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#8223 Selector causing an exception bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8229 jquery selecter not compatible with bug low 1.5 invalid
#8236 live doesn't work with :not(:last) bug high 1.5 duplicate
#8237 :HAS with :NTH-CHILD not working under IE bug high 1.5 duplicate
#8246 Attribute value selectors containing colons now trigger a syntax error bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8248 i'm founded an error bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8253 Selectors documentation says names must be double backslash-encoded bug low 1.5 wontfix
#8258 [Regression] 1.5 selector throws error when attribute contains a dot "." bug low 1.5 invalid
#8260 .filter(selector) does not select properly bug high 1.5 duplicate
#8264 parent child selector does not work for table bug low 1.5 invalid
#8282 Attribute Selectors Without Quotes Stopped Working bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8309 The selector with [value=Assign To] causes an exception bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8351 Regresion in Attribute selector bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8361 ID selector not working for ID having colon or period bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8371 compatibility error bug low 1.5 invalid
#8373 input:text[val=xy]:first selector and actual input value bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8382 prevAll and prevUntil reverse order is not documented bug low 1.5.1 fixed
#8384 Request for ">" selector to work in wider range of circumstances bug low 1.5.1 wontfix
#8429 :empty discrepancy between IE and Chrome bug low 1.5.1 wontfix
#8446 For inline SVG: selector by ID works, but selektor by CLASS not works bug low 1.5.1 patchwelcome
#8486 find not working on a select in 1.5.1 bug blocker 1.5.1 invalid
#8507 # bug blocker 1.5.1 duplicate
#8542 nth-child in WebKit returns wrong count of elements bug low 1.5.1 worksforme
#8679 Jquery live with select method problem in internet explorer bug low 1.5.1 patchwelcome
#8720 :has fails with some combinations of other selectors bug low 1.5.1 duplicate
#8740 Has Attribute Selector fails on empty attributes on ie6/ie7/ff3.0 bug high 1.5.2 duplicate
#8785 Jquery select id don't work in firefox 4 bug undecided 1.5.2 worksforme
#8795 Specific Selector doesn't work in IE 6, 7, or 8 bug undecided 1.5.1 invalid
#8810 Cannot access top level element of a parsed string bug undecided 1.5.2 invalid
#8911 the selector not working bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#8943 ':text' is case-sensitive on type whereas '[type=text]' is case-insensitive bug low 1.5.2 fixed
#8960 attribute selector not working for IE 8 option selected attribute after AJAX requests bug high 1.5.2 duplicate
#8963 $('name=a.b'),when the value include the point '.',the error has been throwed bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#8975 Opera 11 and list selectors bug low 1.5.2 worksforme
#8998 Starts With Selector does not work under IE7 bug low 1.5.1 cantfix
#9062 is() returns false for empty attributes on IE bug high 1.5.2 duplicate
#9092 : in checkbox id bug high 1.6 invalid
#9145 1.6 attribute selector enhancement low 1.6 invalid
#9156 Has attribute selector not working in IE6-9 bug low 1.6 invalid
#9165 attribute selector with accesskey fails bug low 1.6 invalid
#9168 :submit selector should match inputs with type="image" bug undecided 1.6 wontfix
#9287 Negative :eq() in IE does not return null bug low 1.6.1 patchwelcome
#9423 Attribute selectors need to be prefixed with a tag in Internet Explorer 8 and Seamonkey bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9439 Better definition for jq escaping script enhancement low 1.6.1 duplicate
#9569 Problem with space-separated attribute selector bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9578 [IE] is("[class]") is true on svg elements even when typeof(attr("class))=="undefined" bug low 1.6.1 wontfix
#9579 jQuery([elementOfDOMElements]).children([selelector]) produces strange results when array has multiple elements of which one is an svg bug low 1.6.1 patchwelcome
#9589 TR.is(':visible') is not reliable on IE6/7 bug high 1.6 wontfix
#9594 attr selectors in find, find nothing bug low 1.6.1 duplicate
#9597 Selector not finding param inside an object in IE8 bug low 1.6.1 patchwelcome
#9608 bad selection bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9618 invalid attribute selector works in IE9 when it should fail bug low 1.6.1 wontfix
#9623 IE6 & 7 will not match attribute selector queries if the attribute in question has no value or a falsy value. bug high 1.6.1 duplicate
#9625 Support full range of allowed IDs in HTML5 enhancement high 1.6.1 invalid
#9656 #[id] selector selects too much in Safari when working with cloned elements bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9660 jQuery selector "[value=foo]" doesn't work if value set on runtime bug low 1.4.3 invalid
#9690 nth-child + class does not work in Firefox 5 bug high 1.6.1 cantfix
#9731 Extend :contains() selector on input fields. enhancement undecided 1.6.2 wontfix
#9734 ":enabled" works in Firefox but not in IE7 bug high 1.6.1 invalid
#9747 :first selector behaves inconsistently in chained find() invocations bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9752 Cannot access class names if class property contains a Non-Breaking Space as the first character bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9939 contains selector on child of sibling not working bug low 1.6.2 fixed
#10346 Customized Selector loop over uneccesarry elements in IE (browser can be frozen) enhancement low 1.6.4 wontfix
#10569 :focus in Chrome bug low 1.6.4 duplicate
#11552 Add support for :nth-of-type() feature low 1.7.1 duplicate
#11568 unreliable behaviour with selecting tabIndex with attributes selectors bug low 1.7.2 duplicate
#7389 change .selector property into .selectors array enhancement low 1.4.3 wontfix
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