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#14298 $.Ajax success event not fired with Visual Studio 2012 Coded UI Tests bug undecided 2.0.3 notabug
#13204 $.ajax calls error on PUT request bug undecided 1.9rc1 notabug
#12576 $.ajax does not call Success Callback function bug undecided 1.4.2 notabug
#10728 $.ajax doesn't persist with deferred methods bug undecided 1.7 duplicate
#13093 $.ajax for type="delete" issue mariusz@… bug undecided 1.7.2 notabug
#11656 $.ajax ignores type setting anonymous bug undecided 1.7.2 invalid
#14104 $.ajax promise cannot be piped with a failFilter only bug undecided 1.9.1 notabug
#11045 $.ajax returning json adds decimal (.0) to whole numbers vogelra@… bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#11607 $.ajax success event not working fistandanbitus@… bug undecided 1.7.2 invalid
#13033 $.ajax() bug undecided 1.8.2 notabug
#14493 $.ajax() Callbacks simon.hayllar@… bug undecided 2.0.0 invalid
#11006 $.ajax() dont trigger success-Method when PHP-Header is set timohuber@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#14158 $.ajax() on v2.0.3 under Jasmine 2 throws DOM Exception 12 jose@… bug undecided 2.0.3 invalid
#12279 $.ajax().fail() is called even if i get a status 200 response anonymous bug undecided 1.8.0 invalid
#11224 $.ajaxSetup data object does not merge when $.ajax call passes a string. bug undecided 1.7.1 wontfix
#11910 $.animate should have "stepComplete" Callback enhancement undecided 1.7.2 duplicate
#10496 $.attr doesn't work, in on click handler it keeps attribute old value after overriding its value bug undecided 1.6.4 duplicate
#13277 $.browser in latest verion bug undecided 1.9.0 notabug
#12032 $.browser.safari returns true in latest Chrome release bryan@… bug undecided 1.7.2 wontfix
#12390 $.browser.webkit doesn't include Chrome anymore bug undecided 1.8.0 duplicate
#14846 $.buildFragment does not correctly include whitespace in IE8 justinbmeyer@… bug undecided 1.10.2 invalid
#12511 $.closest(selector) also return starting element bug undecided 1.8.1 notabug
#11885 $.contains useless with TextNodes in IE bug undecided 1.7.2 duplicate
#12711 $.css work with bug in FF 16 bug undecided 1.8.2 notabug
#10322 $.data can not get value from element when the attr use camelCase bug undecided 1.6 invalid
#10352 $.data clipping attribute value bug undecided 1.5.2 invalid
#12214 $.data inconsistent with $().data bug undecided 1.8rc1 invalid
#13145 $.data issues bug undecided 1.8.3 notabug
#12678 $.data store in __proto__, if __proto__ has own cache bug undecided 1.8.2 wontfix
#10664 $.data throws "string.replace is not a function" on invalid input bug low 1.7 invalid
#13127 $.data with capital bug undecided git notabug
#11465 $.data() doesn't work on <object> contact@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#14279 $.debug() for selector debugging feature undecided 1.10.2 notabug
#12566 $.each and ($.map or $.grep) callbacks - different function profiles but very similar bug undecided 1.7.1 wontfix
#12617 $.each does not test for null / undefined objects bug undecided 1.7.2 duplicate
#13068 $.each wraps values into objects bug undecided 1.8.3 notabug
#11028 $.event.handle stopped working on jQuery 1.7.x pedrolamas@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#13484 $.event.trigger no longer working with .on() bug undecided 1.9.1 notabug
#14821 $.extend - circular references - error: "Maximum call stack size exceeded" bug undecided 2.1.0 duplicate
#13892 $.extend deep copy not performed adamdarmanin@… bug undecided 1.9.1 invalid
#14551 $.extend does not work with 'set' propery bug undecided 1.10.1 notabug
#15137 $.extend passes deep properties of plain objects by reference bug undecided 2.1.1 notabug
#15246 $.extend with deep copy of an array property merges the array instead of replacing it bug undecided 1.11.1 notabug
#11275 $.fn.contents fails when passed an iframe that isn't in the main dom tree bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#13866 $.fn.css should work (not crash) on the document bug undecided 1.9.1 wontfix
#11473 $.fn.html clears children in IE bug undecided git wontfix
#12764 $.fn.offsetparent() anonymous bug undecided 1.8.2 invalid
#13374 $.format on both jquery validator and jquery ui bug undecided 1.8.3 notabug
#11105 $.getJSON the callback dose not work zhiyong.wu20@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#13398 $.getJSON does not working in MSIE 9 bug undecided 1.9.1 notabug
#12983 $.getJSON or $.ajax with jsonp type, not returning data bug undecided 1.8.3 notabug
