugin
#11002 Add serializeObject method to core feature undecided 1.7.1 patchwelcome
#11006 $.ajax() dont trigger success-Method when PHP-Header is set timohuber@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#11014 .Clone Behaviour Changes in IE7 After Installing KB2497640 bug undecided 1.5.2 worksforme
#11017 slideDown() on Internet Explorer requires "hasLayout" boydb@… bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#11026 issue with appendTo/prependTo and z-index sridhar.ravuri@… bug undecided 1.3.2 invalid
#11028 $.event.handle stopped working on jQuery 1.7.x pedrolamas@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
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