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#11424 $('.class') vs jQuery('.class') one returns null, the second returns the correct element bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11181 $.browser - add chrome + more popular browsers enhancement low 1.7.1 duplicate
#12242 $.browser doesn't report webkit in Chrome anymore bug low 1.8.0 wontfix
#11353 $.contains returns true if elements are different and lack 'contains' methods bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11456 .html(htmlString) fails in IE when 1st char is space and a close div tag exists in the string phairow bug low 1.7.1 wontfix
#11022 .is(":valid") does not work on multiple objects selector bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11205 .submit() documentation example is outdated/incorrect about effect of trigerring submit Chealer bug low invalid
#11362 .timeStamp sirmagan@… bug low 1.7.1 duplicate
#11541 .unique() method, Can not remove duplicates in Google Chrome bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#10288 1.6.4 minified has high order bytes causing IE 8 crash when not sent UTF-8 plockc@… bug high 1.6.4rc1 invalid
#10372 Add character frequency counter to build/ Rick Waldron bug low 1.6.4 fixed
#10100 After resize firefox with ctrl+ the width calculation fail. szetamas@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11005 Allignment issue inJQgrid with hide method. bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10341 Auto Height is not Working for Jquery Tabs bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11544 Autocomplete assumes zIndex bug low git invalid
#10086 Autosuggest box not hiding in IE and GoogleChrome [autosuggest] bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11357 Background Images Not Visible in Chrome/Mac 17.0.963.56 guyscott@… bug low 1.7 invalid
#10149 Broken Link in jquery-1.6.2.min.js bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9950 Browser crashes when using a iframe in jqery mobile checker0815 bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#13267 CDNs should publish a "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" header feature low git fixed
#12365 Change all obj++ to ++obj where applicable info@… enhancement undecided 1.8.0 invalid
#10614 Commenting style bug low 1.7b2 wontfix
#11460 Compatibility with Jquery Mobile bug low 1.7.2b1 invalid
#11478 DOMException in Google Chrome bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10258 Datepicker Double Arrows bug undecided 1.6.3 invalid
#11769 Datepicker bug in jquery ui 1.8.2 bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#10898 Demos not working! anonymous bug low invalid
#11029 Display of the sponsor information in the API reference bug low 1.7.1 fixed
#10708 Dni Español pacolmo2011@… bug low 1.7 invalid
#10779 Documentation Split enhancement low invalid
#10066 Double referencing jQuery deletes all assigned plugins. bug low 1.5.1 invalid
#11318 Dynamic link displaying "about" before link bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10001 Error downloading and installing jquery-1.6.2.js bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#9805 Error in Firefox 3.6.18 with minified jquery software bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#10566 File upload enhancement low 1.7b2 invalid
#10362 Fire Errors :result.parseJSON is not a function in jquery 1.6.4.min.js mahesh_ce@… bug low 1.6.4 duplicate
#9801 Firebug error: f.easing[e.animatedProperties[this.prop]] is not a function (line 18) bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#12756 Format all code in unit tests to conform to the style guide feature low 1.8.2 notabug
#10986 Full page source feature low 1.7.1 invalid
#9813 Google Chrome line-height CSS Bug bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#11661 How to clear selected in jquery datpicker? bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#10122 I am having a download problem. The digital signature seems to be invalid bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#11628 ID selector not working immediately after append l3akhshi@… bug low 1.4.2 invalid
#10228 IE 8 is broken chaos944@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11633 IE 8 throws internal error on presenting disabled textarea in fancybox per.newgro@… bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#9976 IE6/7 : styling problem with jquery ui button bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#10653 Image disappearing after load bug low 1.7b2 invalid
#11319 Incompatibility between 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#11747 Incorrete rowspan after Clone() in Explorer gianluca_medici@… bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#12671 Infinite loop on IE8 with pretty basic selector gibson042 bug low 1.8.2 fixed
#10381 Inlcuding jQuery into Firefox extension growing up CPU load bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#10129 JQUERY Validation Plugin -- rule of min(value) does not respect the minimum value, if the value contains commas bug low 1.5.1 invalid
#9907 JQuery not able perform multiple "submit" in Chrome bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11864 JQuery submit doesn't redirect to new url in IE8, IE9 bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#11354 Jquery $.each not working for element have name with special characters dilipprasad87@… bug low 1.7.1 worksforme
#9956 Jquery 1.6.2 comment problem bug low 1.6.2 wontfix
#10578 Jquery Mobile:Jquery 1.7rc1 and Jquery mobile rc1.js bug low 1.7rc1 invalid
#11155 Jquery Not working in asp.net Update panel bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#9943 Jquery Ui issue bug low invalid
#10085 Jquery selector stop when come to <script> tag in DOM anonymous bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#10221 Jquery slider option value not working in Crome,Mozilla bug low 1.6.3 invalid
#11263 Jquery treeview orientation bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11388 Jquery-1.7.1- with DatePicker->Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10213 Jquery-Jflip not working in IE9 bug low 1.4.4 invalid
#11332 KeyError: 'captcha_redirect' bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10400 Leveraging the powers of .live() feature low 1.6.4 invalid
#11262 Linebreaks are removed after .text() usage. bug low 1.7.1 duplicate
#10069 Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method pankajbajaj786@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#10139 NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR .xhtml on safari jlafrate@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11271 NaN return instead of integer in combination with jquery.actual plugin bug low 1.7.2b1 invalid
#11177 Non-specific issue with 1.7.1 najnehoc@… bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11393 Not working ...follow a tab's URL instead of loading its content via ajax bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10486 Object does not support this property or method jquery-1.6.4.js bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#10170 OperationalError: (1205, 'Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction') anonymous bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#9963 Page flashing bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9944 Pass new array as third argument to jQuery.grep and jQuery.map callbacks enhancement low 1.6.2 plugin
#9930 Positioning the Datepicker above the textbox feature low 1.6.2 invalid
#10313 Probelmas com relação ao carregamento no Enternet Explorer... Ederson bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#11597 Problem between 1.7.2.min and mobile-1.0.1.min bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#9811 Problem in IE8 : jQuery1.6.2 with jQuery-UI 1.8.14 chakib.mohamed2@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11267 Problem with jquerymobile site bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11996 RSS-feed down bug undecided 1.7.2 invalid
#10371 Remove "subline" from test/index.html Rick Waldron bug low 1.6.4 fixed
#10997 Remove/deprecate/document sneak-dependency methods bug low 1.7.1 wontfix
#9862 SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'jQuery16204451603029721649': object is null or undefined fabiocanada@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11714 Security Warning withh HTTPS protocol URL - jquery 1.6.4 bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#10104 Security error code 1000 bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11108 Selectable control bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10551 Slider bug low 1.2.6 invalid
#11341 Sorting Empty Cells bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10586 Stylistic consistencies Rick Waldron bug low 1.7rc1 fixed
#10055 SyntaxError: Parse error when loading jquery-1.6.2.min.js on line 3 daoenpan@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11331 Tag title have problem in IE8 bug low 1.7 duplicate
#10706 The regex /\s+/ appears three times bug low worksforme
#11420 The usage of second argument of jQuery( html [ , ownerDocument ] ) bug low 1.7.2b1 invalid
#11890 Toggle and show not working bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#12091 Trying to use SplitView with jQuery 1.7.1 with Windows Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 update 9.0.8 bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10625 UI Draggable bug in IE 8 bug low 1.7b2 invalid
#10200 UI/Accordion doesnt work with chrome bug low 1.6.3 invalid
#11453 Unable to find these files bug low 1.7.1 invalid
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