#14134 $.inArray() should be deprecated in favour of $.indexOf() bug undecided 1.10.2 wontfix
#14227 $.isPlainObject improperly returns true for moment.js in 2.x Rick Waldron bug undecided 2.0.3 duplicate
#12661 $.load not working consistently in iOS6 bug undecided 1.7.2 notabug
#14815 $.log feature undecided 2.1.0 plugin
#11150 $.map inconsistent behavior davestein bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#11776 $.map is to eager on testing null bug undecided 1.7.2 worksforme
#14784 $.merge does not work in IE8 as it does in IE9 bug undecided 1.10.2 notabug
#11578 $.offset({left, top}) calculated error coordinates when style.position = "fixed" chenwx521@… bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#14120 $.param does not recursivly serialize return values of functions Sven Schöling bug undecided 2.0.3 notabug
#14374 $.param without serializing function results feature undecided 1.10.2 plugin
#10607 $.parentsUntil matches partial class names bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#12428 $.parseHTML Documentation bug undecided 1.8.0 invalid
#14005 $.parseHTML and leading spaces on jQuery 2.0.2 bug undecided 2.0.2 notabug
#11974 $.parseHTML has ( lots ) of xss issues and can't be labeled as secure in its current implementation bug undecided 1.8b1 cantfix
#11371 $.parseJSON on utf-8 with BOM muhammad.sherafat@… enhancement undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#14212 $.parseJSON() invalid conversion bug undecided 1.10.2 notabug
#14891 $.parseXML exception on nested script tag bug undecided 1.10.2 notabug
#13725 $.parseXML has non-standardized behavior for IE9+ and other browsers anonymous bug undecided 1.9.1 wontfix
#14294 $.parseXML() is not working in more version of IE 8 anonymous bug undecided 1.10.2 invalid
#14295 $.parseXML() is not working in more version of IE 8 bug undecided 1.10.2 duplicate
#14296 $.parseXML() is not working in more version of IE 8 bug undecided 1.9.0 duplicate
#12049 $.post() bug undecided 1.7.2 invalid
#11490 $.post() requires a value back bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#11491 $.post() requires a value back bug undecided 1.7.1 duplicate
#10784 $.removeData is not working in 1.7 istvan.m.antal bug undecided 1.7 invalid
#12926 $.replaceWith('svg') M.Gaetan89 bug undecided 1.8.3 notabug
#14597 $.serialize, $.serializeArray and input with name "elements" bug undecided 1.10.2 duplicate
#11708 $.support.boxModel reports false for non-IE browsers bug undecided 1.7.2 invalid
#14474 $.support.shrinkWrapBlocks = true if body has display:none bug undecided 1.10.1 wontfix
#14400 $.text() goes into infinity anup.vasudeva2009@… bug undecided 1.10.2 invalid
#12378 $.unique goes into an infinite loop in IE8 (slow script warning). dangerbell bug undecided 1.8.0 invalid
#14154 $.urlParam().appendTo(jqueryapi.utilities) feature undecided 1.10.2 plugin
#15019 $.when.apply expands the returning array if it has only one item bug undecided 2.1.0 notabug
#14564 $.wrap function does not wrap objects properly in IE 9/10 bug undecided 1.10.1 notabug
#12331 $el.on('click') breaks if adding to parent multiple times dan.schumann@… bug undecided 1.8.0 duplicate
#14430 $element.css("background-position-x") not working in FireFox bug undecided 2.0.3 notabug
#14425 $element.css("background-position-x") not working in ie10 kvet bug undecided 2.0.3 invalid
#12766 $window.height() works not in the IE bug undecided 1.8.0 duplicate
#12577 'SCRIPT3: Member not found' with .attr(novalidate or aria-nocomplete) anonymous bug undecided 1.8.1 patchwelcome
#11904 'change' event no triggered if you modify `val()` by code bug undecided 1.7.2 invalid
#14740 'focus' event is not being triggered on elements that are no attached to the document bug undecided 1.11.0 notabug
#10082 'style' or 'css' dataType in $.ajax(). enhancement undecided 1.6.2 wontfix
#11447 ((jQuery.event.special[handleObj.origType] || {}).handle || handleObj.handler).apply is not a function anonymous bug undecided 1.7.1 invalid
#13307 (IE7 WindowXP) Not support elem.getAttribute(name, arg2) bug undecided 1.7.1 notabug
#12025 (Not Really) New jQuery Static Method: wait feature undecided 1.7.2 invalid
#12381 ,offset() may rerturn non integer values bug undecided 1.8.0 worksforme
#11014 .Clone Behaviour Changes in IE7 After Installing KB2497640 bug undecided 1.5.2 worksforme
#12789 .SELECT() DOES NOT SELECT INPUT CONTENT ON IPHONE BROWSER anonymous bug undecided 1.8.2 cantfix
#11877 .Show() on select elements adds display: block dalelarsen22@… bug undecided 1.7.2 invalid
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