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#4996 getBoundingClientRect causes 'Unspecified Error' in IE after ajax bug major 1.4.2 fixed
#6190 offset and position in other windows brandon bug 1.4.2 fixed
#6326 offset(function(index, coords)) does not properly pass index bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6441 $(selector).offset(offset_obj) does not work in IE8 bug 1.4.2 worksforme
#6575 jQuery 1.4.2 conflicts with other libraries even using .noConflict() in IE and Opera bug 1.4.2 fixed
#6581 width() in opera bug low 1.4.2 invalid
#6949 .offset() in IE changes position from absolute to relative bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#6976 .offset(fn) misbehaves if fn changes its argument dmethvin bug low 1.4.2
#6978 IE8 problem in finding the offset value for element in the page bug 1.4.2 invalid
#5781 .offset() setter does not work properly on absolutely positioned elements with top/left set to auto brandon bug major 1.4a2 fixed
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